Biblical Christian baby name meaning – choosing Bible names that will be a blessing for your baby

By Eren Mckay  
Filed under Good Parenting Skills

stork What is the best way for a Christian to choose a baby’s name?
Your baby’s name will be a huge part of their lives. It will help shape how they see themselves and also how others perceive them.

We find in God’s Word that names do have meaning. While reading biblical stories you’ll discover that some of the characters in the stories have certain personalities and actions that are closely related to their names. This is not a coincidence. In many cases their names were prophetic. In God’s sovereignty their names matched who they were or who they would become.

Research before deciding.
As parents we want to always do the best for our children so it is really important to find out what the name means. Unfortunately some parents don’t research before picking a name and end up choosing one with an awful meaning to it. Can you imagine picking a name because it sounded “unique” and later you find out it means Death or Devil?

baby calendar You don’t need to rush the process but it is a good thing to figure this out before you have the baby. That way you don’t have to be dealing with this decision after your baby is born. You can just focus on caring for your little angel because you’ve already decided beforehand.

couple expecting a baby Where do you find ideas for names? You can brainstorm with your spouse and listen to suggestions from friends and family. When I was pregnant with my first child, my mother was brainstorming names with me. After we thought of many names together, she suggested the name Jordan to me. I felt totally at peace the moment she mentioned it. Jordan is the name of the river where Jesus was baptized. It was where our Lord began His ministry. The Jordan River passes through the lowest point on planet Earth. The menaing to the name is low place and symbolizes Christ’s humility. When I talked to my husband, he also felt at peace. So we decided upon this name- and it really is the perfect name for him.

baby bassinet On the other hand, sometimes other family members can get overbearing trying to get you to put a “family tradition” name on the child. When this happens just politely tell them that you are still deciding. You shouldn’t determine a name because someone else is pushing their ideas on you.

Be careful not to pick a name that can become a reason for mockery from others. You want your child to have good self esteem and names like Judas or Jezebel will not contribute to this. Does the name that you are considering rhyme with an ugly word?

baby bunny Think about how their full name will look. Do the initials of each name spell something funny or just bad? There have been cases of initials spelling an obscene word. Some parents only notice these problems after it’s too late. Spellings that are too unique will make your kids’ daily lives difficult. They will always have to spell out their names to since it’s too different. We really have to think of the situations that our kids will encounter with the name that we choose.

baby bear If you really want to honor someone in your family by putting their name on your child, make sure that as a couple you are in agreement. You can also honor your family member by having it be your child’s middle name.

Be sensitive to hear God’s voice in order to pick the perfect name for your baby. Be open to options but really pray about it and wait for God’s confirmation. In the end you should pick a name that both you and your spouse feel God’s peace with.

Eren Mckay It’s all about finding out what works in each specific family situation. I’ll be writing about this soon.

Blessings always,

Eren Mckay

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168 Comments on "Biblical Christian baby name meaning – choosing Bible names that will be a blessing for your baby"

  1. i love you  


  2. GEMA  


  3. gema plz send me names for boy,girl  

    i am waiting for ur response

  4. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Gema 😀
    There are many biblical names that have deep meanings.
    Here are a few of the ones that I really like.

    For Girls:

    Abigail means source of joy.
    Rebecca means captivating, beautiful.
    Rachel means little lamb, daughter.
    Faith means belief in God and acceptance of God’s will.

    For Boys:

    Immanuel means God with us.
    Gabriel means champion of God.
    Daniel means God is my judge.
    David means beloved.

    Hope that helps,
    Eren Mckay

  5. Athalia and Ahuvia  

    it so good

  6. jerald  

    kindly give me the meaning of the name keziah other than being one of the daughters of Job. Thanks!

  7. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Jerald,
    Keziah is originally a Hebrew name and it means Cinnamon Spice – and in some cases Cinnamon bark originated from the Cassia tree.
    Hope that helps 😉
    Eren Mckay

  8. John  

    I always enjoy hearing about people who picked names for the children based on biblical references.

  9. Courtney  

    What does the name Isaac mean? Lots of my male family members were named Isaac. I also love the name Eve but I love the name Adam too. Would it be tacky to name two of my children by these names?

  10. Eren Mckay  

    Isaac is of Hebrew origin, and it means “laughter”. Abraham and Sarah’s only son together was named Isaac. Eve means life or mother of all life.
    Adam means “earth” and also in Hebrew it means “man”.
    God created the first man from the earth as we see in Genesis.
    I believe if the Lord leads you to name your children Adam and Eve there is nothing tacky about that.
    Adam is a symbol of Christ and Eve is a symbol of the church so there are deep spiritual meaning to these names.
    In Christ,
    Eren Mckay

  11. Jacqueline Bertinus  

    Dear All,

    I am trying to find the biblical meaning to a girls name (Morena). Can anyone help me?

    God bless,

  12. Eren Mckay  

    I actually have an aunt with that baby name. It means dark skinned or tanned, dark hair-brunette, dark eyes.
    Hope that helps,
    Eren Mckay

  13. Heather  


    My husband & I had some trouble picking a girl’s name for our baby-to-be. We finally settled on one that we both liked, but I kept feeling that God was putting on my heart that we should name the baby Azaria. Since we had trouble agreeing (and my husband never liked my suggestions) I was afraid to bring it up. Finally, he mentioned that he was having doubts about the name we had chosen. It turned out that the Bible study I attend was studying the book of Daniel that week and the story of Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. I took it as confirmation and e-mailed my husband the name. He said “I really like it. Let’s use it!” I felt that peace that you mentioned – that this was the name God had chosen.

    However, now I’m getting comments from people that I shouldn’t use the name because of the baby in Australia that was eaten by a dingo was named Azaria. What are your thoughts on this?

  14. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Heather,
    It’s so wonderful when the Lord confirms something to us through circumstances, Scriptures and more importantly God’s peace in your hearts. Now that your husband is on board with the name I wouldn’t even flinch because of people’s opinions.
    The one thing I’ve learned is that the enemy will use people – even our friends and family to try to get us off track and away from God’s will.
    We just have to shut our ears and put God first and foremost. He is and always will be number one in our lives.
    If anyone says anything to you – explain that you understand their good intentions but that the name has a deep meaning and that you feel led by the Lord to this name. How can they argue with that?
    The Lord has led me many times to do things and to be things that I’ve been criticized for. I know how much criticism hurts. But we are not here to please others but to do the will of the Father- as Christ said:

    John 5:30
    I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

    So I encourage you sister to do the Lord’s will and not to waver.
    Eren Mckay

  15. Heather  

    Thank you for the advice, Eren! You have put in words what I have been feeling about this.

  16. KattyBlackyard  

    Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

  17. Ebenezer Frans Mensah  

    Your site is very lovely, please keep it up. God bless you.

  18. Shin Yie  

    I m wondering about how to get a meaningful girl’s christian name with a wonderful meaning from the bible. Just one to get a nice and meaningful name for myself. May I have comment from you, Eren? Thanks. ^^

  19. Thanusha  

    Hello Eren

    This is a wonderful website.

    My baby boy is due fairly soon and im so stressed about names. i want to give him a powerful biblical name. But we are are indians from South Africa so the name has to go with our surname which is Moodley.

    Do you have any ideas.

    Thanks so much.

  20. Eren Mckay  

    Thank you my friends for all of you kind words 😉

    * Shin Yie- Rebbecca and Faith are great.

