Top 25 Beautiful Free Printable Calendars for 2012

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Organizing Ideas and Tips

Free Online Printable Calendars Every year I update this page to hold only the current year calendars. You’ll find links to the most adorable 2012 calendars designed by awesome artists all around the globe. I put last year’s calendars in another post. You can find the 2011 calendars here and the 2010 ones here.
Organizing doesn’t have to be boring. Use artistic calendars and get yourself inspired to accomplish your goals and manage your time in 2012.
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Here at the top of the page you can click on any of the links to take you directly to the kind of calendar that you want. You can also scroll to see all calendars. (Whichever way is best for you 😀 )

Mini Table of Contents

1 – What To Do With the Calendars

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Sometimes people have calendars but they have no clue as to what to use them for. You can use the calendars for your own individual planning but also to organize a group. Whether you are organizing your family members, coworkers or employees, calendars are a way to keep the communication very clear. The further you plan ahead, the less stress you will have.

The following is a list of ideas for information that you can fill into the calendars:

• Birthdays & Anniversaries • Special Events & Holidays
• Parties & Outings • Doctors, Dentists & Exams
• Documentation Deadlines • Extra Curricular Activities
   from School
• Bills to Pay • Employees Missed Days &
• Supermarket & Barbers • Tasks for Work or Study

Choosing and Printing

Lots of talented graphic artists have created beautiful calendars for you to download. I suggest choosing the calendars that inspire you the most and bring you that feeling of joy. Ask yourself which of the calendars make you feel happy and then simply save it to your computer and print it out. Also don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section at the end of the post.

I have small screenshots as a preview of each one so they are easy for you to find. Clicking on the image will open up a new window and take you directly to the calendar page.

Many of the following calendars are in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the reader, it can be downloaded free from this link (which is the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

So without further ado, here they are 😀 :

2 – Artistic Calendars

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Graphic Garden Calendars

Helena Normark from Graphic Garden created some beautiful country graphics calendars.
There are 3 different calendars for you to choose
from for each month of the year.
Graphic Garden You can go to the calendar
page by clicking
or on the
calendar image
to the right →

Alice Cantrell Calendars

2012 Alice Cantrell Alice Cantrell created some calendars with her daughter with the herbs theme.
Each printable page has 3 calendars.
You can go to
the calendar page
by clicking here
or on the image
to the right →

My Owl Barn Calendars

My owl barn has united several artists to provide
this wonderful collection of owl art to accompany
the calendars.
Owl You can go to the calendar page by clicking here
or on the image
to the right →
(sometimes it takes a while to load)

Jan Brett Calendars

Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Jan Brett
Jan Brett 2012 has a beautiful collection of calendars.
You can go to the calendar page by clicking here or on the calendar image to the right →

Creativity Portal Calendars

Creativity Portal 2012 Check out the beautiful calendar by clicking here or on the calendar image to the right →

Hello Cuteness

(Awesome designer) Angela from Hello Cuteness created some adorable calendars that are pretty adorably cute if you ask me ;).
Anything But Perfect You can’t download the months that have already passed but the present and future months are all available as PDFs. You can find them by clicking here or on the image to the right →

Taylor Gray Designs Calendar

Taylor Gray Designs Check out the beautiful calendar that Taylor Gray Designs created by clicking here or on the calendar image to the right →

The Nest Effect Calendar

The Nest Effect Tiffany from The Nest Effect created a cool calendar. You can find it by clicking here or on the image to the right →

3 – Photo Calendars

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Photo Calendars

Vertex has some cool calendars for 2012. For the flowers theme click here or on the flower calendar below. For the seasons theme click here or on the seasons calendar below:

Home Life Photo Calendar

Home Life Weekly has a really cool calendar
Home Life Weekly with nature photographs.
You can go to the PDF of the calendar page by clicking here or on the image to the right →

4 – Year at a Glance Calendars

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Creative Momma
One Page Calendar

Creative Momma made a beautiful one page 2012 doodle calendar.
Creative Momma You can download the free printable calendar by clicking
or on the
calendar image
to the right →

Very Merry Vintage Style Calendar

Very Merry Vintage Style has a great vintage style calendar. Here’s the link to the printable of the 2012 mini calendar.
Vintage There’s a step by step photo tutorial. You can make this a gift.
You can go to the calendar page by clicking here
or on the image
to the right →

Clementine Creative Calendar

Carmia from Clementine Creative made a year at a glance calendar in 2 pages.
Click here for the direct download link to the yearly calendar or simply click the image below:

Home Life Weekly Calendar

Home Life Weekly created a single page 2012 calendar.
Home Life Weekly You can go to the yearly calendar by clicking here
or on the image
to the right →

