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By Eren Mckay  
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The internet has revolutionized people’s everyday lives.
We now have access to a vast amount of information that simply was not easily available before.
For me personally, the absolute best part of the internet is the great opportunity that we have to make friends with people from all over the world. Thousands of miles apart, different cultures and customs are not impediments to making and maintaining friendships nowadays.

What does this have to do with your life?
Well simply put, this means that if you have a computer and an internet connection, no matter how isolated you may be, you can connect with others. Many factors end up isolating people in life. For example: you may not be able to get out of the home because of illness, taking care of elderly parents, caring for young kids, living far out in the country, etc.

Even if you’re not isolated, you can gain so much from making friends online.
You can learn new things and see life from a different perspective. Another motivating factor may be that you don’t connect emotionally with the people that you know locally. Making online friends is a huge freedom. There is no need for you to feel lonely or isolated wherever you may be.

Of course there are bad people online. Just as in the offline world you will find “bad apples” online too. But the good news is that there are great people out there. We shouldn’t lose the opportunity to make friends just because we’re scared of the bad ones.

Friends fulfill us in a special way.
Everyone needs to feel appreciated and loved and somehow connected to other people. I have made some fantastic friends online.
This may sound weird to some people but to me a real friend is more valuable than a big load of money in my bank account. A good friend truly is priceless.

Forums are great for connecting.
If you want to make friends online you can do so through various “avenues.” You can search for forums that are about topics that interest you. If you have common interests with others, it’s more likely to have a connection to them. Just go to Google and type in the search box: forum “topic that interests you”. Replace the words “topic that interests you” for whatever you’re into. It may be antiques, computer games, parenting, cooking, etc. For example I like web design so if I wanted to find people to connect with and talk about that topic I would type in there: forum “web design”.

Ning Communities
Another place that you can find communities that share an interest are Ning communities.You can search for niche communities by going to this link and typing in the words that interest you. There are loads of Ning groups out there about lots of topics imaginable.

Talking through Skype
Once you have established a certain connection through a Ning or forum community you can take the next step in that friendship and add that contact in Skype. Now you’re taking that friendship to another level. It’s just like talking on the phone. It’s so cool! (Skype is free software what you can install on your computer and lets you talk to everyone in the world for free. If you don’t already have it you can download it from this link . ) I can honestly tell you that I have made some of my best friends online through Skype. I’m a total fan.

Tweeting in Twitterville

In order to make online friends you need to go to where they are. Where is everyone nowadays? They’re on Twitter. So yes my friend, you definitely should get a Twitter account if you want to make friends online. By the way, I’m an official twitterholic 😉 LOL.
In my opinion, Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread- 😀 . Seriously though, Twitter is a great way to connect with people.

Let me tell you why I absolutely l♥ve to tweet.
Twitter is like a giant chat room – only it’s so much better. You can send public or private messages to people. There aren’t thousands of functions to it so once you get the hang of Twitter, it’s very easy to use.
The nature of Twitter is laid back which means you can talk about some personal information there too. You decide how personal you want to get though 🙂 (Just remember that this is public- anyone can see your tweets unless you make them private.)
If you want to say something quickly to someone you don’t have to send them a long drawn out email. If they’re an avid user of Twitter they’ll end up seeing it probably within 24 hours (sometimes minutes ). A simple tweet makes it so much easier to communicate.

Let me show you a real live conversation that has made my friendship grow with an awesome blogger by using Twitter:

The other day, I was taking some time off from working and decided to go read some really cool blogs that I always read. As usual, I went to WChingYa’s Social Media Blog. She always has some really great articles that are helpful to any blogger. She wrote a post about sharing selective tweets through Facebook and I commented on it. I told her that I would stumble, delicious and tweet the post because it was so good. Here’s the comment that I left:

Right after I left her my comment, my kids started to fight about something and ask me for help. I completely forgot what I was doing on the computer. I closed my browser and went to tend to the boys.
9 hours later I was going through my Word document where I save all of my comments.
(Side note: Yes I save all of my comments simply because there have been many times when the comment gets lost and that is very frustrating to me.)

So while I was scanning through I noticed that I had told her that I would stumble, delicious, and tweet her post.
But it had been 9 hours since I had told her that.
Oh my! Now what? Would she think that I was lying? What was she going to think of me? So I immediately opened up Twitter and tweeted her post:

Then I stumbled and delicioused it. But I was feeling really bad because I didn’t want her to think that I’m a liar (I’m not).
So what did I decide to do? I decided to tweetagize. Yeah, that’s Twitterese for apologize on Twitter- 😀 LOL.
So I tweeted her and tried to explain in 140 characters what had happened. Here’s the tweet:

Well guess what? Her response was just awesome. She said that there was no need to apologize! Isn’t that just sweet of her? She is a total ♥ tweetheart ♥.
Here’s her tweet:

I explained that I have A.D.D. ( Attention Deficit Disorder) and that it hadn’t been on purpose. It’s at times like these that I’m really glad that I keep things organized and structured.