    * Thanusha- David is a name that I personally love.
    It means beloved.
    Isaac is a very strong name too which means laughter.


  21. tiffani  

    i really want my babies name to mean “the Lord provides” or “God helps” but all the names, and there have not been many, that i have found, my husband has strongly disliked. can you give me a good sized list of names that mean “the Lord provides” or “God helps” i’d really appreciate the help.

    God bless,

  22. ly  

    Dear Eren,
    I would like to have baby boy and girl names mean “a kid who bring blessing”. Would you please send me some suggestions? Thank you. God Bless you..

  23. Eren Mckay  

    Hi there 😀
    @Tiffany, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately there aren’t many names with that meaning. There are variants on the root name but not a big selection.
    The following names mean God helps and are for boys:
    They all have hebrew origin.
    Here are some other names that you might think about:
    Joshua (Hebrew) means : God is my salvation.
    Hannah (Hebrew) means: gracious.
    Samantha (Hebrew)means: told by God.

    @ly thanks for stopping by. I have only found girl names which mean: one who brings blessings.
    The following names all are derivatives of the Latin form which means one who brings blessings. They are for girls:
    There is also a male version which means one who brings victory and it’s derived from the Scottish Gaelic. The name is Bearnas
    Hope that helps and may God bless your wonderful babies and help you in the marvelous journey of motherhood. If you would like to sign up to the Embracing Home Newsletter for Christian encouragement for your home and family life, you can do so at the top right.
    Eren Mckay

  24. Bilu  

    Can u plz tel me a name which means- child who overcame death

  25. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Bilu,
    I have searched and not found a name with that meaning. Although Jesus was one who overcame death. I hope you find out this name.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay

  26. Sharon Bosch  

    My husband and I are believing in God for the opportunity to have our own children. We already have boys names. Micah and Elisha both have good christian meaning. We are still looking for good girl names. I like the names Amicah and Amelia, they have good meaning, but not christian meanings. Please help.

  27. Sharon Bosch  

    Bilu-child who overcame death.
    I had a book that gave me the meaning of certain names. Staci/Stacey means the resurection from death. I have a poodle and I gave her that name. She’s my baby at this moment. She almost died once, but my husband and I prayed and cried for her. She actually came back to life after that prayer. Hence giving your child a name that suites them.

  28. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for sharing the testimony on how God brought back your poodle. That is so awesome. We have a wonderful God, don’t we?
    Now in relation to the name that you are thinking of – do you want it to start with the letter A?
    I really like the name Faith as it means believing and trusting God.
    Is there a specific meaning that you would like to have for her?

    Blessings to you,

  29. Sharon Bosch  

    Hello Eren. Thanx for the name. I’m actually looking for something a bit different and with good Godly meanings. Names that other people don’t think of. Amicah – means Beloved friend of God. I think I should keep it ’cause this is how I experienced Jesus’ presence in my life for the first time, when I went through a difficult time in my life. Amelia – means To strive/ excel, Work of the Lord/Hard working.
    This is way these names are so precious to me.
    Sharon B

  30. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Sharon- I love the name Amicah. Very unique and the meaning is just beautiful. The fact that it’s also related to how you came to be close to Jesus makes it even more meaningful for your daughter’s name. Love it!
    Blessings to you,

  31. Philip  

    Can someone please help me with a female name for a baby that means or implies “God’s faithfulness or the faithfulness of God”

  32. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Phillip,
    I really searched for names. You can always use Faith which is a female name.
    Tyshicus is also a biblical name that means faithful servant of the Lord.
    Hope that helps,
    Eren Mckay

  33. Rebecca  

    My husband and I are having our first little girl. We have been searching for a name. We would like it to be biblical, but are okay with a non-biblical name. I also work at a christian school and have too many Rachel’s, Hannah’s, etc. in my classes. The meaning of the name I feel should be encourager, supporter, or something like that. Nothing I have found seems to be right yet.

  34. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Rebecca,
    Babies are such blessing aren’t they 🙂 ?
    I really searched for a name that means encourager and found two names. But only one of them is female.
    Barnabus is a male biblical name and it means Son of Encouragement.
    ZAHIR on the other hand is not a Biblical name. It is female though and Arabic Derived زهير it means “helper, supporter”.
    Hope these help in some way my friend,
    I have researched and haven’t found any other names that mean encourager.
    By the way , don’t forget to sign up to the Embracing Home newsletter for Christian inspiration for your home and family life. You can do this at the top right hand side of this page.
    Blessings to you ♥,
    Eren Mckay

  35. Elfriede Franziska Baker  

    Dear Erin Mckay
    My first name Elfriede means ” God’s peace OR Peace of God “. EL refering to God. I am ready to adopt a beautiful 1 year old cat and I want to give her a very beautiful name. I am torn between 2 names: Rebecca or Faith. I like both. I will be 62 soon and want my little 4 legged baby to have a good Christian name. After all, God created the animals too. Rachel means little lamb, daugher. Faith means believe in God and acceptance of God’s will. Can I name her RachelFaith? I know this is an unusual request. Please advise. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  36. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Elfriede,
    I totally agree with you that you should give your cat a Christian name if you feel led to do so. My cat was named by the people that I got him from. His name is Michael. I love him very much and has been a gift from God these last two years of my life. It’s been a real comfort to have him around when I lost various family members.
    I love the name Rachel Faith – very pretty! I would definitely name her that. If you haven’t signed up for the Embracing Home newsletter you can do so at the top right hand corner.
    Blessings always,
    Eren Mckay

  37. jaci naci  

    Dear erin Mckay,
    A blessed daY!i just want to ask for a christian name for our coming husband and i wanted to have that the initials will be B and E for the first for a boy,Beau Elijah and for a girl Beatriz Elisha..are they christian names?i dont know their biblical meanings..please suggest me some..thank a lot and Godbless u always!

  38. Laurel Bardwell  

    I am looking for a Biblical name to go with Sadie. I would like it to mean God provides, God’s answer, God has heard.

  39. Susan  

    I am expecting my 1st born in July, would like to have biblical babygirl names what means either of the following, favour, blessing, joy, God be with you,

    Regards and God bless you.


  40. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Jaci,
    Beatrice is derivative of the Latin form and means one who brings blessings.
    Elijah (of Hebrew origin)means “the Lord is my God”.
    Elisha (of Hebrew origin) means “God is my salvation”.
    Some other names you might think of are:

    For girls: Rebecca which means captivating, beautiful.
    And also there is Rachel which means little lamb, daughter.

    For boys: Immanuel which means God with us.
    Gabriel which means champion of God.

    Hi Laurel.
    I found these tow names for you that might help:
    Josiah (of Hebrew origin) means “Jehovah helps”.
    Jayden (of Hebrew origin) means “Jehovah has heard”.

    Hi Susan,
    Here are two suggestions for ya:
    Beatrice means one who brings blessings.
    Abigail means source of joy.
    Hope those help you out 😀

    Thanks for commenting and if you haven’t signed up for the free Embracing Home newsletter you can do so here:
    Blessings always ♥,

  41. sindu  

    Im a hindu girl..but i believe in christianity too…i really want to have a christian how do i get my name…?i want my name to have the meaning of purity and love…my hindu name starts with ‘HA’ bcuz of my horoscope and stuff..what about christian name?

  42. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Sindu,
    Rachel is a Biblical name that means little lamb, one with purity and it’s originally in Hebrew.

