My Personal Christian Salvation Testimony: Seeing God in Little Ordinary Things

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Relationship With God

looking Many times people make rationalizations and excuses to not have faith in God. This was me– years ago. In truth I wanted to not have “any restrictions” on me. I thought God would stop me from having fun. I always had a so called “reason” to stop me from believing in God.

Disbelief and Emptiness

But even though I had this rebel in me not wanting to believe, I also had this awful nagging empty feeling every day. I tried to fulfill the emptiness inside of my heart with “fun”, friends, studies- whatever I could do. I tried very hard to be at peace- but still, the emptiness was right there. I searched for the purpose of my life and it never felt quite right. I was going around in circles truly desiring to feel peace and fulfillment- and it just wouldn’t happen.

Limited Understanding of Things

Deep down I knew that there was only one Person that could fulfill me and that was God. There’s an emptiness inside each person that only God can fill. But I had spent so much time creating excuses and rationalizations. These so called “reasons” stopped me from truly being able to see God. I had put up walls that limited my vision of the Almighty Creator.

Every time I looked I could not see clearly how truly amazing He is. As much as I tried to deny it, I knew that the only way to fulfill the emptiness inside of me was to lay down my walls and simply believe in Him.

The Transformation

planet The nagging empty feeling inside of me was so great that one day I decided to do this. I took that step of faith and laid down my excuses, rationalizations and decided to believe in God.

The moment that I decided to do this- my heart was filled with God’s love and joy. All of a sudden I could see God’s glory, splendor and majesty. I could see all this because now I had spiritual eyes. Even though before I took this step of faith I could see physically—I was completely blind spiritually. This whole new understanding came about in my life in just a moment. I had so much peace.

Seeing God in little things

yellow After this experience I could clearly see God’s majesty through the things that He created. Everywhere I looked I saw a unique expression of God’s creative power. The greatness of God was clearly seen in everything around me.

God reveals himself through His creation (Romans 1:20).

When we take down the obstacles that stop us from seeing God, we will see His fingerprints everywhere. Not only can we see His glory but we can communicate with Him. We can hear what He has to say to us. We can understand our true purpose in life when we find Him. The peace and joy of having a relationship with Him is priceless.

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2 Comments on "My Personal Christian Salvation Testimony: Seeing God in Little Ordinary Things"

  1. Hollye Clardy  

    Hi Eren,
    I saw your comment on Lynn Terry’s newsletter about her most recent blog. Your salutation impressed me;
    it is very similar to what I use. We have Christ in common.

    Maybe we can chat sometime. I would love to. I am on facebook (HollyeClardy) or twitter (hollyec).

    Your blog post above is great! I love the pictures and the video is wonderful!

    Blessings to YOU!
    Hollye Clardy

  2. Eren Mckay  

    Thank you Hollye,
    I would love to chat sometime.
    We can always tweet too 😉
    Eren Mckay

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