How to Be and Stay Happy

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Personal Development and Growth

Release Certain Emotions

butterfly First of all, it’s very important to understand that everyone has sad moments. It’s a part of life and we need to accept those. But we don’t need to get stuck in the sad. Finding ways that we can get ourselves out of “being stuck” and back to a happiness state is an essential personal development skill for life. Sometimes in order to experience the happy and joyful we need to be able to release negative emotions.
If you feel that you are bottling up your feelings, then you should read this post on discovering the healing power of releasing your emotions and allowing yourself to cry. By releasing emotions on a regular basis you will be making room for happiness in your life.

Know Your Purpose and Goals

Another thing that we need to have in order to be happy is an understanding that we each have a special and individual purpose in life. We are here to fulfill that purpose which is to love and help others in whatever God has called us to do. Even though each of us is different we all play an important role in this world.
Developing a relationship with God will help you understand your purpose in life and exactly where He wants to use you. Once you know your purpose, you can start setting goals. Having achievable goals will definitely help you grow in happiness and fulfill you deeply.

Celebrate Your Unique Self

One of the biggest joys in life is accepting yourself and celebrating your uniqueness. It’s okay to be different and even weird sometimes. We might even end up castrating ourselves in little things because of what society might think of us. Doing this is a definite “joy killer”. For a while I even did this to myself but then realized that it was not good for my emotional health.
You can read more about this topic in this post where I admit that I still love Barbies even though I’m 32 😉

Decide to Be Positive

fairy girl

Most people that I know are negative. They live in the habit of seeing everything through what I call “sad sunglasses”. They can’t enjoy beauty or life simply because they see all things through a really negative perspective. In order to be positive and not get derailed by the storms of life we need to learn how to instill a positive mindset and also know how to fight off thoughts that aren’t good for us. If we allow thoughts that cause sadness to come into our minds and “make their bed” (so to speak), these can take us down a really dark road. Fighting off these negative thoughts is a spiritual warfare and God gave us the tools to win this battle.

Being stubborn is often seen as a bad thing but there is a case in which it’s actually good: when you are stubbornly positive. Make it a point to find the positive in whatever situation. This hasn’t always been an easy thing for me to do but the more I work at it, the better I get. If you think this is impossible to do I want to guarantee that it is possible. In this life, it’s the only way to truly be happy. Can you be stubbornly positive too?

Make Time for Joy

Many times we get so caught up in doing things and solving practical issues that it seems that we have no time to just do whatever we want. Don’t allow yourself to overwork as it will steal joy away from you. When was the last time you gave yourself a whole morning or afternoon to do whatever your heart desired? Think … Was it last week or last month or maybe a few months ago? Getting caught up in the busyness of life can rob us of beautiful joys that we didn’t even know were there.
You should also think about surrounding yourself with colors that bring you happiness. Discover how color affects your emotions in this article about what is the meaning of the color pink?

Give Yourself a Permission Slip

So I invite you today to give yourself a permission slip to have free time. Time for you to recharge your emotional batteries. Did you know that you have emotional batteries? Yep you sure do. And they need to be recharged. Another metaphor for this is having an emotional tea cup. Your emotional tea cup needs to be filled. Make “free time” a part of your daily life.. not something that you only do once in a while. If you really don’t have time every day then do it every 2 or 3 days. I guarantee that you will be a lot happier if you do this.

What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

happy fairy

Now if you’re a left brain rational thinker you may be wondering what in the world I’m talking about. You may also be thinking that you won’t enjoy this “free time” very much because you have no idea what to do with it. I’ll tell you some things that I do in my free time. You can read over these activities. When reading each one, think about how much fun each one will be. The activities that excite you the most are the ones that you should try out first. You can add more ideas to this list.

• Watch a Comedian
• Paint
• Learn Crafts
• Decorate a Webpage
• Decorate Things with Stickers
• Plan a Party
• Do Something Nice for Someone
• Listen to Positive Meditation or Meditate
• Look at Beautiful Artwork
• Decorate Your Home
• Create a Family Video
• Scrapbook a Photo Album
• Give Gifts to People
• Watch Happy Movies
• Teach a Skill to Someone
• Listen to Fun Radio Programs
• Browse Inspiring Blogs
• Play Video Games
• Watch an Upbeat T.V. Program
• Call Up a Positive Friend and Have a Nice Chat
• Start an Inspiration Notebook

This list will only help you raise your happiness level if you actually start doing some of these things on a regular basis. There are many more things that will restore and inspire you. Do you have any ideas? Please share in the comment section below what you do to fill your emotional tea cup! Don’t forget to sign up for the Embracing Home Newsletter.
Blessings always ♥,

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17 Comments on "How to Be and Stay Happy"

  1. Debbie Lattuga  

    I like to set Debbie dates. My favorite thing is to go the book store and sit and actually read in the store. I grab a cappuccino and a couple good books or even magazines.

    And I love to make art. Not museum quality art. Just what pleases me.

    Thanks for the reminder. And a good cry always does a body good.

  2. Melanie (ModernMami)  

    Good reminders since all too often we do get “stuck” in the negative and sadness.