    Chastity and Lavinia are also names that mean purity but they are latin names not necessarily christian names.
    Hope this helps,

    Blessings ♥,

  43. Julie  

    We are adopting a baby boy in about a month. We have waited 3 years for a second child, so we would love to name him a name that means something special (like “God provides” or “in His time” or “gift from God” or something similar)….any suggestions?

  44. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Julie,
    The following names mean “God helps” and are for boys:
    They all have hebrew origin.
    Here are some other names that you might think about:
    Joshua (Hebrew) means : God is my salvation.
    Hannah (Hebrew) means: gracious.
    Samantha (Hebrew)means: told by God.
    Hope this helps 😉
    Blessings ♥ ,

  45. Mommy5  

    For all of the people who are asking for names that mean gift from God, here is one that I never saw on the list:

    Jonathan – means “God’s precious gift”

  46. Mommy5  

    Where do you look for resources to find alternative meanings of baby names? I recently witnessed a baby dedication service at church where the parents gave the meanings of their children’s names, and they all had really strong, good meanings. However, when I looked up some of those names at home, I got different answers. For example, all but one baby name book or website lists the girl’s name “Ashley” to have the meaning “From the ash meadow” because of its derivatives. I am desperately searching for ways to find the inherent meaning of names rather than just the literal translation. One book I got from the Christian bookstore says that the inherent meaning of Ashely is “peaceful”. I love that this book gives inherent meanings and Spiritual connotations of names. The only problem is that the book is older than I am, so many of the current popular names are not included. Any suggestions for reference?

  47. Mary  

    looking for a christian name with meaning God is good he is holly. Or one that means living for god praise him

  48. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Mommy5 – I’m going to be looking into which baby name book I like the best and then I will post it here for other people to know which one I recommend. Right now I haven’t done enough research to actually recommend which one I think is best. I understand how frustrating it can be when we want to know a name meaning and don’t find it easily. Thanks for commenting 😉

    Hi Mary – I searched for the name meaning that you mentioned and only found one: Jedaiah means praise God. Hope that helps.

    ღ Blessings ღ,

  49. issac murzello  

    i am looking out for a christian girl name for my baby. can you please help me with some names. i have a few names in mind and they are susanna and sarah. could you also help me with their meanings

  50. Rachael  

    My husband and I had our firstborn daughter, Nov 15, 2009. She was born at 23 weeks and only lived for 1.5 hrs. We named her Shirley Grace (after his mom) and Ps 23:6 (surely grace and mercy will follow me all the days of my life).
    We are trying again and I am having a very difficult time because I want a name that signifies the triumph and joy and hope of this pregnancy. I am so scared this time and want a boy’s name that expresses that God is faithful and good, I trust in Him, He has heard my prayers, He has healed my heart, He is my strength and hope, but not the typical “gift of God” names.
    Please let me know if you have any that would work. Thanks!

  51. John  

    Hi, We are looking for a Christian Biblical second name for our new born girl. Thanks Always.

  52. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Isaac,
    The girl’s name Sarah is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “princess”.
    Susanna comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Shoshanah, traditionally translated as “lily” or occasionally as “rose”. hope this helps you out 😉

    Hi Rachael,
    I understand your desire for a good name for your baby.
    Proverbs 22:1 says:
    “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold”
    I found 2 names that might interest you:

    Elijah means “God the Lord, the strong Lord”
    You can find more about Elijah’s life in the following Scripture verses: 1Kings 18:17-21,23-24,26-39.
    Elisha means God is salvation. He was a faithful biblical attendant and successor to prophet Elijah. I pray the Lord help you in finding the right name. Blessings sister♥

    Hi John,
    Here are a few baby girl names that are biblical:

    Abigail (Hebrew) – the father’s joy.

    Anna (Greek, from Hebrew) – gracious;

    Charity (Latin) – dear.

    Diana (Latin) – luminous, perfect.

    Eden (Hebrew) – pleasure; delight.

    Elizabeth (Hebrew) – the oath, or fullness, of God.

    Faith (Latin) – loyalty; belief.
    May God bless you and guide you in choosing your baby’s name.

    Blessings always ♥,

  53. Annette Jacott  

    My niece is lookin for a powerful bibicle name and I’m tring to help her. Somthing strong, meaningful, fruitful and yet gracious.

  54. yuli  

    hey eren,

    can u help me find baby girl names meaning god’s gift or God’s blessing. my first daughter’s name chelsea elleanore(elleanore means wealthy, light) coz she brought lights and joy to our family since she is the first one. and the second one is really GOD’s gift since i was exercising so hard and didnt notice that i was pregnant. one doctor tell me to do abortion coz its too risky because i did the c-section for the 1st daughter and 2 months later i got pregnant..please help me

    God bless

  55. Adrew  

    We are expecting a daughter and would want help with the female version of the name Manasseh.

  56. mycel magat  

    im having a baby boy this august and i want to give him a name starting in letter c and x with a biblical meaning… thanks.. i wish you can help me.. God bless!!!

  57. Derekia D. Williams  

    Hi again,
    I had a high risk pregnancy in 2006. My son and I were both experiencing difficulties. He ended up in the NICU for 10 days. I just wanted to share how amazing a name from God can change any situation. Throughout my entire pregnancy I wanted to name him Nehemiah which means comforted by GOD or William after his father. After Labor and Delivery, Nehemiah was the perfect name because we both were comforted by God’s grace and mercy the entire time. He is four now and he has a prayer life with God, he loves to sing in church and he blesses other with his smile.

    Nonetheless, everyone told me not to name him Nehemiah because it sounded like a girl name and so on and so forth. I am proud that my son has such a strong name and that he is comforted by Our FATHER GOD daily!!!

  58. mycel magat  

    baby boy name beginning in letter c and x… and a baby girl name starting in letter i and a…

  59. Nanou  

    I need to know If someone know some girl baby name mean {{ god judges}}.
    I find one name is Danita but I don’t think that it’s a christian name. Can you help me please, Tkx you

  60. Eren Mckay  

    @Annette Karmel is a beautiful name that means “Fruitful orchard.” Also the hebrew name Sharon means “A fertile plain.”

    @Yuli – Dorothy is originally Greek and means Gift of God. Giovanna means gracious gift from God. Other names that mean gift from God are: Hansel, Janet, and Ivanna.

    @Andrew- I may be wrong but I don’t think there’s a female version for the name Manasseh.

    @Mycel – For a boy’s name with C that is biblical there is :Christian which means follower of the Christ.There’s also Cyrus which means the sun. With X you have Xerxes which means king. For a girl’s name that start with I there is Ishi which means: He saves me.

    @Derekia – That’s a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Nehemiah is such a beautiful strong name. God bless you and your son ♥

    @Nanou – All of the following names are Biblical and originally in Hebrew.
    Abidan means “my father is judge”.
    Dan means “he judged”.
    Daniel means “God is my judge”.
    Dinah means “judged”

    Hope that helps.
    Blessings ♥,

  61. Renae  

    Hi Eren,

    We are adopting a baby girl and would like a Biblical name that means one of the following –
    -long awaited one
    -God delivers/God answers

    Thank you!

  62. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Renae,
    There are two girl names that match the meaning you are searching for:

    Jaanai means: Whom God answers.
    Anaiah means: God has answered.

    Hope this helps.

  63. greeshmaashly  

    i want to know what is the meaning for the name ananiah. tell me the exact meaning in bible. i want to keep this name for my daughter . pls help me.