After this we really have started to tweet each other. She friended me and sent me a message on Facebook.
This whole episode showed me how apologizing can be the best thing! We have created a closer connection. I consider her my friend. I just absolutely love making friends with cool peeps like her!
By the way, you should definitely follow her on twitter @wchingya and on her page on facebook .
As you can see Twitter made it so fast and easy to communicate with her.

Making friends online is not hard.
So if you want to build friendships, my advice to you is to get yourself out there. Start posting on forums, tweeting, skyping and simply connecting with others.
Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry when you mess up. Be yourself- those who like you will and those who don’t, won’t (and that’s okay). Be sincere. Care about others. You’ll be making great friends in no time!
What about you?
What are your thoughts and experiences with online friendships?
Please share in the comment section below :-D.

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29 Comments on "Ways to meet and make new friends online"

  1. Girish Chandran  

    Eren, this is how the world got flat 😀
    I am also aware of the dire consequences people face when they get exploited by the bad apples. I dont think without internet and social networking I could be friends with people from the other side of the world with different cultures and talents. Your blogs are enticing me to kick start the habit of regular writing. All I have a domain and a dummy welcome page. Soon I will start rigorous blogging and I definitely need support and tons of tips from you guyz.

  2. Roy Montero  

    Hi Eren,

    What a GREAT expression and reminder of WHAT life is really all about. It’s all about friendships, period.

    I’m so glad that our paths crossed well over a year ago now and that we’ve built such a wonderful friendship as well as a fellowship.

    I just cannot image life without Skype and all of my other online communication tools.

    Let me encourage all who read this to reach out and touch another life with yours via Twitter, Skype, blogs, FaceBook, etc., and give them your smile and don’t forget to give the people in your networks a sincere and genuine compliment.

    Eren thanks for all you say, do, and write.

    Your Friend,


  3. Janis Miller  

    Wonderful post, Eren! Saw Roy’s post about it on facebook. [thank you, Roy :)] I really like your blog. :)You are an inspiration.

  4. james samy  

    Hi Eren, what you have written is really true. I don’t think I will be able to have a great people as friends without internet or social networking. You have inspired me to write more and share what I know to the world.

    By the way, Skype and Twitter has made me learn more about the ins and outs of the internet. Thank you Eren for an interesting and informative post

  5. Ching Ya  

    Thank you so much Eren for the mention and sharing the story. It’s truly amazing how a friendship can be formed online via social media. I’ve met some really great individuals online as well, surely you’re one of them too. ^^ Be sure you have nothing to tweetagize about, as it’s honored enough to have you come and comment on my blog. Your sincerity proves that you’re a worthy friend to have, even though we’ve never met.

    Your blog is always inspiring. You just made my day with a big grin on my face. lol.. Keep up the good work. I’ll see you soon, either FB, Twitter.. or maybe someday, Skype. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..Seesmic Desktop Is Ahead of the Game with Twitter Lists Integration =-.

  6. Eren Mckay  

    @Girish – Hi! I’m so glad this post inspired you in some way for your own blogging journey. I’ll be posting some blogging tutorials – hope they will help you. Remember to subscribe so that you’ll know when there’s more tips.

    @Roy – Skype truly is a God send. I knew you would like this post. Since it’s about a topic that you’re passionate about- friendships.

    @Janis – Thank you :-)I believe inspiration is at the core of all that we should do.

    @James – I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing and watch your blog grow my friend!

    @Chingya – Obviously you were the inspiration for me to write this post 😉 . I look forward to many more tweets, FB and someday skyping with you ♥.

    Thank you all for such caring comments,

  7. BK  

    I absolutely agree with you. A sincere apology goes a long way.

    With regard to the Internet, it is truly amazing. It has made connecting with people so much easier. For some people, they find that they can connect better with people online. They find it more comfortable sharing their inner feelings with someone they have never met. And yet we do need to practice prudent as you mentioned there are bad people online just as there are bad people offline too. But if we are careful, I believe we can really meet a lot of fantastic people online.
    .-= BK´s last blog ..Child Obesity: Who Should Take Responsibility? =-.

  8. BK  

    Eren, thank you for making that wonderful point at mt site which I had overlooked.

  9. Mitchell Allen  

    Hi Erin,

    This is the cutest little blog post ever!
    I love the tone, the images and your messages.

    Ching Ya is indeed an awesome person.
    Sounds like you are, too!


    .-= Mitchell Allen´s last blog ..Mad Morpho – The Caption Deconstruction Challenge =-.

  10. ZXT  

    Yeah that was one sweet story Eren. I’m also a regular at Ching Ya’s blog. I also think Ching Ya is one of the genuine blogger you can find.

