Whitney Houston interviewed by Oprah Winfrey my perspective on it all

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Personal Development and Growth

Whitney Singing
(<< Whitney Houston performing On ABC's Good Morning America in NYC)

Watching Whitney Houston being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey was so inspiring to me and completely different from that infamous interview with Diane Sawyer.

Honestly when I watched Whitney being interviewed by Diane Sawyer several years ago, my vision of Whitney shattered and I was completely disappointed.

She had been such an inspiration to me in my childhood. I absolutely loooved listening to her.
Her music brought me such joy and motivation.
Her interpretation of the songs were unlike any other singer and it all felt so true. When she sang you could feel that she was bearing her soul to everyone. I have to say I have not found another singer that quite knows how to interpret the songs in such a way to be so moving.

Diane Sawyer interview = dumbfounded

So when I listened to her “Diane Sawyer interview” I was completely dumbfounded.
Was this the Whitney that I loved?
Was this the woman that I looked up to?
And all of a sudden I wondered if all of that inspiration that I had felt was real or was it just a “fabricated” Hollywood thing?

You might think, how could an interview affect you so much, Eren? Well it affected me because her music inspired me. The lyrics moved me to stand up for things. And if she wasn’t living what she was singing, it kind of made the songs lose meaning to me. This may sound crazy but it’s exactly how I felt.

The other thing is that she had already shared with the world that she had a relationship with Jesus and so did I. So that made me feel even more “connected” to her.

So when she came around and said certain things like “crack is whack” and “cocaine is better than crack” on air, I literally just sat there with my jaw dropped to the floor.

Couldn’t she see that her actions were affecting her health and her family? Was she not understanding that she was throwing away the body, the opportunities and talents that God had given her?
I kept asking myself: doesn’t she know Jesus?
Doesn’t she know the truth?
What is she doing!?!? And I just wanted to shake her into waking up and just snapping out of it.

I wasn’t “judging her”. Not at all. I was rooting for her because I really liked her. I frankly was appalled because she was my favorite singer of all times. On so many occasions I had said there was no one like Whitney. No singer could get me quite as moved as she could.
And after that “Diane Sawyer interview” I began to pray for Whitney.
In all of these years I’ve really missed and frankly mourned the loss of her breath-taking performances.

The Real Whitney is back

Well tonight I watched her being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and I cried like a baby.
In fact I’m crying again. And I understood that the Whitney that was interviewed years ago by Diane Sawyer was not the real Whitney but someone who had lost her way. Someone who was being influenced to believing deceptive lies. And all of these lies derailed her from her true self. So the things that she had said were completely influenced by wrong thinking. Her mind had gone astray. The real Whitney is a child of God who was created with a purpose. She is strong in Him.

Whitney and her daughter Bobbi ( Whitney and her daughter Bobbi Kristina on stage >>>)

Tonight when I saw her being interviewed by Oprah I saw a transformed Whitney. The one who we all love and cherish. She was being so open and honest about her life, her feelings, her marriage and her drug addiction. You could tell how much love she has for her daughter Bobbi Kristina. All I could do was cry.

Whitney suffered a lot of emotional pain. And while sitting there I understood that my perception of her years ago was about a certain moment in her life in which she was lost. My perception of her was not of the real person of who Whitney really is and who God wants her to be.
Whitney Houston is a wonderful person. She truly is. God has a purpose and a plan for Whitney and she got derailed from her true calling for a while.

But you know what? Everyone who prayed for her to get on track again should know that those prayers worked. And tonight she was back on track and able to show why we feel so completely moved and touched when she sings. It’s because of who she is inside and Who’s she is.

While being interviewed she continually said that God gave her the strength to move on. That it is her faith that keeps her moving. The words that she used and her spirit- I really could feel that she truly believes in Jesus Christ. And while she is human and has made her fair share of mistakes I believe her faith is genuine. She has strayed away so many times from God’s path yet she has come back. The Lord used her mom to get her back on track. Thank you Jesus- praise be to God.

Never lose hope

Her story has touched me in a very deep level. It shows us that no matter how far we may seem to be and even in a seemingly hopeless situation – God can still bring us back. Her story reminded me of the parable of the prodigal son and how we should never lose faith. We should take it as a wake up call to not waver and that goal setting is so important to keep us on track.

The true children of God will not be lost in the end no matter how lost they may seem.
At the end of the Oprah special she sang and it was so incredibly fantastic!
Her song was emotional and open. It was so moving. Oprah and most of the audience were all crying (and so was I- LOL :-D). It was just beautiful.

Here’s my favorite song of hers 😉

Whitney Houston is not a quitter. She is a child of God and I really pray that she may continue on the right path for the rest of her days here on Earth.
We love you Whitney!

You keep going girl ♥ x ♥ x♥
So what about you? Has Whitney’s life and music inspired you in some way? Please do share in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts 😉

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18 Comments on "Whitney Houston interviewed by Oprah Winfrey my perspective on it all"

  1. Roy Montero  

    Hi Eren,

    What an inspirational message you had in you!

    I’m so glad that you decided to express how you felt about one of your role models and heros.

    I also agree with your prodigal son analogy and how many of us can relate with that parable and say … But for the grace of God there go I?

    Thanks again Eren for all of your inspirational posts.

    Your Friend,

    Roy Montero

  2. MariLee Parrish  

    Great post! I have always loved Whitney! I used to pretend to be her when I was little (I LOVE to sing!)

  3. Kathleen Coelho  

    I remember a young teen at her Sweet Sixteen birthday party singing a Whitney Houston song for her guests…..afterwords her cousin commented…”Wow, Eren, that was a great dubbing!” Mother replied, “Dubbing nothing…that was Eren!” Being in tv, her cousin wanted to launch her into a singing career….but mom nipped that in the bud in 2 seconds flat!