  64. greeshmaashly  

    pls tell me the meaning . my husband and his family members are telling this is not a good name so pls give me its meaning and where does it originate from . then in bible what is the meaning of it plssss….

  65. Eren Mckay  

    Hi there,
    Ananiah is a male biblical name that is of Hebrew origin. It means protected by God. There was a priest in the book of Nehemiah who helped rebuild the city wall. Here’s a Bible verse referencing him:

    Nehemiah 3:23
    Beyond them, Benjamin and Hasshub made repairs in front of their house; and next to them, Azariah son of Maaseiah, the son of Ananiah, made repairs beside his house.

    All the best,

  66. greeshmaashly  

    hi … this is greeshma pls tell me the meaning for the name aniyah. what does it mean. is it a boy name or girl name. in bible where does it belong to ..pls tell me …

  67. Meg  

    Hi Erin,

    I am so thankful for stumbling upon your site. My husband and I are expecting our first (a little boy) on November 10th. We had originally planned on naming our baby Daniel, after my husband (who is already a junior to his father). I wasn’t quite fond of the idea because there had been many incidents where his father’s name and his had gotten mixed up with various things. Well I took my concerns to God and the Bible and just began looking at various biblical names.I came across Nehemiah. After reading the book of Nehemiah and researching the name–I felt confident in my pick. After talking to my husband, he wasn’t sure of the name, but through this pregnancy–we both feel Nehemiah is very appropriate. My husband is a youth pastor and he even took the youth group through the study of Nehemiah. Lately, he started to question whether or not his name would be accepted by other children and people. Derekia D. Williams’ comment encouraged me. I will continue to pray for our son and his name and ask for your prayers as well. We are simultaneously excited and nervous to be parents. Thank you for your time–I apologize for my wordiness.
    God bless you and your ministry,
    Meg 🙂

  68. Meg  

    Oh, *Eren,
    sorry I mispelled your named.

  69. Pam  

    Dear Eren

    I am expecting a baby boy in December and looking for a name that is strong.
    My preganancy has been very stressful where people have taken lot of my joy.
    Through it all my boy has pulled through it all.
    I’m looking for a biblical name and meaning.
    My favourite so far is Jordan but i don’t have the true biblical meaning.

  70. Jessica  

    Hi! I am trying to find a female name for “God provides” or “God will provide”…something along those lines. This pregnancy has come a little sooner than planned and we would like a name that reflects our faith in God’s provision for all we need. Thanks!

  71. jacott  

    what is the meaning of jacott

  72. veronica  

    me gustaria ponerle melquisedec a mi hijo.

  73. baby girl  

    Hi Eren,
    we have been blessed with baby angel girl after a lot of complication. God has answered our prayer. please help with unique biblical name meaning gift from God or God has answered.

    Anne & Joseph

  74. Susan and Bran  

    Hi Eren, We are in love with the name Elias, and would love to name our daughter that one day. We’re only interested in Elias…Are there different types of spellings for Elias?

  75. Alysha  

    My husband and I are expecting. It is our fourth pregnancy but will be our third living child. We lost our last one through a miscarriage. We are so thankful to God that He has seen fit to give us another baby.

    Can you suggest any names that mean thankful, grateful or give thanks to God? Any other ideas for good names given our situation would be great too!



  76. Linus  

    hi, i had got through this page and am more grateful to discover this site. you are truely a God sent to His people. please i had been finding things difficult in my life. am 31years old but i cannot boast anything. please. is my name Linus affecting me? and tell me the meaning of Linus. or suggest a name that will cause a breakthrough in my life. thanks and may God keep you long.

  77. Emmanuella  

    hello, i like the name Kayla and Jade. Are these names bibilical? And what do they mean?

  78. Solomon  

    We are expecting a boy and we want to name him with meaning – Whose heart is loyal or faithful to the Lord. I am open to names from Hebrew or any origin. Our prayer is as David prays in 1 Chronicle 29:18- keep their hearts loyal to you.

    thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    Solomon & Angela

  79. Linus  

    hi, am LINUS please i am still waiting for the reply. thanks.

  80. Jenise  

    Hi Eren,
    I love this site, it just feels so peaceful and relaxing. I was having trouble coming up with names for my twins. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time. But I did a search and came across your website. After reading some of the comments I said I might as well ask you for suggestions. I was blessed with twins and I felt that God smiled on me and gave me a double blessing. I wanted to find names that were close to what I felt, but I cant seem to find anything. Ultimately I just want the Lords will for my babies names, I am having a boy and girl. The Lord told me in a dream that I would have twins, and He used rocks as a symbol in my dream, I know that Peter means rock and rock is strong for foundation.
    One other thing, a nurse suggested the names Malik and Mya and I liked it at first and my husband liked the name Malik. But after looking up the meaning of Malik, I don’t feel so good about it or Mya. Malik means sovereign in Arabic and is apart of the 99 names of Allah which would be al-malik. So this is what I dont like, because I am a Christian and only God is sovereign. I found that Mya has something to do with rebellion and some other things I didn’t like.
    Well I hope you can help in some way, even if its just a prayer. Sorry for the long comment, but I just had to get this off my chest.
    God Bless and Merry Christmas

  81. Solomon  

    @ Linus: Linus your name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Linus is “flax”. From Linos. Biblical: a Christian companion to Paul in Rome.

    A name will not affect your life… your attitude will. So depend on God and try to work on a personal relationship with God. You will find direction in your life and every sphere of life. Hang in there Linus, God has a plan and if u let Him He will do great things for you including making your life special.

  82. Beaulah  

    We have a girl baby and looking for a biblical name with meaning |god’surprise or |god’s plan can you help it can be in english or any other language

  83. Beaulah  

    Forgot to mention that my son’s Name is Jonathan who is elder by 2yrs so we need to match

  84. Linus  

    thanks solomon, for giving me a deeper understanding and hope. i appreciate it.

  85. Linus  

    thanks solomon, for giving me a deeper understanding and hope. i appreciate it.

  86. Eren Mckay  

    @Meg – Nehemiah is a beautiful name and has great meaning to it. I wouldn’t worry about what others think. I personally only ask the Lord if what I’m doing is wrong. If He says it’s ok then I’m cool with it then I simply live my life. Jesus was perfect and he didn’t please everyone. In fact we all know what people did to him even though all He did while being here is heal the sick and help others and of course save us all. Anyways if Nehemiah were a name that had a bad meaning then I would think about changing it. That’s not the case. I really hope you go with Nehemiah because that’s how I felt about all of my childrens’ names- I felt like that was the name for that child. Anyways – so glad to have you here and sorry about taking so long to respond.. this end of the year was just crazy busy. I hope you sign up for the newsletter so we can keep in touch. Here’s the link for that :

    @Pam – Jordan is a beautiful name which means low place. It is my oldest son’s name by the way. the meaning is very strong because it was where the people of Israel passed through to get to the promised land. It is also in the Jordan that Jesus was baptized. It’s a figure for us that we need to be humble in order to reach the Presence of God. Now in relation to your pregnancy sorry to hear that it has been so stressful When we are pregnant there are so many hormones that influence our emotions and that’s very hard. You said that people have taken your joy and I truly believe that they have… but only because you have allowed them to take it. Don’t give others the permission to take your joy. If they try to say things that might get you down fight each and every thought they throw your way so that absolutely none of them come into your mind. I see myself as stubbornly positive and having a hard head in this case is a great thing because it protects your emotional life. If you don’t stand up for your emotional and spiritual life .. no one else will. God has given you the weapons to spiritually fight so do so.
    My latest post has been about finding inner peace and I think it will help you :
    I believe you will also enjoy this post about how to stay happy:
    Hope this helps,

  87. Eren Mckay  

    @Jessica – I don’t really know a name that is female and means God provides however Adalia is a female name that means “God is my refuge; noble one.

