Recipe for Making Easy Chocolate Hand Made Truffles

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Homemade Recipes ~ Fast Easy Cooking

easy chocolate hand made truffles Simple Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Chocolate truffles can be a wonderful dessert or even a special gift during the holidays and other celebrations.This ‘easy to make’ truffles recipe will save you time and please all chocolate lovers.

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Yield: 36 truffles


2 cups (or 360 grams) of milky chocolate cut in pieces
¾ of cup of condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla
½ cup of granulated chocolate

chocolate truffles Melt the pieces of milky chocolate with a very low fire on the stove. Add the condensed milk and vanilla and mix well. Don’t let it get too hot or else it will change the taste of the chocolate. After it’s melted and mixed let it cool for a while.
Then put it in the refrigerator for approximately 45 minutes.
After it has cooled in the refrigerator butter your hands and roll the chocolates into balls of about 1 inch diameter.
Pour the granulated chocolate into a bowl and roll the balls of chocolate in the bowl until they’re all evenly covered.
You can also freeze them for later use. Just make sure to take them out of the freezer 5 hours before serving.


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10 Comments on "Recipe for Making Easy Chocolate Hand Made Truffles"

  1. Kikolani  

    Those are such cute images. I love chocolate, although it doesn’t always love me, as I tend to get migraines. This sounds like a yummy recipe though!

    ~ Kristi

  2. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Kristi,
    Yeah I love those images. I bought them at CuteColors. I always love decorating posts with images like these. I guess it makes me happy and brings joy to my blog visitors too 😉 . So glad you enjoyed them.
    I’m a chocoholic – since I’m dieting I eat and make things with diet chocolate in a small amount ( so as to not break the diet).

  3. Valleri  

    Thanks for posting this Chocolate Truffles Recipe. I made them today and was going to give them to my kids but decided that they were too good and hid a stash for myself. Won’t be telling anyone where they are 🙂 Thanks again. And I also love the bears so cute!

  4. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Valleri,
    It was my pleasure- I’d love to make a video of this – I have another hand made chocolate truffles recipe that takes more time but is even yummier but I haven’t written that one out yet. As soon as I do I’ll tell ya about it.
    Eren Mckay

  5. Robert Nelson  

    Another quick and easy recipe for candy.
    1 can Vanilla Frosting
    2. I jar creamy Peanut Butter
    Melt together in a large saucepan or skillet, use med to low heat and stir(only) till mixed.
    Put in sprayed(with Pam) 8×8 square pan. store in refrigerator till hardened. Cut in squares and enjoy

  6. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Robert!
    Thanks for your candy recipe. Sounds yummy!

  7. yashika  

    is it vanila xtract that you’re talking about in the recipe??

  8. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Yashika,
    Yes it’s vanilla extract. Hope you like it 😉
    All the best,

  9. yashika  

    i made it a few days rocked..wr amazin n vei yummy..
    du u have recipe for rum chocolates?????

  10. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Yakisha,
    I’m so glad that you liked this recipe – that makes me happy 🙂
    I don’t have a rum chocolate recipe. Here is the recipe category on the site which lists all of the recipes I have:
    At the end of the recipe category page just click Next Page for you to see the next 10 recipes.
    Hope you like them!

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