How Technology Has Changed Raising Children

parents and technology A lot has changed in parenting in very few years due to technology. A mom’s daily life wasn’t as fast paced as nowadays. Although in some ways this isn’t the best thing, there are certainly a lot of awesome gadgets that have been created and has made life easier for a mother.
I found a cool infographic about how technology has changed raising children.
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Inspirational Parenting Quotes – How I See My Calling

When I saw this picture the other day I was very touched. I immediately felt that it had a deeper meaning. And so I just looked at it for a little to discover why it was that it touched me so…
Take a moment to look at this picture and think about what it means to you:
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Family bonding activities – insights to help connect deeply

mom and daughter hugging
Bonding is emotional- you need to be present.
   You’ve probably been searching for family bonding activities and may have even found some great ideas.
But I want to share with you that bonding is more of an emotional and spiritual connection than something that can be achieved with outward situations.
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Of course having activities to do is always a great “setting” in which the actual connection occurs. Activities are ways to get the “brain waves” going and provide a context for bonding.

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Biblical Christian baby name meaning – choosing Bible names that will be a blessing for your baby

stork What is the best way for a Christian to choose a baby’s name?
Your baby’s name will be a huge part of their lives. It will help shape how they see themselves and also how others perceive them.
We find in God’s Word that names do have meaning. While reading biblical stories you’ll discover that some of the characters in the stories have certain personalities and actions that are closely related to their names. This is not a coincidence. In many cases their names were prophetic. In God’s sovereignty their names matched who they were or who they would become.
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10 Commandments for Christian Homeschool Moms

Here are some words to encourage you:


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Hebrew Name Esau – Bible name

Esau is a biblical name which means hairy. It’s of Hebrew origin. Esau was Jacob’s twin brother. Esau’s parents were Isaac and Rebekah.
Esau ended up being deceived by his brother Jacob and trading his inheritance blessing for a plate of food.
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Hebrew meaning of the name micah – is micah a good name?

Micah is one of the books of the Bible named after the prophet who wrote it. It is originally a boy’s name however some people have used it as a girl’s name.
It’s of Hebrew origin and means one who resembles God.
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Origin and Meaning of the Name Delilah

Delilah is a girl`s name which means seductive, lovelorn, languishing. The origin of this name is Hebrew. In the Bible, Delilah was the woman who seduced Samson into revealing the secret of his phenomenal strength.
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Facts and Origin of the Name Donna

Donna is a girl’s name and its roots are Spanish and Italian. The meaning of the name is lady. You can also spell the name with one n = Dona. A derivative of this name is Madonna…
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