    @Jacott – Jacott is a male Biblical name that means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew .
    Hope that helps,

    @Veronica – És un bueno nombre. Parabéns!

    @Anne & Joseph – As for girls with the meaning gift of God we have Dorothy that means “Gift of God.”
    Charisma is a name that referred to the spiritual gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit on the disciples
    As for a boy’s name with that meaning we have Jonathan.

    @Susan and Bran – Elias is typically a boy’s name so it would be better to use the female version of this word which is Elise. Both names mean the Lord is my God.
    Hope this helps,

    @Alysha – Congrats on your new baby! Shakir is a boy name of Arabic origin, and it means “grateful”. The girl variant for this name would be Shakira. Jadon is another boys name and it means “Thankful; God will judge.”
    Hope that helps,

    Hi Linus – Sorry I took so long to respond to you. This end of the year has been filled with responsibilities for me as a mom to 3 boys so you can imagine. Your name means flax as Solomon said.. but I believe your issue really has nothing to do with the meaning of your name. Name meanings are a way to show God’s sign on our lives either what has happened or what will happen. My name comes from the original Irene which means peace. For a long time I didn’t have peace but I knew in my heart that God would give me the peace that I so yearned for. And He already has given me that peace.
    But we are not stuck to the name meaning because we have free will – the gift that God gave each and every one of us.
    The first issue I want to address is that you said:
    “am 31years old but i cannot boast anything”
    This shows that you believe that you need to prove your worth through your accomplishments. You don’t need to prove that you are worthy. You don’t need to do anything at all to prove this. God already proved that you are worthy by creating you and then coming to die for your sins. Your worth comes from being His child and that was given to your by grace not by works.
    Pay attention to this verse in Scripture:

    “For by such grace you have been saved through faith. This does not come from you; it is the gift of God
    Not of works, so that no man should boast.”
    Ephesians 2:8-9

    Paul the apostle showed us that all of what the world says is what makes us great is not the right thinking.

    “If I must boast, I will boast about the things that show how weak I am.”
    2 Corinthians 11:30

    We have value because of who we are in Him (God) not of what we do.
    Here’s another one of his verses:

    “That is why I take such pleasure in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and difficulties for the Messiah’s sake, for when I am weak, then I am strong.”
    2 Corinthians 12:10

    When you have faith- when you truly believe that you are God’s child you will also believe that He has a purpose for your life. He has a plan for you. Now stop a minute and ask yourself…. Do you truly believe that God has a purpose and a plan for your life?
    If you don’t believe that then Satan has stuck a lie in you mind and it will steal your joy.
    You have to believe that God has a plan for you and also that every single thing you have gone through is preparing you for what He has planned. He wants to use you to bless other people. But before He can do that- you need to believe. Build up your faith by listening to the Word of God. Develops a relationship with Him. And once you have those truths in your mind don’t ever let anyone take them from you.
    Here are 3 posts that I believe will help you:

    1- The difference between religion and relationship to God

    2- top 35 reasons to love God become closer to Him ( there’s also a printable of that post)

    3- Encouraging Bible Verses

    Blessings brother,

    Hope that helped you all. If you haven’t signed up for the free newsletter, you can do that over at this link:

  88. Eren Mckay  

    @Emmanuella – Jayde means “precious stone”. Kayla is the diminutive of the original Hebrew word Michaela which means “who is like God?”

    @Solomon – Thanks for answering Linus’s comment. This end of the year has been so crazy for me that it’s taken me a while to respond to the comments. So I appreciate the feedback. As for baby boy names with the meaning faithful here’s a small list:

    Elisha is Biblical and was the name of the faithful attendant and successor to the prophet Elijah.

    Fidel means faithful

    Amin means “Honest, faithful, trustworthy.”

    Sadiki means “Faithful, loyal.”

    and as for loyal we have:

    Truman which means “Loyal one.”

    or the name Loyal itself.

    Hope that helps,

    @Jenise – Congratulations on the twins! Double blessing! Awesome – I just love babies. You said that you felt that God smiled on you and that reminded me of the blessing that God gave Abraham and Sarah – Isaac was their promised child. Isaac is a biblical name that means “laughter”. Also for your girl, have you thought of the name Joy? It’s such a meaningful and positive name. By the way if you’re having a baby shower you might want to take a look at the creative baby shower posts I created over here:

    @Beaulah – Bader come from the original “badara” which means “to take by surprise” I haven’t found many other names with the meaning surprise. Although Nissan means miracle.

    Hope that helped you all. If you haven’t signed up for the free newsletter, you can do that over at this link:
    Blessings ♥,

  89. Sharon Bosch  

    I’m back from maternity leave. I have triplet girls, Amicah Joan, Amelia Liane and Alin Hannah.They all have good christian meaning and I have scripture verses from the Bible as well. They’re 6 months old. They most beautiful girls I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Thanx God for your blessings.

  90. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Sharon,
    Oh that’s wonderful news! What a wonderful blessing to have triplets! Awesome! I’m so glad you decided on such beautiful names for them.

  91. Linus  

    Yes, i must say am the most grateful person for my writeup to be attended to. may God continue to empower you for making me having hope that all is well with me. thanks. i love you.

  92. RaeRae  

    @Gemma – Name Idea
    We named our little one Adelle Fiona Joan

    Adelle – Noble, Kind
    Fiona (My BF) – White, Fair
    Joan (my Grandmother) – God Is Gracious

  93. Eren Mckay  

    Yes Linus.
    Don’t forget to spend time with God every day because all it takes is a few lies for the devil to get us off track. Read bible studies, pray to God and keep your heart striving for the right things. Being aligned to God is the absolute most important thing. If you ever feel anxious simply go to this page and listen to the sermon at the bottom. It is a wonderful sermon:
    In Christ always,

    Rae Rae,
    That is an absolutely beautiful name! Thanks for sharing.

  94. Linus  

    thanks. may you live long to keep on encouraging us. please right i am in a bad condition and i need help.

  95. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Linus,
    I’m so sorry you’re going through this difficult moment. I’m sure that if you pray and ask God for a solution He will answer your prayers. This post as all posts on any blog is public. That means that anyone in the entire world can see what is written. So for safety reasons I had to take off half of your comment as the information was confidential and should not be shared publicly.
    I will be praying for a solution for you. Continue to seek the Lord for a solution for this. He is the Creator of the Universe so no problem can be too big for Him to solve.
    Blessings in Christ,

  96. Linus  

    thanks for your wisdom. i appreciate it. yes i really need your prayers. i remain loyal. thanks.

  97. Michelle  

    Hi! I am looking for a name for boy/girl that means “God is generous”. I would love any suggestions at this point. =)

  98. Tahra  

    Hi Erin

    What a great website, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. Please could you help us find some Christian names that have the meaning “God’s Gift” or “God’s will”. Our pregnancy was a very big surprise and we believe it was only because God decided this for us.
    Thank you!

  99. renae  

    We are expecting our 5th baby …in 7 yrs!! Looking for a name that means “faith/loyalty/belief in God ” for a boy…any suggestions?