Kokeshi Dolls Yearly Calendar

Creative Mamma made a really adorable 2012 ‘year at a glance’ calendar with Kokeshi Dolls as the theme.
Kokeshi Dolls The page where she talks about the calendar is here. You can find the direct download link by clicking here or on the image to the right→

Believing Boldly

Believing Boldly created 4 year at a glance image calendars for 2012.
Believing Boldly You can go to the yearly calendar by clicking here
or on the image
to the right →

5- Daily and Weekly Planners

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Home Life Daily
Planning Pages

Home Life Weekly created daily planning pages for the whole year (366 pages).
You can download the free printable
Home Life Weekly calendar by clicking
or on the
calendar image
to the right →

I Heart Organizing
Daily Goals Page

Jen from ‘I Heart Organizing‘ created a beautiful daily goals page.
I Heart Organizing
Here’s the link to the printable
or you can click on the image
to the right →

Weekly Planning
by Taylor Gray Designs

Taylor Gray Designs created a beautiful weekly planner.
Taylor Gray Designs You can download the printable by clicking here or on the image to the right→

Weekly Planning
by I Heart Organizing

Jen from ‘I Heart Organizing‘ created 2 beautiful weekly planning pages. For the Weekly Planning page click here and for the peek at the week printable click here or on the images below:

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28 Comments on "Top 25 Beautiful Free Printable Calendars for 2012"

  1. Kim Smith  

    What a GREAT collection of calendars, Eren! Thanks for including my desktop calendar in your post. I hope your readers will enjoy it, if they download my calendar!

  2. Ching Ya  

    Wow you are really dedicated! You must be searching high and low for these spectacular art work. I really like the pocket calender, very useful indeed. Sometimes I’m between huge or cute ones, because I’ll always try to write my plans on them and the spacing is never enough. =P I doubt I would write on the pocket calender it just looks like a great decoration at the same time! Wouldn’t want to ruin that. I’m RT and Stumble this surely!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Kim,
    It was my pleasure including your calendar. I’m sure they will enjoy it ;-)I appreciate your tweet and stumble 🙂

    Hi Ching Ya,
    Yeah it took quite a while for me to find everything and even more time to put this post together- LOL.
    The pocket calendar can be used to put all birthday cards for the month in it. Or you can also put all bills to pay for the month in it too. You can use card stock to prin it out so that it’s firm and won’t tear 😉 .
    In relation to running out of room. I totally hear you. The thing is for scheduling stuff I use a day planner because it has a lot more room.
    The other thing I use calendars for is to keep track of which days my helper comes to work. I keep her calendar on the kitchen closet. So the calendar is dedeicated for just that certain subject. That way I don’t run out of space. I keep another calendar just for bill paying and put it on my closet door. I’m a very visual person so printed out calendars are a great tool for me. Thanks for tweeting and stumbling the post.

    Blessings always ♥,

  4. Angie (Losing It and Loving It)  

    Amazing post! I ordered some of the free calendars and saved the flower one too. The flower calendar doesn’t look like it has boxes around the dates but who cares…I can’t wait to print out each month.

    One can never have too many calendars LOL I am usually prepared and have at least 4 but right now I have one measly calendar, year at a glance and it’s one of those in the back of a 2009 pocket calendar HA!

    I’m sure this took a lot of time to create and come up with such a great selection. Thanks!

  5. Girish Chandran  

    Great compilation Eren. These online calendars really help me a lot with all those prompt reminders. Now I am better at doing things at the right time. Apart from that I send wishes to friends birthday and other joyous occasions which really surprises them.

  6. Eren Mckay  

    @Angie – I’m so glad you enjoyed these calendars. Organizing can be boring if we’re not inspired. But knowing that it will save us headaches really motivated me to put together these resources for everybody- especially because they’re pretty and free – Yay!
    Since many times calendars don’t have enough space to put too much information, I usually limit the calendar to one or two specific subjects and put it somewhere visible. I have a calendar just to write how many calories I ate that day – LOL.
    Anyways, thanks again for telling so many peeps about this post.

    @Girish – I also love calendars because they keep me on track for birthdays and special occasions. There have been years when I didn’t do the whole calendar thing because there were too many things going on. Now I can plan things ahead of time and I know I will be less stressed out because of it.

    Blessings always ♥,

  7. Beth Charette  

    These calendars give me a fuzzy, warm feeling, especially the blue coffee pot designed by Ms. Cantrell.

    Calendars serve a special purpose in our lives, regulating us, so we can come together in celebration and reverence.

    Calendars schedule thanksgiving, and gift giving, and inspire us to show our love for others in February.

    They time long days and short nights, as well as long nights and short days.

    They allow us to anticipate cold and warm seasons.

    Calendars in short give us a base for living our lives in an orderly fashion, allowing us much more frequent opportunities to come together for creative purposes.

    In that that is true, I am thankful for this site in that so many nice choices with respect to calendars are presented in such an attractive way.


