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By Eren Mckay  
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play toddler games online There are so many wonderful sites for little ones out there. I have created a list of toddler websites with online games to play that will not only entertain your toddler but also teach them certain skills.These sites cover lots of different skills such as eye hand coordination, sound identification, vocabulary, shape sorting and more.
Here at the top you will find a clickable table of contents to make things easier for you to navigate. You can also simply scroll if you prefer.

Clickable Table of Contents

crayon line

Toddler sites with the largest amount of games Other Toddler Educational Sites Famous Characters Sites

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toddler with crayon
Some toddlers have been able to play the preschool games.. It really depends on each child and each specific situation. So I have included some preschool links in this list too. All links to outside websites on this page will automatically open in a new tab so that you don’t lose your place. Remember that most of these sites have have sounds. Enjoy!

toddler boy at computer 1) Sesame Street

This site is my favorite for toddlers. It is so much fun, interactive and also has such a huge selection of activities. Your little one will spend hours here.
Click here for Sesame street games

2) Baby TV

This site has easy navigation
and is perfect for little ones.
Click here for Baby TV.

toddler boy with computer plane 3) Fisher Price

Fisher Price has a big array of fun games and activities..
For the Toddler Game Selection (orange tab) click here

For the Infant Game Selection (purple tab) click here

For the Preschool Game Selection
(green tab) click here

toddler girl at computer 4) Up To Ten

Click here for Up to Ten

5) ABC for Kids

this site has such a huge collection of different games it can sometimes get overwhelming. However it is a great site and your kids will love playing the games.
Click here for ABC Kids

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6) StoryPlace

learning alphabet girl StoryPlace has preschool stories and activities organized by theme that toddler will love to hear and do. They are also interactive. Includes Bath Time, Colors, Crocodiles, Firefighters, Music, Shapes and more…
Click here for Story Place

doghouse 7) Fun with Spot

Fun with Spot has an introductory story and then more games and activities to choose from.
Click here for Fun with Spot

monkey eating bananas 8 ) Bembos Zoo

Bembos Zoo where letters turn into animals and characters when the child click on the letter. There is sound when you land on the page.
Click here for Bembos Zoo

toddler girl with crayon 9) KneeBouncers

They give 4 free games for toddlers. The rest of the them are a payed subscription .. so personally I would just use the 4 free games 🙂
Click here for kneebouncers

blue crayon 10) Disney Junior Games

Go baby – help baby find items story book
Click here for Disney Junior games

11) Fungooms

girl with crayons Click here for Fungooms

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12) Clifford

Click here for Clifford

red crayon 13) The Berenstain Bears

Click here for the Berenstain Bears

14) Angelina Ballerina

Click here for Angelina Ballerina

15) Bob the Builder

Click here for Bob the Builder
toddler girl with computer flowers

16) Strawberry Shortcake

Click here for Strawberry Shortcake activities

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crayon line

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4 Comments on "Play toddler games online"

  1. james samy  

    Hi Eren,

    Thanks for sharing toddler’s games online and the list toddlers website. Awesome and very informative. Love it!

  2. Moysés Silva  

    Hey, it’s not fair! I was crazy about Sesame Street! I want to be a child agaaaain!

  3. Nanette Aguarino  

    I can use this as my guide and materials in teaching toddlers:) I can share this also to my co teachers and of course friends that are having problems with their terrible 2. Thank you Eren 🙂 This is one helpful post for parents and teachers out there:) God Bless You My Friend:)

  4. Eren Mckay  

    @James – I`m glad you liked it! I think this list will provide many hours of fun to the little ones.

    @Moysés – Hey you can go play Sesame Street right now.. nothing`s stopping you ~ LOL.

    @Nanette – Hi there. so happy you can use this with your students. Thanks for telling others about this resource.


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