  100. Ben Sandford  

    im looking for names that mean “God is faifull” or “Gift from God”

  101. Danny  

    My son was born was on Valentines Day, can you please sugguest some name with love and has biblical meaning?

  102. sarah  

    Hi Eren,
    i am from India. thru my pregnancy i suffered from DVT and was at risk of losing my life and of miscarriage. but god protected me throughout and gave me a beautiful son. i am confused as to keep his name. i have chosen Gabriel or Ryan. what do you think will be a blessing for him . reply soon as i will dedicate him in the church in 10 days.

  103. Eren Mckay  

    Hello my friends,
    I will be answering each of these comments one at a time. My father has Parkinsons and just fainted this morning so I am taking care of him. Please be pateient while I go through each one. The first answer is to Michelle:

    @Michelle – Here are 3 baby boy names that are of Hebrew origin and mean God is generous:
    • Isaiah is a boy name that means: the Lord is Generous. Salvation of the Lord. God’s Helper.

    • Jonathan means: Jehovah Has Given.

    • Joshua means: Jehovah is Generous. Jehovah Saves.

    Also for a girl’s name that means generous there is Karimah that is of african and arabic origin and Yetta that is of English origin. The whole thing is though is that these girl’s names are not referring to God being generous only generous in general.
    Blessings ♥,

  104. Eren Mckay  

    @Tahra – Hi there – yes children are a gift and blessings from God. I’m so happy for you. As for names that mean gift from God, here are a few:
    Jonathan – means “God’s precious gift”
    Dorothy is originally Greek and means Gift of God. Giovanna means gracious gift from God.
    Other names that mean gift from God are:
    Hansel, Janet, and Ivanna.
    Also,Charisma is a name that referred to the spiritual gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit on the disciples.


  105. Eren Mckay  

    @Renae – 5 babies in 7 years! Wow girl you beat me- I had 3 babies in 3 and a half years.
    Tyshicus is also a biblical name that means faithful servant of the Lord.

    As for names:

    Elisha is Biblical and means God is salvation. He was a faithful attendant and successor to prophet Elijah.

    Name with the direct meaning of faithful:

    Fidel means faithful

    Amin means “Honest, faithful, trustworthy.”

    Sadiki means “Faithful, loyal.”

    And as for loyal we have:

    Truman which means “Loyal one.”

    or the name Loyal itself.

    Hope that helps,

  106. Eren Mckay  

    @Ben – Hi there. I have found names that mean faithful but not directly “God is faithful”. Here are the names that i have found:

    Fidel means faithful

    Amin means “Honest, faithful, trustworthy.”

    Sadiki means “Faithful, loyal.”

    As for names that mean gift from God here are a few:
    Jonathan – means “God’s precious gift”
    Dorothy is originally Greek and means Gift of God. Giovanna means gracious gift from God.
    Other names that mean gift from God are:
    Hansel, Janet, and Ivanna.

    @Danny – That’s so cool that your son was born on Valentine’s Day. Agapios is a boy name which is originally Greek, it is found in Scripture and means love. A derivative of the name can be Agape.
    Another greek name that i dont know if it’s in Scripture or not but means mututal love is Anteros.

    Eldad is a biblical boy name that means favored of God or love of God.
    Also you could name him Valentino which is a boy name with Italian origin and means healthy and strong.
    Hope this helps.

  107. Eren Mckay  

    @Sarah – Ryan is of Gaelic or English origin and means little king.
    Gabriel is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. It means “God’s able-bodied one; hero of God”. In the Bible the archangel Gabriel is the only angel besides Michael that is named.
    Personally I would choose the name Gabriel between the two but you need to pray and ask the Lord which name is the best in your situation.
    Blessings sister,

  108. Michelle  

    My husband and I wanted unique names that had strong meanings. We have been blessed with 2 beautiful little girls and I did a lot of research on names while I was pregnant. While these are not found in the Bible, we really loved the names and meanings and so I’m passing them on in case anyone else finds them helpful…
    Everlyse – American name meaning “Always consecrated to God”
    Elianna – Hebrew name meaning “The Lord has answered/responded” (though I have found with this name that the meaning can vary depending on the spelling of the name.)
    And my name (Michelle) means “Who is like the Lord?”

    I whole-heartedly agree with you that naming your child is both a privilege and responsibility. It wasn’t one we took lightly! Meaning is so important and I’ve discovered that many people often live up to their names, whether they know it or not! That is my prayer for my girls…
    You have a great page, Eren! God bless!

  109. Phoebe Hong  

    Dear Eren,
    i would like to name my baby’s boy name meaning “god has listened to my prayer”
    Do u have any idea of that???
    Thank you so much!!!!

  110. Eren Mckay  

    @Michelle – Thanks so much for giving us more names to put in our collection of names. I`m sure it will be of help for someone. so many people come to this page each day searching for inspiration for baby names and I`m just glad we can all come together and help each other out.

    @Phoebe – a biblical baby boy name would be “Samuel” meaning “Because I asked the Lord for Him”.
    Hope that helped,

  111. Phoebe Hong  

    Dear Eren,
    so sorry for inconvenient……my daughter’s name is Abigail,so do u have any names start from “A” with the same meaning of “God has listened to my prayer” for boy??
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  112. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Phoebe,
    You`re not bothering me at all my friend. Narrowing it down to that exact meaning God has answered my prayer I only know of Samuel. However there is another Biblical name that simply means God answers :
    Anaiah – Means “YAHWEH answers” in Hebrew. This name is found in the Old Testament.

    and also there is

    ANATH – means “answer” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament Anath was the father of Shamgar.

    Those were the only two other names I found. Hope this helps.

  113. haileab  

    hiiiiii Eren Mckay fist of all thanks so sister please help me the meaning of the names below depends on bible. so the names are
    Delilah and Dona for a girls and Esua and Micah for a boys. so please tell me these names.thanks so much.

  114. haileab  

    i want to tell me the meaning af names mentioned above dependind at the bible meanig and please tell me where can i find them. for remember the names are micah,dona, esau ane micah. then if you understanding me please tell me that because i want these names to choice for my thnks Eren i will waiting you by more wishes.

  115. Eren Mckay  

    Hi there Haileab – Sorry it`s taken me so long to respond. My father is sick with Parkinsons disease so I`ve had a lot of things to take care of. I finally had a moment to write a response to your questions. I decided to put each name in a separate post just so that if in the future someone else wants to know the meaning for each name it`s all more organized.
    So each link will open up in a separate window so you don`t lose this page. Here are the baby name meanings:
    The origin of the name Delilah
    The name Donna – facts and origin
    The Hebrew name Esau
    Hebrew meaning of the name Micah

    Hope this helps (ˆ◡ˆ)

  116. girl baby name with meaning of Gods gift  

    we want a girl baby name having the meaning of Gods gift/Gods grace , which could be combined with the name “Cheryl”

  117. Nekkiia  

    Hello Eren, I absolutly love your website may God continue to bless you! I pray that your father is healed right now in the name of Jesus I bind up any sickness and cast it out in Jesus name and I plead the blood of Jesus over his life right now and I pray healing and I pray comfort and faith for you and your family in the name of Jesus! Amen! Stay blessed I pray God will bless you abundantly because of how much you bless others!

  118. Linus  

    And i also say Amen to this wonderful prayers. of a true she had touch our lives positively. may all things around you be well in Jesus name. Amen.

