Name that candy bar dirty diaper shower game

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little baby sleeping Hello my friends 😀 .
On this page you will find instructions and printables for the Name that Candy Bar baby shower game.

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baby boy The dirty diaper game is loads of fun and provokes a lot of laughter. If your guests are playful and have a great sense of humor, they’ll love this game.

stork holding baby But if your guests are a little more traditional, (and a bit uptight) then I suggest picking a different game to play ;-).
Personally, I think this game is hilarious. I admit that it is kind of gross though – 😀 LOL.

You may want to print out the instructions to this game. I’ve put them in PDF format for easy printing.

There’s an answer sheet that goes with it.
They’re both in the table below:

Blue Baby Pink Baby
Name that Candy Bar
Printable Answer Sheet

To print, click the image.

Click for the name that candy bar baby shower game

Name that Candy Bar
Printable Instructions

To print, click the image.

Click for the name that candy bar baby shower game

(You’ll need the the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to print these games out. If you don’t already have the reader, it can be downloaded free from this link.)

Other than the diaper game, you might want to plan more entertaining activities so that your guests have plenty to do during the event.
Games are truly a wonderful way to break the ice and get the conversation going at a party. You can find more ideas for baby shower games by clicking here.

Step by Step: How to Prepare for and Play this Game

1- Separate all of the materials and tools that you will need.
Here’s a list of items:

    baby girl sitting

  • Disposable diapers

  • A varied amount of candy bars

  • A microwave

  • A permanent marker

  • A table to put the dirty diapers on

  • baby girl crawling

  • Your answer sheet

  • Sheets of paper for your guests to write what they guessed. You can also print out these answer sheets for them.

  • Pencils or pens for your guests to write

  • A prize for the winner of the game.

rattle and bottle line

2- Write down all of the different candy bars names that you have on a sheet of paper and label them by numbers. Don’t show this sheet of paper to anyone. This will be your main answer sheet.

In case you need ideas on candy bars that you can buy, here are some more:

*Fast Break Reese’s *Crunch
*Butterfinger *3 Musketeers
*Milky Way *Baby Ruth
*Hershey’s Kisses * Mr. Goodbar
*Rocky Road *Snickers
*Mars Bars *Almond Joy

baby boy with duck
( *Insider tip: Make sure that you have difficult candy bars so that the game is more interesting. Well known candy bars are easy to guess so I would definitely vary some difficult ones in there. )

baby rattle 3- Now you can open up the candy bar, place it on top of the disposable diaper and heat it in the microwave. Do this for all of the candy bars.

cute baby 4- After you heat each diaper make sure you get out your permanent maker and label each diaper the number that you have given for each candy bar. Don’t forget to keep track of the list on your main answer sheet. That way you, as the hostess, won’t get confused.

pink baby bib5- After you have all of the diapers ready (with the chocolate melted), lay them out on a table. Now it’s time to let the guessing game begin.

6- Hand out the sheets of paper and pencils so that everyone can write down the candy bar they think is on each diaper. Tell your guests to write their names at the top of each sheet.

baby girl with blankie 7- Pass around each diaper starting with the number one diaper.
Each guest will examine the “dirty diaper” to make their guess. They can smell or even taste the diaper contents.

8- After they have examined each diaper they can write their idea down on the sheet of paper they have or on the answer sheet that you previously printed out.

yellow duckie 9- After all of the diapers have been passed around and everyone has written their answers, have them trade with their neighbor so that their answers can be scored.

baby girl in bed 10- Now you can grade the answer sheet and tell everyone the right answers. The person with the most amount of right answers wins the game.
Make the prize for the winner something funny too.

another variation of this game

Click here for this diaper game

Another fun variation of this game is to have guests receive tiny diapers when they arrive at the party.

They can pin them on their clothes :).

Then when it’s game time, the hostess will ask everyone to open up their diaper.

The person that got the “dirty diaper” wins the prize. You can get these diapers ready made by clicking on this link.

plan ahead for loads of fun

The poopy diaper game can last from 30 to 45 minutes depending on how many people play it. I suggest planning a variety of party activities so that everyone can leave the party having had a great time.
Don’t forget to check out these other fun baby shower games. I really think they’ll add to your event.

I also found some pretty funny videos about this game and thought you might enjoy them. If you need more baby shower game ideas then click here for the main baby shower games page.

rattle and bottle line

fun dirty diaper baby shower game videos

Here’s a video of a family that played this game:

Here’s a video of a mom that played this game with her family. So even if you aren’t throwing a baby shower you can still play this game with your kids for some quality bonding time.

rattle and bottle line

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  1. Jen  

    Thanks for the extensive explanation of a game I have not played but have heard about!

  2. Judy Lambert  

    Your website was just what I was looking for.
    Cute diaper game sheets and how to play the game.
    And ideas of candy bars to buy.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Eren Mckay  

    @Jen – Your welcome! I’m glad it was so helpful to you.

    @Judy – Great! I hope the game was a hit at the baby shower 😉

    I think you would really enjoy these baby shower themes. There are many theme ideas that you can choose from.
    All the best,

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  4. Claudet West  

    I have a question re: candy bar dirty diaper baby shower game: Do you give the players the list or names of candy bars being used?

  5. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Claudet,
    It depends… If your guests are very knowledgeable about candy bars then I wouldn’t give them a list. However if you think they’ll have a hard time figuring things out, then by all means give them a list to help them out.
    Here’s a subdriectory with a whole bunch of articles about baby showers that might help you out when you’re planning the party:

  6. Jean Sharif  

    Just wondering where you get your cute pictures on this site!

  7. Eren Mckay  

    Jean I purchased the images from

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