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rubber duck with babies The duck theme is one of the many cool baby shower themes that you can use. When throwing a duck themed shower you can incorporate several decorative items that combine with “bath time”.
The great thing about the duck theme is that there are many items with rubber ducky that can be used as decoratives and they don’t cost that much.

baby with with duck quilt You can also choose one of the famous ducks such as Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, or Beatrix Potter’s Puddle Duck as the main theme of your party if you prefer. On this page, you will find lots of ideas that will help you tie the duck theme into every aspect of your party. Whatever theme you decide to use, make sure to take lots of pictures just of the decorations before the guests arrive.
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rubber duck baby shower banner

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baby duck Custom Made yellow baby shower duck invitations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on invitations. There are invitations that are not that expensive and if you don’t have the time, your best bet would be to simply buy them.

• Right here below you can see thumbnails of affordable invitations for a boy baby shower duck theme.o find out more about them just click on the image or on the link underneath each one:

• Here are some adorable girl baby shower duck theme invitations.

baby duck Duck Themed Invitations – Hand Made

baby duck bath You can also make them yourself. Write out your guest list first so that you can know how many invitations you will need to make. Call a friend over to help you.You can talk while making them or watch your favorite TV show while working away. Simply buy yellow poster board and cut out the duck shaped invitations.
I have created a duck shaped template for you to trace around and cut out.

duck baby shower invitation template You can click on the image to the right »»
to open it up.
If you would like your duck invitation to open up, you will need to first cut out a large rectangle out of poster board then fold it in half before having the duck traced onto it. After you traced the duck, just cut on the lines. To add a special flair to your invitation, buy cute rolling eyes, feathers and glitter and glue them on your duck invite. Make sure to have the details of the party on the inside of the invitation.

baby duck  Rubber Duck Baby Shower Invitation Wording  baby duck

baby with rubber duck
baby with rubber duck

Rubber Ducky is the one
To make this shower
Loads of fun
Let’s get together
on this special date
The baby’s coming
Let’s celebrate!

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duck baby shower centerpieces You can have a lot of fun preparing for this theme. Go to the toy section of a store and find a baby in a bathtub that you can use to decorate the center of a foods’ table. You can also have a baby doll dressed in a duck themed bath robe and surrounded by plastic ducks as the centerpiece of the table.

By far the most popular idea for a Foods Table Centerpiece is creating a Duck Themed Diaper Cake. I have found lots of pictures to give you ideas when creating one. Diaper cakes are fun and useful. You can buy duck themed blankets, fabric, teethers, toys and decorate the outside of the diaper cake with them. Yellow ribbons give the finishing touch to your diaper cake so be sure to use them.

duck baby shower centerpieces baby shower duck cake

duck baby shower centerpieces baby shower duck cake

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baby duck The Entrance Way

pink blue and yellow balloons The first thing you will need to do to decorate your party is buy lots of balloons. I have written an article on how to decorate your party with balloons that will help you in this process (link will open in a new window). Make sure to check it out 😉
Right at the entrance way of the party you can also add a big duck themed banner with balloons on both ends. The balloons can also be lined at the top of the banner. You can put this saying on the wall: “Welcome to our Quacky Fun Shower”.

baby duck Choosing the Color Scheme

baby with duck and blanket As for the colors it’s best that you use lots of yellow. However this theme is very versatile and can be used with many different color schemes as long as they combine with yellow.
If you know the baby is a girl you can use the yellow, pink, and white combination. If you know that the baby is a boy you can use the yellow, blue, and white. If you don’t know the sex of the baby you can always use the yellow, orange and white.

baby with duck Use your creativity and imagination and choose the best color scheme for you.
Whatever color palette you choose, just make sure that you stick to those colors in the general decorations so that it doesn’t look confusing.

baby duck Duck Themed Wall and All Around Decorations

baby with duck quilt There are many duck themed wall decorations that are used in teachers’ classrooms. You can take advantage of them since they are inexpensive and can add a lot to the environment of the shower. Put them on doors and walls and even hang some from the ceiling with transparent tape and dental floss (or a fishing line).
Another great idea that will also be useful as gifts for the mommy-to-be is putting up a clothesline on a wall. Have cute duck decoratives at both ends of the clothesline and hang all sorts of adorable baby clothing items that are all duck themed and color coordinated on it.

baby girl with duck If you’re hosting the party in a home, you can also replace your curtains with rubber ducky themed curtains (temporarily for the shower). Purchase stuffed ducks and dress them up with cloth diapers then place them around the party. Duck themed helium balloons can be tied to the end of chairs sofas and banisters.
Don’t forget to buy matching napkins, cups, plates and disposable utensils. I have found some great ones here.

baby duck Guest Table Decorations

duck quilt In the center of the guests’ tables, place flowers in the color scheme that you picked out and also a rubber ducky candle. The best flowers to use with this theme are babies breath, daisies, lilies, or sunflowers. Candles also always create a great feeling and overall mood for a party. Other alternatives for duck themed centerpieces are transparent glass bowls filled with blue water and tiny floating plastic rubber duckies or duck candles. To dye the water simply put blue food coloring in it. To resemble bubbles, you can use tiny clear plastic balls or gelatin like crystals that you can buy at a craft store. Sprinkle duck confetti on the table. You can use several colors for table cloths but I personally prefer white or cream since it’s more elegant looking.

baby duck Place Cards

If you’re hosting a party where the guests will be seated at tables, you can use rubber ducky place cards. As an alternative, each guest can have a toy rubber ducky with their name written with permanent marker on it. You can also tell the guests that they can take their rubber duckies home with them.