  3. lorilynn  

    eren my darling it was so good to read your post. always uplifting. i really enjoyed it. your blog is wonderful and i am very proud of you and happy to claim you as a special friend to be treasured for a very long time. lovingly yours, LL

  4. Fitness Family  

    Yes, I totally agree. One must decide to pick themselves up and move on in order to be unstuck. It’s also important to note that one must realize they’re not a victim but someone who has the power to change their current situation. Great tips, Eren!

  5. Danny  

    Hey Eren I think the best way to stay happy is to always come and read your blog, you are always positive and write such passionately. Great points you make in your article. 🙂

  6. Eren Mckay  

    @Debbie – Oh I love the concept of setting dates with yourself. So awesome! And yes art first of all needs to resonate and please our own should and as a natural consequence it will touch others.

    @Melanie – Thanks. It’s amazing how we know these things but end up forgetting- especially if we’re in the midst of being sad.

    @Lori – I love being your friend too. I’m so glad that this article helped you. The truths in it have helped me too 🙂 .

    @Cherrie – Yes.. seeing ourselves as victims only keeps us in that state longer. The sooner we realize the truth the faster we get out of it.

    @Danny – Aaaaw thanks Danny! I try my best to keep this place uplifting and positive. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 .


  7. Ruth Crawl  

    Dear Eren,
    You have once again offered so many excellent examples as directives for a happier life. It is so encouraging to read these and implement a few into my routine. As a retired senior who is used to being active, I find if I can ‘latch on to ‘ a project that keeps me focused and busy, it helps tremendously. My goal is to make new friends and bring them into the circle of Christ’s love.
    Love in Him,

  8. Eren Mckay  

    Dear Ruth,
    I love your goal. Friendship evangelism is truly a wonderful way to share the good news. Every day I wake up and have several things that I want to accomplish that day. Having that list really keeps me on track and at the end of the day it’s wonderful to see how productive I was. I even keep an ongoing list of things that I’m doing. It truly keeps me on track. (I call it my braintracker- LOL). Some days I feel kind of “stuck” and when that happens it may be that I need to stop working a bit and just allow time for joy and happiness without any cares in this world. I consciously need to take the time to do that and I can feel the joy come back to me when I do. so glad this has helped you.
    Blessings my friend ♥,

  9. Clay @ SMS Mobile Marketing  

    I agree with Danny, coming to to read your blog is a great way to get positive.
    Some more ideas to get positive:
    1) De-clutter an area of your house or office or clean out a drawer.
    2) Gather up stuff to donate.
    3) Fix something that has been bugging you. It could be a loose hinge or getting a new watch battery. If you fix something that has been bugging you, it actually frees up brain cells to think about other things.
    4) Watch TV or a movie and comment on blogs (like I am doing right now)
    5) Go visit a loved one or BFF.
    6) Exercise or go for a walk. This releases endorphins that cause happiness.
    7) Work in the dirt. Like pull some weeds, trim or fertalize you roses or anything working with dirt as this help ground us.
    8) My Favorite is to wake up every morning and write down 10 things you are grateful for. This sets a positive outlook on the day.

  10. mincir  

    The whole happiness lies in the way of God. Be His humble servant. He will guide you towards right path. Right path is foundation of health and happiness.

  11. Sam  

    These are all wonderful ideas. I never thought about being stubbornly positive before. Thank you for the reinforcement of the idea to stay positive in a stubborn way. I am a very positive person and enjoy being around other positive people.

  12. Eren Mckay  

    @Clay – Thanks so much for your positive suggestions. Sometimes people believe that they need to wait for inspiration to fall from the sky and they sit around waiting for it. Then they wonder why in the world it didn’t come. The truth is that we need to look for that inspiration. We need to take action in order to get into that “inspired flow state”. Having a list like the one you just gave helps us have many options to choose from and achieve that happiness state.

    @Mincir – Yes being in His path, we are able to find a peace that this world can not give. His peace restores our soul and allows us to withstand all of the sufferings and difficulties in life because we know we are in His arms.

    @Sam – Yes- being stubborn is often seen as a negative thing but if you are being stubborn for the Truth and for what’s right it’s not a negative thing at all. Having a backbone and standing up for what’s right is what makes us who we are. It also protects our spirit from going down the wrong road and wasting time dwelling on negativity.

    Blessings ♥,

  13. Lisa Marie Mary  

    This post – and the comments, too – are just what I needed today! Awesome – thanks so much! 🙂

  14. Eren Mckay  

    So glad you liked it and it helped you Lisa!
    Blessings always,

  15. gaflygirl  

    all great ideas!
    some more ideas: read a book
    take a bubble bath
    light a scented candle and enjoy the aroma
    visit a friend
    write a letter to a friend
    make goodies or a meal for a friend.. it is rewarding and makes you feel good as well
    go out with an old friend

  16. Eren Mckay  

    Thanks gaflygirl!
    Those are great ideas…. I do the scented candle one like almost every day!

  17. Janice  

    I have always loved the color pink (all shades) my late mothrein law called me Ms pink.. I also find that music any music makes me HAPPY… Your article was very helpful…..God Bless you….

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