  119. Ashly  


    I am looking for a name that means God’s will or something of that nature. Do you think you could help me out? Please and thanks!

  120. Eren Mckay  

    To the person who wanted a baby girl name meaning God`s gift – Dorothy is originally Greek and means Gift of God. Giovanna means gracious gift from God. Other names that mean gift from God are: Hansel, Janet, and Ivanna.
    Charisma is a name that referred to the spiritual gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit on the disciples.
    So you can combine any of them with Cheryl and decide which one you like best.

    @Nekkiia – Thank you so much for your prayers. It`s very encouraging for me to know that other Christians are praying for my father to get better. He has already gotten much better in the last week. He was able to sleep all night after 4 months of not sleeping well. I know that it is all an answer to prayer. Please keep praying for his recovery. Thanks again

    @Linus – Thank you Linus. May God continue to bless you and guide you.

    @Ashly – The closest name that I know that means God`s will is Faith. It means belief in God and acceptance of God’s will.
    Hope this helps.

  121. Lolly Tokalauvere  

    Amen..I was just surfing the net coz i have been given a task by my younger sister to look for biblical name for her soon to be born baby..she wants it to be suprise so we really don’t know is the baby is a boy or a girl…but we are looking for a biblical name that means blessing or blessed for both a boy and a girl….and i don’t know but i think if you could also add the hebrew names as well…thanks and blessings….


  122. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Lolly,
    As for girls names we have Ardith which is traditionally given to baby girls as a blessing. There`s also the name Grace which means blessing and favor.

    As for boys names we have Jedidiah which is a biblical name which means blessing and was given in infancy to King Solomon. Another name that means blessing but I don’t believe is biblical is Barack which also means lightning.
    Hope this helps,

  123. Ella  

    Am looking for baby girl or boys name that has a meaning God has answered

  124. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Ella,
    Jaanai means whom God answers.
    Samuel means God has answered my prayer.
    Anaiah means “YAHWEH answers” in Hebrew. This name is found in the Old Testament.
    Anath means “answer” in Hebrew. He was the father of Shamgar in the Old Testament.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  125. Timothy Panday  

    Beautiful biblical girls names

  126. paoyi  

    Hi Eren,

    I’m looking for a boy name with a meaning of surprise, but couldn’t find much. It’d be great if it starts with “b” , since my first baby name starts with a b. Thank you so much!!

  127. paoyi  

    Hi Eren~

    Just thought boy names with meanings like godsend, gift from god, or god’s gift and so forth might work for us too! Please help! Thank you …truly appreciate~

  128. paoyi  

    Btw…names that starts with b are preferred but others are ok too~
    Thanks again Eren

  129. smmurphy  

    I love this website! Thank you for it Eren. I have three children. When I had the first two i was not a christian but the names that where on my heart and I gave to them actually are christian names. Praise the Lord…I smiled so big when I found out! It is amazing how I can look back all the years I denied our Lord and see how much he actually was there and working in my life! My girls names are Brooklyn Elise (born 2001)and Brynlie Hope (born 2005). I accepted Jesus in to my heart October 2007 and had my son in 2009. I choose to name him Bransyn Nathanael. But when I tell people that Nathanael is a Biblical name many say no. Am I wrong? I thought He was a Disciple?? we are now trying for our fourth child and I love the name Bristol Faith or Brea Anaiah for a girl and Breckstyn Luke or Brennen Elijah for boy names. How do these names sound? Any other suggestions are welcome.

  130. Jenni  

    Our first three children are Nathan, Abigail and Joshua. We are strongly considering Rachel for our new baby girl. I am discouraged when I look at the character Rachel in the Bible. She made quite a few poor choices… (had her maidservant sleep with her husband, stole from her father, etc.) Otherwise, I love the name. I love the Hebrew meaning also – innocent little lamb. I realized that Nathan abigail and Joshua are all strong characters in the Bible, whereas with Rachel we are shown more of her character flaws and sort of a what not to do type of character. Do you have any thoughts?

  131. Tatenda  

    Dear Eren
    My name is Tatenda meaning “Thank You” in Shona (Zimbabwe) I would like to know a Biblical name that means the same as Thank You Lord .

    God bless You

  132. Jasmine  

    I just wanted to ask for prayer. My husband and I would like to have a child. I have been told by doctors it is not likely due to a condition I have. She did not say impossible but there are a lot of details I would rather not type out. I have a passion for working with children my husband does as well, The Lord has shown me my children in dreams, and I believe I will have them one day, I am just asking for prayer in the situation. I give my love to other peoples children every day, I would love the chance to love my own.
    Thank you.

  133. brian  

    I love the power of words and the strength or life a name can bring and i want to say thank you. this site and your research has helped me. currently I am looking for a name boy or girl which means “(one)intimate with God” or “closer to god/ God draws closer to”. along with that one meaning “god is with him/her”, “god’s promise” or “god remembers”. i know its long but these are the meanings which come to me in prayers please help if possible thanx.

  134. brian  

    please continue working no matter what its uplifting to no that even in names the lord is working.

  135. Abriella  

    Do any of you know of a name that means something like devoted to God?

  136. Veronica  

    Hi Eren,
    I’m looking for a baby boy name that means Faith? Please help!!!!!

  137. Ratana  

    Hi all.. that is very nice to have communication on baby’s name because it helps our friends to find baby biblical name easy … i love name means “healthy” please give me some .. thank all a lot 🙂

  138. Rita Hebert McCurry  

    I just love your site. Please continue to do this. I have a testimony for you. I wanted a child all my teenage years. Well, when I married my first husband we tried and tried but could not achieve even with medical help. Well he left me for another woman not long after we found out. Well I moved and started my life over again. Within a year after I found someone and starting dating I found out I was almost 3 months along. I had a very easy pregnancy except for gestational diabetes. When I went into labor 3 hours later I delivered a 8 pound 21 inch baby boy. We called him Josef- the French pronounciation of Joseph. I wanted a name that would be easy for him to learn to spell. When he was 9 months old we were told that he had cerebal palsy that affected the left side of his body. Well I took it that “God sends the special ones to the ones that can handle it”. I have always given God the glory for at least giving me a child of my own to love and nurture. Then when he was in kindergarten he fell off of the back porch and fractured his skull and almost died. With the grace of God I kept teling the Doctors and nurses that he was named Josef and that was a very strong name and that he will be fine. Then when he did recover the surgeons were amazed because they had never seen a child with such trauma recover so quick–I just repied that “God deserves ALL OF THE CREDIT AND GLORY AND PRAISE” My son recovered and woke up on Mother’s Day. I praise the Lord every day for that most wonderful gift that year. Now I look at my almost 18 year old son and wonder where the years have gone. thatnk you so much for allowing me to give my testimony on how Gopd has touched my life. My the Lord Bless all who come to your site and read the comments.

  139. Evezi  

    Goodevening witch name in the bible has the maining”Divine Goodness”thank’s for the answer may God bless you

  140. Martha  

    Hi Eren.
    I would like to know if Diana or Carolina name have a biblical meaning, we are going to have a girl and we like to name the baby with a name that please the lord.

  141. Laura  

    We’ve been looking for months for good names for our twin boy and girl due any day now. We have settled on Caleb Nehemiah for the boy and Clara for the girl’s first name. We would like for her middle name to mean the grace of God/God’s grace, but haven’t found one that we love. There is already a Hannah in the family and we’d like it to be a longer name like Nehemiah for cadence. We also would like it not to begin with D, as that is the first letter of our last name. Can you help?