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baby duck with blocks Here are some pictures of duck shaped cookies that you can make before hand and freeze. Make sure that you only put the icing on a day before though.

duck baby shower cookies duck baby shower cookies pink

You can also put crackers and cheese on the table and label it “Quackers and Cheese” for fun.
Duck cookie cutters go a long way to help tie the duck theme in with your food.
Baby with duck and bottle You should purchase several shapes and sizes and use the cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, cheese and create the shapes in several dishes such as the potato salad dish.

duck on shelf

Other Themed Food

Foods that tend to the yellow color will make your table look coherent and beautiful. Here are a few ideas of yellow themed food that you can use:

baby duck small egg or potato salad

baby duck small lemonade

baby duck small lemon pie

baby duck small cheese trays

baby duck small corn cream and corn bread

baby duck small banana pudding

baby duck small pineapple salsa

baby duck small yellow jell-o with whipped cream and rubber duckies on top

candy apples Carmel apples and pop corn are two more things that everyone loves and are really easy to make so put those on your baby shower menu also.

carmel apples pop corn bowl

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rubber duck baby shower cakes This rubber ducky cake is for a bright colored party. You can use a 9 inch round shaped pan, green coloring for the icing and then place the mommy, daddy and baby rubber duckies on top.

Cupcakes are also a great alternative to regular cakes and are sure to be a hit. A great advantage is that you don’t have to cut the cake if you make cupcakes and each one is ready for the guest to eat. Here are some pictures of duck cakes and cupcakes to give you more ideas that will be sure to be a hit at your party. Everyone loves to look at cute things and these cupcakes are adorable other than being yummy. If you don’t have the time to make them yourself you can always have them made.

rubber duck baby shower cakes yellow cupcakes

duck baby shower cakes duck candle apple pie

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baby duck
Duck Prizes

baby duck Have a really cute toy bathtub filled with “blue” water where all the guests can see. (Use blue food coloring to dye the water blue.) Buy lots of toy rubber duckies that float and number them on the bottom with a permanent marker. Place them in the bathtub. When guests arrive have them pick out a paper from a sack with a number on it. During the party, randomly pick out rubber duckies form the tub and call out the numbers. The person that has the matching number wins a prize. You can have several prizes and the biggest prize could be a bath time basket.

baby duck Dress for Bath Time

duck and toys quilt Each team has two players. Each team gets slippers, a bathrobe, a shower cap and a rubber ducky that needs to be placed in the pocket of the bathrobe. One of the players needs to get dressed in bath attire. The team mate will be helping him dress, however no one can use their hands. They can use other parts of their bodies to get dressed but not their hands. The bathrobe belt also needs to be tied. The first team that finishes wins a prize.

baby duck Fill the Duck Bucket

baby with duck and blanket This game is a whole lot of fun and really wet. Have your guest go outside and separate into two teams. You’ll need a whole bucket of rubber duckies to play this game. Have two chairs with the mount of duckies as there are players on each team. Teams line up and when the hostess says “go” they have to place a water balloon in between their legs and race until they get to the chair, grab their rubber ducky. The goal is to get to the rubber ducky and back without popping their balloon. When they get back they need to throw the duck into their team bucket and tag the next player to race and race to get the ducky. The first team to get all their rubber duckies in the bucket wins.

baby duck Pass the Duck

2 babies bath and rubber ducks Have a cute stuffed duck in a diaper be passed around the circle while the music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the duck will be out. But before she goes, she must pull out a surprise thing to do from the surprise basket. Previously write out all kinds of funny things that can be done or asked. Guests have fun as even if they are leaving the game, they have more interaction with everyone. The person that doesn’t get “out” wins the stuffed duck in the end and maybe some others prizes.

Another game that will surely be a hit no matter what the theme of the party is the name that candy bar dirty diaper baby shower game.

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rubber ducky candles The rubber ducky candles are always a success. Guests love taking them home as favors because they’re so adorable. This would be my first choice for a favor when throwing a duck themed baby shower.
You can see more about these candles by clicking here or on the image to the right »».
They already come in a transparent gift box so there’s no extra work getting them ready for the event except gluing on the favor tags.

ducky favor bags If you don’t have the time to make each favor from scratch but still want to add your personal touch, then you’ll love these duckie favor bags. They’re made out of high quality paper and are perfect for filling with candies, bath salts, soaps, chocolates, tea bags, etc.
Add tissue paper so it looks even cuter. You can get this duckie favor bag by clicking here or on the image to the right »».

duck baby bib baby duck calendar You can have a duck theme calendar as the favor for the shower. Wrap it up and tie it with a yellow satin bow. Guests can receive their calendar when they’re on their way out. A small baby duck stuffed toy can also be a great favor. Add a small tag with the parents name thanking the guests for coming.

baby duck with book You can also find several duck themed items and put them in a small transparent sack. Examples would be duck themed bookmarks, small duck themed hand towels, duck shaped soaps, sponges, duck sugar cookies, etc. You can also have a regular baby shower favors and put duck themed stickers on it. Some ideas for these would be mint tins, candy bars, tea bags, etc.

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