  8. The Business Coach for Moms  

    Wow! Great calendars! Thanks for putting this together.

  9. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Beth,
    Yes I completely agree with you that calendars are a great tool to help us plan out wonderful occasions like Easter, Thanksgiving, and other special events.
    The more we plan ahead, the more we can actually enjoy life instead of rushing through it.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Lady T,
    I loved putting this post together because I know it will help people. Thank you for tweeting the post 😉

    Blessings always ♥,

  10. Michelle Waters  

    So I wonder how many calendar geeks we have running around here? LOL!

    I admit, I’m a calendar geek myself and I love this list you’ve put together. When I have some more time, I’ll have to come back and check out the cooking and business-related calendars.

    I need all the scheduling help I can get.

    Thank you!

  11. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Michelle,
    So glad you stopped by. Calendars are such a wonderful organizing tool when we put them to use and regularly update and check on them.
    I think you’ll love the cookies calendar – it looks so yummy 🙂 !
    All the best,

  12. Rich Avery  

    I’m LOL at the “Today is not your day” calendar. Thanks for providing this resource. I needed a year-at-a-glance calendar. It was easy to print off.

  13. Eren Mckay  

    @Rich – It’s funny , isn’t it? I love that kind of sarcastic humor. I tweeted the saying the other day – LOL. Glad you liked it 😉
    All the best,

  14. Ana Goncalves  

    That’s a wonderful list of what to do with calendars. Here’s another idea; Re-use your calendars and make envelopes! This is what I do. I have been using one traditional envelope as a stencil, for all the pictures of the calendars. I just unstuck the envelope as a whole and than take the calendar with picture, put the whole envelope on which part i’d like to use, than draw around the envelope. Then cut the stencil out and stick it together following the same principle as the original envelope. Voila, simple and re-usable! 🙂

  15. Eren Mckay  

    What an awesome idea Ana! I have several beautiful calendars that just would break my heart to throw away so I keep them but didn’t know what quite to do with them. You just solved my issue- thanks!
    Blessings ♥,

  16. Mary @ Very Merry Vintage Style  

    Hi Erin, Thank you for the link to my mini printable calendar! I hope your readers find it useful. I’ve had feedback from those who have printed it and used it for crafting and I’m planning a post to feature them. Have a wonderful new year!

  17. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Mary,
    Your calendar and pictures are adorable. I’m sure many will enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing the post with the pictures of people who have used it.
    Happy New Years to You!

  18. Felicity Corin  

    Thank you for the free calendars. Just what I needed to get me inspired for the start of a New Year. May you be blessed. Thank you

  19. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Felicity,
    So glad they inspired you! I’ve been working on printing mine out and getting the New Year planned 🙂


  20. Andrea, The English Webmistress  

    Thanks so very much for this great list. I found it really helpful and have downloaded several.

    Blessings be upon you…

  21. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Andrea,
    So glad you found this list helpful. Happy printing!
    All the best,

  22. Mary Gallagher  

    Wow, Eren, I see that Jan Brett is one of the artists on the 2012 calendars for printing. I LOVE her illustrations and have great memories reading to my son when he was in Kindergarten her delicious children’s stories. Thanks for this, such great ideas!

  23. Leigha Baer  

    My Dear Eren,

    You’ve done it again! Thank you for another year of beautiful and inspiring free printable calenders! I look forward to your collection every year!

    Well done!


  24. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Mary,
    Jan Brett is one of my favorite artists too. I even created another post just to feature her drawing tutorials for children. You can find that here:
    So glad you liked the calendars!

    Hi Leigha,
    Even though I was late this year putting this together because of all of the surgeries in my family. I can’t seem to stop my addiction to creating posts like these. It’s like collecting gems and putting them all together. Thank you so much for sharing this post with all of your friends! I toally appreciate it!


  25. Nancy  

    I am amazed at all the different styles. But tell me are these for a standard 8″ x 11.5″ binder or can they be changed for an 8.5″ x 5.5″ binder? All the good ideas you offer, I may have to go back to a standard size binder!
    Thanks for the info and blessings,

  26. Carmia (Clementine Creative)  

    Hi Eren. Thank you for adding my calendar to this list!

  27. Eren Mckay  

    Sure thing Carmia. Your design artwork is awesome. I’m just about to publish a Mother’s Day printable cards post in which I also link to you. Thanks for stopping by!
    All the best,

  28. Luis  

    These calendars are beautiful. You mentioned using them to to organize, I thought I’d also mention

    It’s design is simple similar to the example of the nested egg calendar you mentioned. What’s nice about it is that you can type in your notes and print it right there. You don’t have to download anything.

    Which is convenient and one less reason to procrastinate, which is my #1 problem 🙂

    Thanks again, beautiful calendars!

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