Learn How to Draw Farm Jungle Wild Animals with Jan Brett’s Videos

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Free Thematic Units


Jan Brett has some great online video lessons for learning how to draw. This is great news for parents and teachers who want to help kids with their artistic side.

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Kids love doing things on the computer and watching videos. Better yet if you read Jan Brett’s awesome books. The artwork will take on more meaning through the stories.

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

(some of the drawing use colored pencils and even paint)

Here’s a guide on how to use these videos:


1) Have your kids sit in front of the computer and watch the videos. I did this with my boys and they absolutely loved them.

2) Have them watch once just to understand where the teacher is going with the drawing.

3) After they have watched the video then you can play it the second time. This time, teach them to pause after a certain amount of watching and then practice the drawing. Give them the assurance that they can always rewind the video so that they are feeling calm while drawing.

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ccmhogbg3 ccmhogbg3

How to Draw a
Dolphin Video

ccmhogbg3 ccmhogbg3

How to Draw a Lion Video


How to Draw a Guinea Hen and a Zebra Video

(you also learn how to paint them)

How to Draw a Stork Video

How to Draw a Chicken Video

How to Draw a Chick Video

How to Draw a Bunny Video

How to Draw Horses Video

How to Draw a Hedgehog Video

How to Draw Hedgie in a Spacesuit Video

How to Draw an Elephant Video

How to Draw a Baby Polar Bear Video

How to Draw a Rhinoceros Video

How to Draw a Siberian Husky Dog Video

How to Draw a Rare African Okapi Video



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6 Comments on "Learn How to Draw Farm Jungle Wild Animals with Jan Brett’s Videos"

  1. Elise  

    Oh Eren!
    This is a hit – my kids love drawing animals and are always asking me how….now I have a perfect place they can learn how.

    Thanks girl.

  2. Chelle  

    I used to love reading drawing books when I was a kid…I wasn’t very good at, but it was fun to try and see if I could make them. It’s funny now that kids have videos, but not surprising either 🙂

  3. Mary Gallagher  

    Eren, I love what you have shared here about Jan Brett and drawing. This reminds me of wonderful memories with my son, when we would pick out books at the library. I remember being amazed that he would ask for authors! Jan Brett and Jack Prelutsky were favorites of his and in turn, became my favorites too. It is just wonderful that Jan Brett is so lively and shows art as accessible. It’s encouraging also that you are passing this great resource on to families to enjoy and share. Thank you, Eren!

  4. Eren Mckay  

    Oh Mary!
    I’m so glad you came by. I’m very excited that as a mommy we can share with our children awesome resources on the internet.
    I hope to make more and more pages with fun resources for kids like penguin thematic units, and Bible abc poems & coloring pages.
    Blessings my friend,
    Eren Mckay

  5. Famous Bloggers  

    Wonderful lesson 🙂
    thanks you for sharing!

  6. Simmons Mattresses  

    These are great! Thanks so much for sharing this, my wife is a teacher and she will definitely love to use these with her kids.

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