  142. SharonP  


    Congrats on your twins. What about simply “Grace” Clara Grace sounds pretty 🙂

  143. Mariah Olivo  

    i just found out im pregnant-1st kid- yay me lol
    i been going threw alot finding out i am. im looking for a boy and girl name that means forgivness. that word means alot to me right now . plz and ty

  144. Peggy  

    Hi there, I’m trying to find a girl’s name that means ‘sister of encouragement’ or ‘one who encourages’. Can anyone help please?

  145. Chiaza  

    Hello Eren,
    I am expecting a baby boy soon and would appreciate if you can assist me with a Hebrew or Jewish name which means ” God answered my prayer or God has answered”.

  146. dee  

    hi, i need a boy or girl name that means God is my judge other than Daniel or Danelle- something unique.

  147. Caitlin  

    Hi Eren,
    We recently miscarried with our second child. I was looking for some boy and girl names meaning something along the lines of: Gods way is best, he hears/knows/answers our prayers and needs. The girl name would be a middle name, with Melissa being the first name. Thanks, Caitlin

  148. Appleblossom  

    What a beautiful and inspiring topic. My husband and i would love children but as yet God has chosen not to provide. If and when he does we’d love to name a girl Ruby which i’ve read biblically was a symbol of the glory of God. And for a boy Jasper which was the stone adorning the breastplate of the high priest in exodus.

  149. Robin  

    what does the name autumn mean

  150. emv  

    I recently had a miscarriage and my husband and I would like to find a name for our baby. Since the baby was only about 8 weeks, we don’t know the sex, so we are looking for a unisex name with a good meaning. Possibly something like God’s gift, blessing, healing, peace, etc. Preferably a name that is somewhat unique and easy to pronounce. Thanks for your ideas.

  151. darci  

    Please help us find a name. We miscarried our baby at 14 weeks and strongly feel it was a girl. We want to name her something that means gods gift or one with god. Any suggestions?

  152. darci  

    We need help! We miscarried a baby at 14 wks and want to give her a name. We strongly feel it was a girl and want a name with a meaning such as gods gift or one with god. Any suggestions?

  153. Anelisa Ngwenya  

    Hi Erin

    I am very pleased to have gone through your site and feel that its exactly what i needed.

    I am a mother of a 3 year old little girl and am going through the process of marriage. Something in me is adamant that my next child will be a boy and that this baby needs to carry with him a powerful biblical name that will carry through the goodness and beauty of Christ our Lord.

    My first option was Zion but at this point i am not too sure after seeing and reviewing the options that have come to my attention.

    I believe that this child will be a life changing experience in our lives including his sister, myself and his father so i need a name that will he will live up to also be of joy and play a role in his life as well exceedingly and abundantly.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email. May God bless you always.


  154. Pauline  

    Hi Erin. I am not yet aware of what to expect but I am so excited to have a name prepared for our baby. I’m currently 3 months pregnant. I am thinking of the name Israel Zion whether it will be a baby boy or girl. Israel since that is one of our dream vacation but I am kind of confuse about the real meaning of Israel. I found out in Genesis 32:28 that it was originally the name of Jacob. Does Israel means the one who struggles with God or a prince God? Thank you so much. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  155. angi  

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of the name brooklyn nicole. Thanks

  156. Valerie  

    Dear Erin, I am a Christian and searching for a bIblical name for a girl which means God is with me. Please can you help out with this. Thanks, Valerie

  157. Gillian  

    Hi Erin
    Just came across your fab website and it blessed me so much.
    I’m having my 4th child boy ! Nearly have a 5 aside ! 🙂
    I love the name Gabriel but am worried he may get picked on. After reading a message on another naming website from a young boy who was given the name and hated it ! He said he got picked on and called gay or gabe 🙁 do you think I should risk it ? And do you think all children will suit their names chosen as it’s a very strong name ?

    Blessing Gill

  158. Knicholet  

    Hi, I am looking for a boys name that means ‘from the heart’? If you could find one that would be amazing! Thanks so much!


    My wife and I are expecting a baby girl. Found your site very useful. We need a hebrew name which means God’s gracious gift. What do you think of the names Janel, JONI, Analiese. Please fill me in. By the way whats the meaning of Mary?

    thank you

  160. Destanie  

    Hi Erin, My Husband and I are expecting our fourth child and it is a girl! We are new born Christians and want a meaningful name for our daughter. Her middle name will be Faith for sure, but we want a name that has full meaning that makes sense with the first and middle name. Any suggestions for a first name that has a great meaning to go with Faith as a middle name?

  161. Maria  

    My brother has got a baby girl after 5 years of marriage. Many people had prayed for them and now they are very happy to get a baby girl on 7th September, 2011. I want a christain name based on the prayers of people and thanking Lord for His wonderful gift of a baby girl.
    Thanks in advance.

  162. rebecca  

    need a girl’s name that means accepted in the beloved

  163. Affoh  

    Hi Eren

    I was looking for boys and girls names which means God surprise. Can you help me please, iam 31 weeks pregnant and still looking for a nice name.
    Tks and God bless.

  164. Kelli Howell  

    Hi, I am looking for a girl’s name that means restore or restoration. Long story short The Lord told me that this baby was the restoration of what was stolen previously (miscarriage) and the name should reflect that. So I am searching – help?!?!?!?

  165. Nicole  

    Hi Eren,
    We are thinking about having another baby. I delievered our son in June at just 28 weeks. He was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and was with us for just 5 short days. We want to have the perfect name lined up in the case that we are able to conceive (we haven’t had issues getting pregnant, but have suffered 3 miscarriages and then our precious angel Landon). We have a name but we are struggling with a name for a boy. We feel it should mean God has answered or God promises, something along those lines. Thank you!

  166. Salez  

    Hello Mrs Eren,
    I couldnt go by without saying that I really like your site, it was a pleasure reading through all the posts up here. I accidentally got to your website while looking for a christian name. My wife and I are expecting our first born and did choose not to know the sex before my beautiful wife delivers. By as we’re of catholic religion and strongly believe in Jesus, we really wanted to name our child from a name that refers to God, a name that will testimony that our child is our Lord’s gift, and through our child life,we shall praise the Lord,the almighty! Elisha sounds good for a girl but we have many so-called in our neighbourhood (in fact I didnt know the meaning of Elisha before my wife got pregnant and presses me to look for a name). I came accross your website by God’s willing, I strongly believe that by HIM I shall get the name.
    Would you please help me and find the meaning of Belinda? My name Frank Salez and my parents named it so from St Francois de Salles,but what does it mean?!
    Praise the Lord.

  167. Eren Mckay  

    Hello My Friends,
    I’m so sorry for taking so long to respond.
    I have been overloaded with work.
    I don’t know the meanings of names by heart.. I actually have a baby names book that I look up when people ask me the meaning.
    I plan to look up the baby name meanings sometime when I have a moment to help you all out.
    Thank you so much for reading my blog.
    By the way.. here’s a Free Bible ABC Poem Coloring Book I created for children if you haven’t seen it yet.

    I hope to have some free time soon.. to help you all out.
    I haven’t forgotten you. {{{hugs}}}

    Blessings always,
    Eren Mckay

  168. Melissa  

    Trying to find a name for a little boy that means God provides or God is faithful. Can’t find one for some reason. Do you know where I could look?