Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

These are pictures of my awesome cousin who has lost sooo much weight. I’m so proud of her. She’s a true winner.
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What are the Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin?

Bess Blanco and her daughter This is a guest post by my awesome friend and Health Coach:Bess Blanco.
Bess has been supporting women and their families in their quest for a healthy lifestyle.
Today she will be giving us tips for picking the right foods that will help us prevent wrinkles and have beautiful skin: a topic that’s near and dear to my heart 🙂 .
Read on to learn more about the top 5 foods to give your skin a beautiful shine!

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How Many Times Should you Exfoliate Your Skin Per Week?

How Often Should You Exfoliate

I recently wrote a post with a natural exfoliation recipe that anyone can make with items that they find in their kitchen.
Some of my readers have emailed and asked me how many times a week should they exfoliate. The answer to that question really depends on each person’s skin type and even the weather they deal with.

Exfoliation is a process that removes the dead skin cells that everyone naturally accumulates. The fact is that the average human being sheds about a million skin cells every day. That’s a lot of skin cells! Exfoliating helps remove the dead cells that haven’t fallen off from the epidermis (which is the outer layer of your skin).

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Free Printable of a Natural Exfoliation Recipe →

Natural Exfoliation Adding exfolation to your weekly routine is a great way to ensure that your skin always looks radiant and glows. When you exfoliate you’re eliminating the build up of dead skin cells. If you’ve ever noticed someone’s skin looking dull, it’s because they haven’t exfoliated much. It also helps with acne problems because it prevents the pores from getting clogged.

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Hand Washing Facts and Other Hygiene Statistics ~ Men vs. Women

hand washing facts Since it’s Valentines Day today, I thought you all would like some ‘enlightenment’ on what your significant other is doing… about hygiene :-). I found this informative and funny infographic on just how dirty women and men are. Surprisingly women are dirtier in some aspects but in most cases men are dirtier.. sorry guys- you lose LOL!
I mean seriously… 22% of men don’t change their underwear daily? eeeeeewww! That’s sooo gross. There are other juicy statistics so by all means read on and enjoy!

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How to apply blush properly

how to apply blush properly The first step for you to learn how to apply blush properly is finding the right color that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin, you don’t want to pick bright strong colors such as red. It would be too artificial looking. A softer color such a rose or peach would be better.
If you have darker skin, certain oranges and stronger pink and red tones will look good. Even if you think you’ve found a great color there’s still some more things that you should do.
Ask for feedback on the color.
Even if you find a color, it’s best to ask others what they think. There are several colors that may look good on one person and awful on someone else’s skin tone. If you’re not certain about a color shade that you’re using, ask other people’s opinions.

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How to Choose Foundation

how to choose foundation Foundations come in liquid and powder format. Some people use both, while others choose to only use one type. If you want to know how to choose foundation, my advice would be to first identify your skin type before deciding what to do. Having the right foundation is one of the celebrity makeup secrets to look stunning.
If you have very oily skin, a powdered foundation might be the best option. Those with dry skin will do better with liquid oil free foundation. Make sure that the bottle says “oil free” or “mattifying”.

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Celebrity Makeup Secrets

celebrity makeup secrets Have you ever seen celebrities on the red carpet and wondered why most of them appear to be like real life Barbies and Kens? (I say ‘most’ because we all know the ones that look awful 🙂 ~ LOL.) The secret to their awesomeness is making their skin silky smooth. They achieve this with a variety of concealer, base and powdered foundations.
What about you? Do you want to look dazzling at your next dinner party or outing? With these celebrity makeup secrets and tips, you’ll be able to impress everyone you meet.
The First Celebrity Makeup Secret
If you want to have beautiful skin, you should start off by making sure that your skin is clean and hydrated. Before applying the make up, wash your face with quality facial soap.

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How to do smokey eyes step by step

how to do smokey eyes If you want to learn how to do smokey eyes step by step, then the first thing that you’ll need is eye liner. It’s one of the most important parts of applying makeup because it defines and delineates the eyes making them stand out. There are lots of little details that make a big difference in the end result. In this smokey eye makeup tutorial, I’ll give you some tips that will make you look so good that you’ll be turning heads ;-).
Pencil sharpeners are a must.
Make sure to always sharpen your eyeliners before you start. It’s a lot more work to fix the smudge. A non sharpened pencil won’t be able to produce the results that a sharpened pencil will. Use pencil sharpeners specifically made for make-up. Regular sharpeners might work but the pencil will break more. Clean the eye pencil after you’re done with tissue paper.
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