Worship God in dance: Praise that pleases God

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Relationship With God

dancing for God

How do you worship God ?

Worshiping God is an expression of love. There are many ways to express our love towards the Almighty. We can sing praises, dance for Him, spend time in prayer…

Worship God in dance

Dancing for Jesus is a way to praise and exalt God’s name. When I ran across this video of a beautiful expression of love towards God our father I was so happy 😉

I believe God smiled when he looked at this dance of praise towards Him. I’m sure it made Him happy.

I want to make my God happy.
I want Him to look at me and say “I’m so pleased with you my child”. Do you also have this desire in your heart?

Worship God with a holy life
One of the most wonderful ways to express our love towards God is living a holy life and trusting Him in everything. When things are going well in our lives this is not hard to do. When hard times come —– that’s when we are put to the test.

I want to show the Lord that I love Him. By living a holy life I’m demonstrating my love and gratitude towards our Creator.
How do you express your love towards God?
Share the ways that you’ve found to express your love towards Him in the comment box below 😀

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2 Comments on "Worship God in dance: Praise that pleases God"

  1. Terry Ann  

    Wow! So beautiful & so pleasing to the Lord!

    Do you ever think of moves that the average woman can do, so the rest of us can praise in this manner as well?

    Thank you for publishing!!!

  2. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Terry Ann,
    I love to just turn on worship songs & praise God. It’s wonderful to be free to be led by the Holy Spirit in movement. A very joy filled experience.
    I’m glad you stopped by ;-).
    Eren Mckay

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