Organize kids homeschool rooms with these ideas

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Organizing Ideas and Tips

Rainbow House for the kids to play:
This little house was created with MDF and a rainbow bulletin board that I bought for only 9 dollars.

Here are the stairs that go up to the rainbow house. This was made with very good wood.

I bought various different colored cloths that was needed to make the curtains. It only cost me 15 dollars to have it made. It’s not difficult to make and very cheap!

You can get a transparent shoe holder and make it a puppet holder. You can easily find the puppets for story time or they themselves can easily get the puppets to play.

I put this colorful organizer on my door. It was made for cars but it worked wonderfully on the door 😉

Here’s a view of the entire door:

These posters are great to teach and very cute.

You can create a schedule for your kids and put them into the pocket chart. Once they have done one of the tasks they can turn over the card or they can also put the card on top. That way they simply go down the list and figure out which things they have done and which of them they haven’t.

Even though this is not completely organized these transparent bins are great for throwing in the toys. They can know exactly what’s in them and exactly what’s not in them.

A magnetic board is a great learning tool. Kids can spell words with the letters and also play other magnetic games.

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10 Comments on "Organize kids homeschool rooms with these ideas"

  1. HSB Suzanne  

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. I’m trying to figure out your “chore” system… looks interesting.

  2. Bill Novo  

    Looks like a very nice project that you put together. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  3. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Suzanne,
    I have a list of things that they need to do daily and also the other thing I so is to walk around the apartment and see what needs to be done and just give them those tasks on the moment. It works out great when I do this because sometimes there are tasks that can’t always be planned out beforehand. Hope that helps 🙂

    Hi Bill,
    I’m so glad that this project inspired you in some way. I’m now in anew apartment and doing more things to create a great learning environment for my boys.
    Blessings always ♥,

  4. Myrtle Roal  

    You seem to be a perfectionist. Attractive blog and wonderful writing skills.

  5. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Myrtle,
    Thanks for the compliments. I tried to set up a space so that my boys were happy and comfortable and had lots of things to do. We live in an apartment so there really isn’t a backyard or anything of the sort. So in the home they need to have places to keep them busy. Thanks for stopping by 😀 ,
    All the best,

  6. Anita Connelly  

    Hi Eren! My names Anita, I was searching the web to find some ideas for oraganization for our small classroom. The shoeholder really helped me out! I never thought of that! Thank you for your ideas!

  7. johnmak  

    thank you so much for that wonderful ideas that you share to us..especially i am a future teacher…

  8. Keith Martin  

    I really like the transparent shoe holder that is being used for a puppet holder. I also like the idea that the children can easily find what they are looking for because they can see it with ease.

    The magnet board is nice also. You have done a lot with a small space.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keith Martin

  9. Eren Mckay  

    @Anita – Hi ! I’m so glad that helped. I live in a very small apartment with my 3 boys so I use those transparent shoe holders for many different things. The great thing about them is that they don’t take up too much space and are useful for parts of a room that we can’t put a closet in.

    @JohnMak – Hi there” Yeah teaching is so wonderful.I used to teach English but had to stop to take care of my boys. I love teaching my boys.

    @Keith – Hi there. Yeah those items are great because they don’t take up too much space and are so useful.

    All the best ♥,

  10. Michelle  

    Simply wanna remark that you have a very decent website , I like the layout it really stands out.

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