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By Eren Mckay  
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growing like a flower artwork Have you been dreaming about accomplishing certain goals but find yourself stuck in the process?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to reach such huge success while others seem to spin their wheels and never get anywhere?

Do you want to know the secrets to achieving goals and being excited throughout the entire journey?

If you’ve been looking for the answers to these questions, you’ll love the Embracing Your Goals ebook. For a long time I struggled when trying to reach certain goals that I had in my life. I truly wanted to lose weight, but found myself stagnated. I knew I had to organize papers and documents, but never had the excitement to do so.

Things started to change when I decided to study personal development and realized that what I really needed was a mindset transformation! The way I saw things, my belief system and my overall perceptions needed a drastic change. I began to notice that my thoughts were directly related to how much inspiration and motivation I had.

And so with that internal transformation going on, the external actions started to happen. I lost 72 pounds and organized all of my papers. Not only did I achieve my goals, but I was actually happy while working towards them.

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Permission Slip Art The feeling of accomplishing these goals was so great that I decided to write an ebook to help other people reach their own goals. I wanted others to feel the same empowerment that I had felt and run after their dreams.

I made this ebook completely free so that everyone can have access to it. All you need to do is sign up by filling in your name and email in the sign up box above or below. As soon as you do that, you’ll receive an email with your download link. Soon I’ll be recording each chapter so you can have the convenience of listening to each lesson. I’ll also send you emails with other cool goodies and updates on the Embracing Home blog.
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Here’s an overview of the Embracing Your Goals ebook:

Artistic Mind Map 5 Easy to Understand Lessons
Each lesson is short enough for you to digest the information and not be overwhelmed. There are clear action steps and principles that will guide you throughout the process of achieving your goals.

These will help you review each lesson. You can even use the questions as part of brainstorming
Garden of Goals Artwork sessions with a close friend. Going through this course with a buddy is a fun way to learn and have an accountability partner.

Printable Artwork
Inspiration plays a big role when we’re going after our dreams. That’s why each chapter has watercolors that I painted. There are printables and posters to keep your motivation high. Here to the right you can see a thumbnail of one of the artworks.

In order for you to have a clear idea of everything in this 30 page ebook I took a screenshot of the Table of Contents and posted it here below:

Table of Contents

You can read through the lessons at your own pace. In fact, every time you achieve goals that you have set for yourself, you can go through the ebook once again.

Eren Mckay and her son David It will help you regroup and define new goals that fit exactly where you are in life.
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11 Comments on "Get Your Free Copy of the Embracing Your Goals Ebook →"

  1. Renee  

    I read your ebook on embracing your goals. It is well written and covers a lot of topics. It is easy to read and to follow the lessons. The worksheets are a great idea and very helpful. I love the artwork and I am sure you spent a lot of time and thought putting it together. It is a helpful guide that will benefit many people.

    Erin,you are giving,caring,talented and a friend,

  2. Eren Mckay  

    Thanks so much for your feedback Renee!
    I really appreciate it!
    ღ Love and Light to You ღ

  3. Simone  

    Thank you for allowing your book to be free an printable. I was drawn to it because of the girlyness to it. I am on lesson two and I am really enjoying it. I am even thinking about reprinting the questions to see what I was to really do or how I will like the pros and cons to the other goals that didn’t make it on my first sets of goals. Your ebook is so inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  4. Keitty  

    hi Eren,am really amazed to find this site; my dearest sister is expecting a baby girl next month and i request u help me choose biblical names for the pretty angel!! With meaning GODS FAVOUR or FIGHTER; I believe u will find beautiful names for her…Thanks alot

  5. Cheryl Williams  

    Very soft and healing website, many people don’t understand the importance of colors in out lives. Colors really affect our moods, environment and anyone and everyone who enters our space. Healing colors are just as beautiful as the task the perform ( calming, soothing, peace and joy (to the eye)to our spirit. Glad I found the your site.

    God Bless You

  6. Lisa Anwander  

    Are you still looking for a cure for your fatty liver? Dr. Sandra Cabot has written the liver cleansing diet I did it and my liver is fine now she also wrote the book Syndrom X which might interest you. Best Regards Lisa

  7. Andi Garbett  

    I subscribed to your newsletter last month and I don’t seem to have been able to download those book. Have I done anything wrong?

  8. Karen Crosbie  

    I recently went to a friends home and commented on a stain glass type of color pencil drawing she had hung on her wall. I said it was “very cool”. I was pretty embarrassed when she replied “You drew it!” I didn’t remember….and we both laughed when she told me right away thatI couldn’t have it back. Admire your own Art and I guess someone else might too.

  9. ola  

    Wow this is lovely, how did u do dat

  10. Trylonda  

    Thanks for allowing me to read your other book can’t wait for the inspirational new one.

  11. Heidi Weber  

    I am hopeful..I am 56 and have Multiple Sclerosis. I always considered myself as an Artist. I am a farmers wife and have been painting since 1980,s. I havn’t exhibited for 30 years of my disability. Lets have a look. Maybe I will get is right this time with your help.

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