How to Find Joy … Flowing Joy

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Personal Development and Growth

flowing joy I wanted to share my watercolor painting with you.
This flower represents the inner state of flowing joy.
Yellow has a deep connection to joy.

We are like flowers of joy in this life. Having the flower floating in the river of water is a metaphor. The flower is not really guiding the way rather it is being taken to several different places by the waters of the river.

The flower is resting and enjoying the journey.

It’s not in control and that is precisely what makes everything great.
Being guided and resting.

Are you resting? Are you enjoying the journey of life? Are you feeling joy and being inspired each day? Have you allowed yourself to be and experience this? Or are you doing things just for the sake of doing them?
Please share with me if this is a reality in your life right now. If not, what do believe is stopping you?

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Blessings ,
Eren Mckay

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8 Comments on "How to Find Joy … Flowing Joy"

  1. mincir  

    This flower is presenting a clear view of reality that the person who feel, he is the control of Almighty God remains always contented and leads a very simple and happy life.

  2. Alaina Frederick  

    Beautiful painting Eren! I miss painting so badly. With three young boys in the house I’m afraid to keep supplies around. I love the release of stress that it provides and the feeling of joy and happiness.

  3. julius kimani  

    the thot of floating on river and allowing oneself to be guided is such a wonderful revelation of resting in God. God bless

  4. donnie  

    Beautiful. Looking at the painting, I feel joy. Isn’t that what art is for? Indeed.

  5. Eren Mckay  

    @Mincir – true – letting go of control helps us lead a happy and content life.

    @Alaina – so true – well I hope you get around to painting. It develops our creative side. Many times when I paint and think about the Lord it also brings me closer to Him.

    @Julius – true. Resting is essential to be able to quiet our spirits down and actually hear His voice.
    “Be still, and know that I am God…”
    Psalm 46:10

    @Donnie – I’m glad you feel joy when looking at it. I personally try to focus on joyful things in my art. Of course many artists choose sad and depressing things to focus on. To each his own 😉 .

    Blessings ♥,

  6. Lisa Marie Mary  

    Girl, I love this post and I love that picture!! Beautiful – both of them. This morning, I can totally relate and flow…

    Yesterday, however, was a very different story. And that’s okay. I guess sometimes we throw ourselves (or I throw myself) on the land next to the river and fuss and throw fits and fight the flow. Then when I come back around, I get back in the flow! 🙂

  7. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Lisa!
    I hear ya girl! There are days when my mind feels like a traffic jam. And you know, the best thing to do is to decide to stop and recover when we feel like that. Sometimes I may even take a whole afternoon off until I’m fully ‘recuperated’.
    Usually I do a Brain Dump and just get a lot of things out of my head. I may even mind map it all. Just getting stuff out of our subconscious and into the conscious allows us to see what’s going on and breathe….
    We may even see that what we thought was really huuuuge was actually not a big problem at all. Taking the time to be alone, lock the door, and just do the inner work can get us back into flow again.
    Thanks for tweeting this post and commenting!

    P.S. Goofballs unite! hee hee 😉

  8. Freddie M. Brady  

    This article reminds me that to be happy I must not try to control the lives of those around me,especially my grown sons. It is somewhat of a paradox when thinking of myself. I must practice self-control and do my best but at the same time turn my life over to God. He tells us in John 15:5 that we can not produce fruit apart from Him. It seems my best work is done when I am in complete alignment with Him. It is the difference between “row, row, row your boat gently up the stream” to float, float, float gently down the stream.

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