  4. John Sullivan  

    While reading the voice in my mind was saying doesn’t this girl know there is no God and Whitney is a whack job and she should consider herself very lucky because many don’t make it back from such strong addictions…
    But your passion for the Lord can easily soften even the hardest hearts 😉
    Excellent thanks

  5. Ching Ya  

    Thanks so much for sharing such an inspirational post of a public figure we once loved, and hopefully love again. I haven’t got the chance to watch the interview but upon reading this, I hope I get to. I sincerely wish Whitney best in her career and life. To start afresh is never easy, she must’ve taken a lot of courage to stand up again. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Thanks so much for visiting earlier. Best wishes to you and family as well! God bless.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  6. Eren Mckay  

    @Roy – Thanks. It is the inspiration from Above that keeps us going and we should never lose that no matter how hard things get.

    @MariLee – me too! LOL 😀

    @Mom (Kathleen) – So glad you came by and made your fist comment on my blog. I was so happy I tweeted about it. Just today I was thinking: God must really love me because he gave me ♥ YOU ♥ . It’s an honor to be your daughter.

    @John – I totally understand where you’re coming from. I once didn’t believe in God either. But all of that changed after a few experiences that I had. Actually I might do a podcast about that sometime.
    It’s always a pleasure to have you here 😉

    @Ching Ya – Thanks so much for your kind words.
    Most of the time the media is ruthless and lacking on love and empathy towards celebrities. Just because celebrities have money doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer and have real problems. I agree with you that we should always give others a second chance. It’s the principle of love.

  7. BK  

    This is probably one of my favorite songs from Whitney Houston. I agree with you on your reply to Ching Ya that most of the time the media is ruthless and lacking on love; they have forgotten that celebrities are humans too. Celebrities probably undergo a lot of stress especially constantly under the watchful eyes of the general public. They could have made very simple mistakes just like anyone else but usually their mistakes were magnified many times just because they are celebrities. Although I agree that celebrities being public people should be good role models, we need to remind ourselves that they too are humans.

  8. Sire  

    God is always watching, but he leaves us to our own devices. There are times when we lose our way, but each time there is a door that leads to salvation. We only have to open that door, and it seems that Whitney had the fortitude to do that.

    It sort of reminds me of a photo I once saw that had a set of foot prints and someone asking him why God had deserted him, and God replying that He hadn’t deserted him at all, that when the two sets of footprints disappeared into one was when the need was the greatest and God carried him over the hurdles.

    One just has to believe.

  9. Eren Mckay  

    @BK – I have to agree with you. Love is what is missing in this world. People tend to judge with such meanness in their hearts. We have to rethink and ask ourselves: “Would we be talking like this if this were my daughter or mother or sister?”
    If we ask ourselves that question before speaking. Unfortunately people don’t have love in their hearts. But I choose to not be one of those meanies. I teach my boys to be loving and caring too.

    @Sire – Yes my friend there is no other alternative. We either believe or what do we have in this life?
    Nothing can fill that hole in us that only God can fill. He is our source of joy and we need to find ways to be more and more immersed in His love. It is His presence that takes us through everything. Every single step.

  10. Sire  

    The problem is Eren that people do look for alternatives, and not good ones at that. You can’t go stuffing God down their throats either as that does more harm than good.

    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read the Bible. I can’t recall one time when Jesus would brow beat his message to his followers. He spoke, and they either listened or they didn’t. Those who got the message may follow the way, but whether they stuck to it or not all depended on how much they wanted to give up their old life.

  11. Eren Mckay  

    Oh yes Sire. I agree that no amount of stuffing can do any good.
    It all comes down to free will. Everyone is free to do what they choose in their lives. We are all being tested. Will we choose freely to love Him or to go after something else?
    Love can’t be forced. It has to come from within or else it isn’t real. Many are in “church” but don’t have a relationship with their Creator. What good is that? Playing religion will get us nowhere. It’s all about relationship.
    The religious folk of Jesus’ day (the pharisees) were just evil. They did not care about God. They did not fulfill the greatest commandment which is “love your neighbor as yourself”. They wanted to twist Scripture to their own advantage.
    It’s all in the heart and we can not hide from God.
    When we come to Him with the right attitude, he will do the work in our hearts and transform us through our faith in Him.
    Blessings to you my friend,

  12. Jason  

    Great article Eren. Very inspiring.

    I can’t say that I pretended to be Whitney Houston as a child though 🙂

  13. shine  

    I love Whitney, wen i’m child love your song, i wish her all my luck!

  14. Eren Mckay  

    @Jason – LOL 😀 Yeah I think mostly girls did that hee hee.

    @Shine – I’m glad you love Whitney too. We all need to support her so she can stay on track.

    All the best,

  15. LaTara Ham-Ying  

    I too was inspired by the Whitney interviews. Seeing how she same back from such a dark place should give many the hope they need to stand and when they have done all they can to still stand.

    Blessing to you!

  16. Eren Mckay  

    @LaTara – I believe that’s why the interview touched me so much too. Because she’s recovered from such a dark place. I cried like a baby – LOL.
    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  17. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Mary!
    It’s so great to know that our God can take a seemingly impossible situation and turn it completely around.
    Luke 1:37
    “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

    When we hang onto Him an don’t focus on the current circumstances we’re able to move forward.
    I’ll be praying for your son and that he may discover God’s calling for His life and immerse himself in it.
    I’m so glad I met you 😀
    In Christ,

  18. Mary Lutz  

    Hey Eren,

    Great inspiring post!!! It encourages me because my son is an addict and he knows the Lord. I’ve been praying for him for over a year now to come back to the Lord, and the prayers are working. He’s been talking to me about coming back to church and going back to AA. I am beginning to see changes in him already. All hope is not lost.


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