Free Bible abc poems coloring pages – coloring book

What a wonderful opportunity to teach our children to read while talking about God’s truths.
I wrote this poem for it to be a learning experience in learning to read and also for it to be a resource for parents and teachers to discuss spiritual things to your children.

The following coloring book is in PDF format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the reader, it can be downloaded free from this link.
You can download the entire Bible Alphabet Poem Coloring Book by clicking here.

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Biblical creation vs. evolution videos & scientific evidence & facts

mari Here is a list of videos that show the scientific evidence that we are not here by chance:
Creation Videos to watch online for free:
You can watch a few minutes each day so that the amount of information doesn’t overwhelm you. You can also show these videos to your kids and discuss them portion by portion.

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Kids Bible Sermon overcoming laziness & a slothful sluggard spirit

Have you ever noticed that T.V. shows portray laziness as a good thing?
When you watch certain shows the kid that gets away with not working is considered the smart kid. Somehow fooling people in order to do less work is supposed to be “cool”.
But the truth is that a lie is being taught through many of these programs.
Many people see work as a punishment- they misinterpret the Bible verse in Genesis where God states the consequences of Adam’s sin.

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Christian Children’s Story: The arrival of Johnny’s Baby Brother

“Come on Johnny! Put your shoes on. We’re going to the hospital- mommy is going to have a baby!” said Daddy.
Johnny hurried to put on his shoes while thinking of all of the things he would do with his baby brother. For months he had been thinking what it would be like to look into his baby brother’s face. He had even drawn a picture of he and his brother as gift to give him when he was born. That day was finally here! Time to see the baby!
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