  11. Eren Mckay  

    @BK – very true. I tend to read people’s blogs that i find are good people.
    The proud and stuck up ones I tend to stay away from – LOL. And thanks for your feedback over there at your blog. Very cool ♥.

    @Mitchell – Hi! so glad you liked my cuteness of the blog- the world needs more cute right 😉 ?

    @ZXT – Yeah she is and very helpful tutorials over there. Hope to see you come by more.

    All the best,

  12. Ralph  

    This is a pretty awesome blog. Good tips! You just earned yourself a Twitter follower 🙂

  13. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Ralph,
    Thanks so much- I try my best to make the posts pretty while giving good valuable information. Thanks for following me- I followed you back. Hope you come by more.
    All the best,

  14. CWC  

    Completely agree with you. 🙂 I’ve tried my hand at blogging, forums, and twittering/twitting as well and I think these methods are great ways to make some real friends even if not 100% of the people you’ll meet are ‘real’. Some friends I’ve made online over the years have become close friends of mine! 🙂

  15. Clay Franklin  

    Hi Eren,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi!
    I really enjoy your energy and inspiration.
    See you on Skype!
    .-= Clay Franklin´s last blog ..10 Easy Ways to Improve Web Analytics =-.

  16. Ann  

    Hi Erin, I agree with you. Everyone wants to be appreciated and loved. Everyone seems to need the same thing.. Appreciation and Love..

    Thanks Erin!

  17. Jayce  

    I usually stumble on other blogs to meet new friend. 😉

  18. Abdulrashid  

    It is my pleasure join this this network mainly to make friends that will asisst me on how to leave country because we are exteremely in poverty.

  19. Eren Mckay  

    @CWC – It’s all about finding the good peeps in the midst of some not so good ones 😀 .
    Some of my best friends live thousands of miles away. It’s amazing how technology can make “real life distance” disappear. When I was little girl, it was great privilege for my mom (living here in Brazil) to be able to talk to her mom that was in the U.S. It was just so expensive then. Now we can talk all day to other countries and not pay a cent more. It truly is amazing.

    @Clay – Hey there- thanks! I love your energy too. Very positive and happy. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Ann – Yes love is the basis of all things. Without it no one can truly be happy and if we let it motivate us we can discover true joy.

    @Jayce – Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to form relationships with people.

    @Abdulrashid – Sorry to hear about your difficult situation. Hope all goes well and you are able to find a solution for you and your family. Nice to meet you.

    Blessings always ♥,
    Eren Mckay

  20. zahid  

    how can i make friends on skype,,,,i am zahid fm pakistan

  21. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Zahid,
    I believe that the best option is to first establish a relationship with people through Twitter and online forums and from there after you have already made that connection going to Skype. Most people don’t accept contacts easily on Skype that’s why I’m giving you this advice. Hope that helps.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay

  22. Roy Montero  

    Hi Zahid,

    The BEST way to make friends (on or off the Web) is to simply BE a friend FIRST.

    Friends will have the other person’s best interest at heart. This means that you must be willing to be a go-giver to each and every relationship.

    So if you have the attitude to GIVE to people then the likelihood will be great that they will want to reciprocate and give back to you.

    But if you have the attitude to GET from people then the likelihood will be great that they will not want to give to you and be friends.

    Go to places online where people who like what you like hang out. Those are the best places to meet potential friends. Then once you hit it off well enough in text, ask them to connect with you in Skype to talk voice to voice.

    Warm regards,


  23. Eren Mckay  

    @Zahid – Yes there are always people that claim to be someone that they’re not. You have to evaluate each person on a case by case basis just as you do offline.

    @Roy- Good points there that you gave Zahid.

  24. rita  

    i’m not even feeling the need to read anything else about it, it was so entertaining and clearified me.
    thank you!

  25. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Rita,
    So glad this article helped you. I love having deep friendships with people. I love helping others out. This is what moves me and inspires me. Living an inspired life is a key to living a happy life.
    Blessings ♥,

  26. Hoa  

    This is useful and interesting article. I like making friend online. It is very nice to meet all of you.

  27. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Hoa,
    It’s nice to meet you too! So glad you found this post useful to you. I had to take your email out of the post because spammers would grab it and that wouldn’t be good for you. Anyways: If you’d like to keep in touch, you can always sign up to the newsletter. Here’s the link:

    And you can friend me on Facebook:
    All the best,

  28. Hoa  

    You are so kind. Thank you very much for your support.

  29. bbrian017  

    Hi Eren thanks for introducing me to your blog ti’s really amazing how personalized you have made it. I’m a huge fan of Facebook, Twitter, Blog Engage and Skype. This is how I manage most my time to engage and find new online friends. It’s a hard process, some are hits, some are misses but so much is learned in the between stages. I honestly think the www (internet) could potentially bring world peace to our planet.

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