How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

So, one of your friends is expecting?  Baby Shower Stork

Then she certainly deserves a celebration!  But like all parties, baby showers have the innate ability to go from being a fun get together to becoming an afternoon filled with too much estrogen. 

So, before you go spending a fortune at the party store, be sure to look through these steps to help you plan the perfect shower:

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Free Printable Valentine Stationary

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Top 14 Free Fourth of July Printable Resources →

Fourth of July Printables

Fourth of July is right around the corner and I thought it would be a great idea to put together all of the free printables that awesome artists and designers give away. I’m only linking to really cute stuff because quite frankly there are many ugly printables out there, but who wants those? 🙂
Anyhoos, I’ve categorized the printables into: party printables, posters, fun and games and party details.
You’ll find all of your 4th of July printing needs here! Have fun!
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Fourth of July Games for Kids and Adults too!

Fourth of July Games When planning a Fourth of July party, you definitely want to have some games for guests to play while waiting for the highlight of the night (the fireworks). Of course you’ll need to have lots of yummy foods and desserts planned too, but that’s another article 😉
Read on for some cool entertainment ideas for your 4th of July event:
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Mother’s Day Printables : Free Bookmarks, Gift Tags and Other Goodies

Mother's Day Printables Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you want to be prepared beforehand. I’ve already bought my wonderful mom her gifts, but along with them, I’m also going to print out some of the adorable goodies in this post to give to her. On this page you’ll find printable bookmarks, note paper, games, posters, and even printable party decoratives if you’re planning a celebration. If you’re a teacher, these printables will also be useful for Mother’s Day school and church events.
I really admire all of the work that designers have gone through to provide these resources at no cost, so I thought that they deserve some link love along with the fact that my readers would enjoy having them all organized in one place. By the way, don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter so you can always be in the loop of new printables 😀 .
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Free Printable Mothers Day Cards

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards If you’ve been looking for some beautifully designed Mother’s Day cards that you can print out for free then you’ve come to the right place.
Awesome designers have created some unique printable cards. I’ve collected the prettiest designs in a list on this post. So you can just scroll down, click on the links and choose which design you feel matches the mother you will be gifting. Of course you will want to write a heart felt message of your own too.
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Cool Christmas Gifts for Kids

cool christmas gifts for kids Don’t you just love the thought of opening gifts Christmas morning? There’s something so whimsical about Christmas. My best childhood memories happened during this time of year. Even as an adult, any time I’m feeling blue, I just reminisce and think of Christmas and I’m happy again. Not only because my childhood was great, but because I can create that same exact feeling for my kids now that I’m a mom. If you want to see a huge smile on your kids’ faces, then start thinking of some cool christmas gifts for kids so that you can surprise them. In our home, we have our boys pick out what they want every year giving them that ‘freedom’. However I’ve found that this also takes away the joy of the ‘surprise factor’.

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Family Game Night Ideas

When it’s time for the family to get together you want to make sure to have games planned ahead of time that will be fun for everyone involved. If you’ve ever had boring or stressful ‘family time’ then you know that it’s best to plan ahead of time to make sure that it turns out to be a success. Here in this article I’ll give you a few family game night ideas that I’m certain your whole family will love.

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Noah’s Ark Games for Kids

noah block If you’re looking for some really fun Noah’s ark games for kids and even adults to play, you’ll love the 3 games ideas in this article. You can play these games in preschool classrooms, during sunday school lessons, family time, a kid’s birthday party or even if you’re throwing a noah’s ark baby shower. In any case, the instructions in this article will help you get started.

noahs ark anchor line

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