How to decorate kids party balloons – tools & supplies to make the best balloon decoration ever

By Eren Mckay  
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Using Balloons to Decorate Your Kids’ Party, Baby Shower or any festive event

Making balloons less of a hassle

how to decorate with balloons Balloons are soooo pretty……. yet so time consuming! If you really want to make balloon decoration less stressful then just hire a professional balloon decorator. If you can’t spend the extra money but still want to make it less stressful then just follow these awesome tips that I have put together.

Plan ahead
Balloons have been the cause of stress in many of the parties I have thrown. I’d be “freaking out” worrying if they would be ready on time. Until I finally got an idea so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them on the actual day of my party: fill them up the day before the party!

balloons I was worried about them losing air before the party started and guess what? They don’t lose the air. You just have to be sure not to leave any balloons on the floor. Make sure you fill and hang them up (out of reach) the afternoon or night before the party. Not only will this prevent them from popping but this will also make it hard for them to be a chocking hazard for the younger kids.

Manual and automatic balloon fillers

happy birthday balloons Another tip is to buy either a manual balloon filler or an automatic one. If you have one child and you are going to throw one party for every year of his or her life then you will need this balloon filler plenty of times that it will pay for itself. Personally I think it’s worth buying it even if you just use it once since you don’t have to use up all of your air blowing balloons and getting dizzy-lol.

If you don’t want to pay for any kind of balloon filler and still want things to be easier for your balloon filling then invite the neighborhood kids over (that are invited to the party) and have them all work on filling and tying the balloons while you concentrate on tying them to the line. You can also ask for help the day before from your friends or family.

What should be the balloon colors?

The color scheme of balloons has to fit into the theme. It’s fun to have at least two colors of balloons but three colors is even prettier in some cases.

If you are doing more of a pastel colored party you can always add white balloons to the other main color of your party. For example: white and light blue, white and light pink, white and peach, etc.
Whatever the case put the balloon colors together and ask others what they think. Two heads always work better than one.

Where do we put the balloons?

decorating the entrance with balloons After all of the hard work of filling and tying up all of the balloons some people put them somewhere in the party where no one will appreciate them.

Personally I believe that one of the best places to hang balloons is right at the entrance of the party. That way the guests see the balloons right in the beginning helping them get into “party mode”. Another great place to put balloons is behind the cake table. It really adds value to the cake.

More Great Tips

When you put up the stream of balloons be careful not to use the kind of tape that chips off the paint. The best thing that you can do is tie the ends of the stream balloon somewhere so that you don’t have to use tape. Sometimes this isn’t possible because there isn’t a place to actually tie the balloons to. In that case I suggest using the kind of tape that tapes cloth diapers. It won’t chip the paint off. If you don’t have this special tape then just tape the balloons to a place that isn’t a painted wall.

Here is a summary of what you will need to get your beautiful balloon decoration up:
• balloons
• string (or dental floss)
• scissors
• balloon fillers
• crepe tape

I hope these tips help you. Happy balloon decorating 😉 !!

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5 Comments on "How to decorate kids party balloons – tools & supplies to make the best balloon decoration ever"

  1. Margit  

    Thanks for sharing these great tips. Decorating with balloons isn’t a piece of cake, that’s true. But with the right step-by-step instructions, it is very doable.

  2. Debbie Lattuga  

    Great suggestions for using balloons! My first thought for decorating is always flowers. And they are sooo expensive. I love the idea of using balloons!

  3. Fitness Family  

    I always buy balloons for my kids parties. This is an excellent idea, never thought of filling them myself coz I’m afraid they won’t look good the next day. Couldn’t do it on the actual day as I’m busy with other party stuff then. Thanks for sharing, Eren!

  4. Eren Mckay  

    @Margit – Once you get certain steps down, decorating with balloons is not hard at all. And once you do one party all the other parties get much easier.

    @Debbie – Yeah flowers are really expensive. When I use flowers it’s usually one centerpiece and the rest of the party is with balloons. That cuts down on the cost tremendously.

    @Cherrie – Paying someone to fill the balloons is always good because it gives you one less thing to think about. But you can fill them the day before the party. Contrary to what most people think they actually don’t shrink with one day.

    All the best,

  5. Joi Strong  

    I always decorate with balloons, I put extra long string on them and tape them to the wall with painters tape, so no worries about paint coming off, and since this tape comes in blue. I make the string extra long that way the balloons are tied closer to the floor or behind tables and chairs ect.

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