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By Eren Mckay  
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Important tips to Plan the Best Pajama Party

kids pajama party Kids get really excited about having a pajama party.
It’s a totally new experience for them to actually sleep over at a friend’s house together with their friends. It’s such a memorable time.
This idea is better if your kid has already turned 6 years old.

Ask for help

childrens' pajama party If you can spare the time, it’s definitely worth having a pajama party, but it’s a lot more work to have one. The ideal situation is to have at least one other adult helping you. (The more friends helping the better.) There’s a lot of responsibility involved since there are other children there. See if another mom or a close friend or relative of yours can come over and help.

Be prepared

child sleeping with pillow Be sure to have a phone number for each child that will be sleeping over and their health card if they have one. Also find out if they have any allergies. This can be done a week before the party.
Make sure the address, your phone number and the time of the party are on the invitation. Have important information like what the child should bring to the sleepover on the invitation. Also determine the hour that the parents should pick their kids up in the morning.

Don’t forget to take digital pictures

mom taking pictures Take pictures of the whole party. Remember to include all the guests in the pictures with the birthday child. You can also take pictures of the decoration and food before the guests arrive.
Later you will be able to burn these pictures onto a cd-rom for each guest to have the whole collection of pictures as a keepsake. A cd-rom is not expensive and you can put lots and lots of pictures onto them.

There’s scrapbooking software that can make these memories even cooler.
Have activities planned out for most of the night.

Here is an example for a routine:

  • Games time
  • Open gifts
  • Happy birthday cake and ice cream
  • Movie time with pizza
  • Get ready for bed
  • Breakfast time
  • Give party favors for coming to birthday and say “good byes”

You can change and tweak this routine to your particular situation and your child’s personal interests.

Receiving your guests

kids at pajama parties Talk to your child a week before the party and teach her/him how to welcome each guest when they get arrive at the party. Each guest needs to feel valued and their parents also need to fell assurance about leaving their child for a sleepover. So make sure you and your child receive each guest. Gifts can be put somewhere until opening gifts time.

The Heart of the Party

girl with party invitation ideas Choose really fun party games for the kids to play. Have a list of at least 13 games to play if they are short games. If one game isn’t working then just go onto another one on the list.
After playing lots of games – it’s time to open the gifts and thank each guest. I usually have the cake after all the gifts moment.

Make sure that you choose a really pretty cake (preferably in the theme of the party) to sing happy birthday to.

Watch a movie and time to eat together.

kids eating cookies After all of those interactive activities, children need to wind down. Movie time is a great time for this. While the kids watch the movie you can get things ready for them to go to bed right afterwards.
Choose a movie that is a new release that you believe most children have not seen so that they don’t get bored. Make sure the movie is age appropriate and doesn’t teach any controversial message.

In the morning have a wonderful breakfast.

cooking Some people love to cook and if you want, you can make waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs, french toast and honey—the whole deal for their breakfast. You can also have the kids help with non dangerous things in the kitchen.

If you don’t feel like you will have the strength to make breakfast for sooo many children in the morning there’s a simple solution. This is not being lazy – it’s being realistic. You will have just spent the night caring for all of these kids and you might not be up to cooking a huge breakfast (I know I wouldn’t- lol).

Have the other mom stay with the kids while you go out and get breakfast in a fast food restaurant or better yet- simply see if they can bring it to your home.

The kids won’t really care if you made it or not- they’re just going to be happy that they have something really good to eat 😉 -lol.
Then when the kids wake up- voila!! A nice hot breakfast with biscuits, sausage, eggs, bacon and orange juice for everyone- yay!

Saying Good-bye

Party favors should be given when the parents are picking up their kids. This makes each guest feel great when saying good bye- they just received a gift too 😀 !

The End of the Party
You can be sure that all of your efforts will not be forgotten. A party like this is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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What about you? What are some of your ideas and experiences in sleepovers and pajama parties? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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8 Comments on "Kids pajama party games, activities, invitation ideas, preschool invitations & food for pajama parties"

  1. Girish Chandran  

    This is a great party idea. I am sure amidst kids this will get more recognition and they’ll just enjoy it to the core. Moreover, organizing a party is explained vividly and this definitely favors the elders as well. Great post Eren.

  2. Eren Mckay  

    Thanks Girish,
    Yes organizing is a key to less stress for sure. The more we plan ahead the less problems will come 😀 .
    All the best,

  3. brenda diaz  

    Thank you Eren,you really give me good ideas for the princess party and so doing the balloons one day before will save me a lot of time two i really appreciate your help Eren,
    God bless you and i will email you back to let you know how it went in my daughter’s birthday….Thank You Again

  4. Young And Fabulous  

    I haven’t hosted a Pajama party yet, I’m probably dreading the “work” I’ll end up doing. This is a very helpful resource in case I get to host one in the future. Valuable tips, as usual. Thanks, Eren!

  5. Debbie Lattuga  

    Pajama parties can be a lot of work. From my experience, the best tip was to have other adult helpers.

    You’ll need physical and emotional support. And it can be fun hosting the party with a good friend.

  6. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Brenda- I’m glad the tips helped you with your daughter’s party. Hope it was a hit 😉

    Hi Cherrie – I hear ya. It truly is a lot of work- lol. I love doing parties when i have a lot of time before hand to actually plan it. That way when the day comes there’s much less to do.

    Hey Debbie – Great tip about doing the party with a friend. So much more fun when we are around friends!


  7. Kim  

    I am planning a pajama party for this Saturday for about 5 girls. The hours are 3-8.I am thinking I should shorten this. Can you all help me by giving me suggestions on activities and games to fill up our time? We will end the night by making individual pizzas and watching Beauty and the Beast. That will not start until 6. However, need to know what to do from 3-6. Some ideas of some art projects they could do and games they can play. I have a good size area for the girls to play on the grass. The girls are all in my Daisy Troop and are all going to be 6 years old.

  8. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Kim,
    The best thing to do is to plan enough activities so that no one gets bored. You can play the balloon popping game. Here are the instructions:
    The goal of this game is to see which team can pop more balloons in less time without using their nails.
    Have the girls fill up the balloons. Each player gets 4 balloons so if you have 6 girls then 24 balloons are enough. Separate the girls into 2 teams. Put 12 balloons in one sack and another 12 balloons in another sack (one for each team). Place the balloon sacks at the far end of a room or whatever area you are using. Each team must form their line. When the leader says go, the player in front must race to the other side and grab a balloon and try to pop it by sitting on it. They must not use their nails to try to pop it. Once the balloon is popped they run back and tag the next player. The first team to finish up all the balloons in the bag wins.
    This game is always a hit.
    I also suggest having coloring pages with the theme of the party and crayons and paint for a craft area. Since they are all girls then you can do girly things like painting nails and a pamper me session.
    Kids always love soap bubbles so buy some of those too.
    Another thing kids love to do is sing karaoke. If you don`t have a karaoke microphone you can call one of your friends and borrow it.

    Hope these ideas help. 🙂
    ❀ღℒℴts ℴƒ ℒℴѵℯ ღ❀
    Eren Mckay

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