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twin girls baby shower So the ‘mommy to be’ found out that she’s having two little girls! Double the blessings, so planning her baby shower will be double the fun!
Why not use two angels to represent the bundles of joy that will soon be arriving? Decorate your shower in pink and white colors for a soft and delicate look. Pink and white streamers can hang from the ceiling and drape above windows too.

* Twin Girl Baby Shower Invitations

Use a pink or white ‘two angels’ template to create a unique look for your twin girls baby shower invitations. You can either purchase them ready made or cut them out of card stock. Decorate the edges of the invites with glitter glue and paste feathers on the the angels’ wings. Of course, you can always just print out angel pictures on rectangular watercolor paper. Stick glue the main invite on scrapbook paper to ‘frame’ it.
I’ve written a few small poems that you could use on your baby shower invitations for twin girls:

Two little angels
sent from Above
Let’s have a cool shower
To celebrate with love
Two pairs of hands
Two pairs of feet
We’re having a shower
To celebrate this treat!

Two pairs of feet
and two pairs of eyes
two baby girls
What an awesome surprise!
Twin baby angels
are on their way
With heavenly sparkles
we’ll celebrate their day

* Twin Girls Baby Shower Decorations

The best thing to do when decorating is to create a main focal point that will immediately ‘draw the eye’ of your guests when they walk into the party. Choose a large wall and use streams of pink and white balloons to cover it. Place your main foods’ table in front of that wall.

baby shower for twin girls

Next to your main table, place a side table with porcelain dishes, napkins and silverware so guests can easily serve themselves.

twin girl baby shower

twin girls baby shower decorations

Champagne rose bouquets can be placed on each end of the table. Use tall crystal vases to add depth to the decor. It’s always a good idea to have roses, but you can use other flowers. Some delicate options are: orchids, lilies, cherry blossoms, and apple blossoms. Different shades of pink, cream and champagne will combine well with a pink and white twin girls baby shower.
Use white table cloths on all of your guests’ tables. A cool centerpiece idea for the guests’ tables is to have round glass bowls of water and floating flowers and candles. Sprinkle rose petals around the centerpiece for an elegant touch.

* Twin Girls Baby Shower Sweets Table

Chocolate covered grapes can be decorated with pink edible flowers and placed in pink and white paper holders:

twin girls baby shower sweets

White chocolate truffles can be wrapped in tulle and tied with champagne satin ribbons. Hot glue pink flowers to the center of each ribbon.
Another creative idea is to make flower holders out of pink and green crepe paper. Surround the chocolate sweets in transparent wrap and place each sweet in the center of the flower. Display them on a crystal or glass pedestal tray:

Twin girls baby shower food decorations twin girls baby shower menu

twin girl baby shower cupcakes

Some other sweets ideas are: chocolate fudge bars, passion fruit mousse, banana pudding, chocolate and almond nuts truffles, and coffee creme brulle.
Rice krispies are easy to make treats that can also be multipurposed as favors for the guests to take home. Use adorable paper holders for your sweets and they will look great on your table. Cupcakes can be placed in decorative transparent boxes. A sweet option for those that can’t eat sugar is to make diet chocolate covered strawberries. I made them for a party I had and they were a hit. Simply melt diet chocolate and dip the strawberries in it. Then place the strawberries in the refrigerator until it’s time for the shower. Also check out these fruit arrangements for a baby shower for more healthy food ideas.

cupcakes for twin girls baby shower twin girls baby shower ideas

* Girls Baby Shower Cakes

The most important part of your twin girls baby shower decor is the cake. Cover a vanilla and chocolate cake with white royal icing. Make a pink ribbon and bow to surround the cake and place the twin angels (made out of cold porcelain) right in the middle.

baby shower themes for twin girls

Tiny white edible pearls can be added to the cake. Place the twin angel themed cake on a pedestal tray so that the it stands out.

twin girl baby shower cakes

* Twin Girls Baby Shower Candy Table

twin sisters shower For an added touch of whimiscal, plan on having a candy table at your shower. Use pink and white candies to embellish and coordinate the color decor at the same time. For example: pink and white marshmallows can be placed in skewers and then wrapped in transparent cellophane and tied with satin bows. Get them to stand by sticking them in styrofoam. Of course if you don’t want the styrofoam to show, place it in small wooden boxes or flower vases.
Use pink and white porcelain bowls to place candies that can be scooped such as pink and white jelly beans and heart shaped candies. Use transparent plastic scoops in each bowl.
Use pink and white striped fabric to cover hersheys’ bars and make cloth decoratives for chocolate covered cherries. Other ideas for treats are: snickers bars, twix bars, jaw breakers, twizzlers, M&Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
Crystal angel figurines can be placed in between the candies and given as prizes for the winners of the baby shower games.

* Twin Girls Baby Shower Favors

Last but not least, you want to have adorable memoirs for your friends and family members to take home. Pink crystal keychains and scented drawer sachets are two ideas that are delicate and useful at the same time:

twin girls personalized sachets twin girls baby shower favor ideas

Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies can be placed in pink and white boxes and personalized with stickers featuring the name of the babies that will soon be born. Another idea is to say the expectant mother’s name thanks you for participating in this special event. Glycerin soaps can be wrapped with pink polka dot fabric. You might also want to check out these other elegant baby shower favors.

twin girl baby shower favor twin girls baby shower bags

Eren Mckay I hope you enjoyed these ideas for an awesome twin girls baby shower.

Blessings always,

Eren Mckay

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