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monkey for baby shower with bananas So you want to celebrate the arrival of the new baby in monkey style? A monkey theme is perfect for boys because boys are usually more physically active. In fact when my oldest son was just a toddler I would say that if he were an animal he would be a monkey because of all of his climbing and jumping on everything. However, you can make this theme for a baby girl too by just adding pink as the complimentary color in the decorations.The monkey theme is a fun one and by using a bit of creativity you can tie it in to many games and activities for the guests to play. On this page you will find everything you need to throw a fun monkey baby shower.

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5 monkeys around a fence Start your party off on the right foot by making adorable monkey themed invitations. Your guests will already be in a fun mood from the moment they get the invite.

banana Banana Shaped

A really cute idea that ties in with the monkey theme perfectly is to create banana shaped invitations by cutting them out of bright yellow construction paper.
monkey baby shower invitation template If your party will be decorated in lighter colors you can always cut the banana out of pastel colored construction paper.
Here is a banana template in case you need one for you to use as a basis for cutting out your invitation. You can also click the image to the right and it will open up in a new window. Make sure to fold the yellow paper before you cut out the invitation so that there’s room to put the information inside the banana. Have the details of the party on the inside of the invitation. If you like, you can even write out the information for the party with magic markers.

banana Custom Made

If you don’t have the time to make the invitations yourself, you can always buy some custom invitations.

For a boy’s theme you can find a custom themed monkey invitation by clicking here or here.

For a girl’s theme you can find a custom themed monkey invitation by clicking here.

banana  Wording for a Monkey Baby Shower Invitation  banana

monkey dancing
monkey dancing with banana

It’s getting close
To that special date
The new baby’s coming
So let’s celebrate
We’ll eat and play games
And see everyone
A monkey themed shower
Is just so much fun!

Another idea for a monkey themed invitation is cutting out a monkey shaped face in brown card stock and gluing a pink ribbon to the head if it’s a girl baby shower.

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monkey baby shower centerpieces The best thing to do when decorating your monkey baby shower is to choose the centerpieces that will go on the tables. Here to the right is a picture of a monkey baby shower diaper cake. You can make several diaper cakes if you want to decorate your party. Be sure that each one has some kind of special added touch making it unique. However you can also create other centerpieces for the party like buying funny monkey toys that dance or make monkey noises and featuring them on a tray with other cute toys.

banana The Entrance Way

monkey hanging from tree Impress your guests by making adorable palm trees out of cardboard and placing them in the entrance way of the party. Buy cute monkeys to hang from the trees. You can easily find “vines” at decorative stores and use those as a basis for hanging monkeys all round the party. Place the vines on walls, door ways, and even light fixtures.

banana The Color Scheme

As for the color scheme, you have a lot of freedom. Here are a few ideas for pastel colors for you to choose from:

monkey laying on a banana pile • Yellow, beige and green
• Pink, brown and beige
• Blue, brown and yellow

And as for bright colors you can always use:
• Orange, brown, and green
• Red, blue and yellow

Whatever color palette you choose, just make sure that you stick to those colors in the general decorations so that it doesn’t look confusing.

banana Wall Decorations

monkey eating bananas Another great idea is buying lots of monkey themed baby clothes and using them in the decor. That way, once the shower is over, the baby will have even more gifts. For example you could get onesies, slippers, bibs, jumpers and all kind of cute monkey themed clothing and pin them on a clothesline across a wall. Have a cute monkey cut out at the extremities of the clothesline.

banana Use Lots of Plants

The monkey theme allows for the use of many plants making the party look a bit like a jungle. If you don’t have many plants you can always get a large amount of white paper and paint plants on the background and glue cutouts on top of the scenery that you painted.

banana Table Decorations

monkey hiding behind bananas As for tables you can cover them with ready made monkey themed table cloths or use raffia as grass skirts for the table. Another idea is to buy monkey themed fabric in quantity and cover the tables with this. You can even use the monkey themed baby clothing on top of tables too. Use your creativity and decorate items with monkey stickers, plastic monkeys and matching confetti. There are waste baskets that can be used as vases for items and decoratives. Make paper napkin rings or buy them ready made. There are banana themed napkin rings and also in the shape of a monkey in which the tail surrounds the napkin.

Also, if the mommy to be loves monkeys, you can buy her beautiful monkey themed jewelry. My friend has an awesome animal jewelry store in which you can find wild animal jewelry including some monkey pendants. His store also donates to animal charity with every purchase.

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Banana Split Ice Cream Station
banana split banana split

monkey with bananas A special treat for your party would be creating a banana split ice cream station. Have a table set up with all of the toppings so that the guests can serve themselves. Use a cut out monkey to simulate him holding a sign with the words “Banana Split Station” written on it. You could even have a toy monkey holding the sign. Make sure that there are enough spoons, napkins, and ice cream bowls for everyone. Place cute yellow bowls on a table with the following yummy ingredients:

ice cream cart • Sliced bananas
• Maraschino cherries
• Chocolate fudge
• Carmel syrup
• Whipped cream
• Sliced strawberries
• M&Ms
• Chopped walnuts
• Powdered milk
• Other candies

2 monkeys with bananas divider

Other Monkey Themed Food

small banana animal crackers

small banana banana bread

small banana banana shaped candy

small banana banana smoothies

small banana monkey lollipops

Another idea is to decorate the foods tables in a tropical style simulating a bit of a jungle theme and place stuffed monkeys on the tables.

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This monkey cake is for a bright colored party. You can use a 9 inch round shaped pan, yellow coloring for the icing and then draw the monkey on top.

Cupcakes are a great alternative to regular cakes and are sure to be a hit. A great advantage is that you don’t have to cut the cake if you make cupcakes and each one is ready for the guest to eat. Here below are some cute ideas for you a boy baby shower and also for a girl theme.

monkey baby shower cakes monkey baby shower cakes

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banana Can’t Say “Baby” Game

monkey with babies Purchase some monkey pendants at a party store and make enough monkey necklaces for everyone. Guests receive a necklace when they arrive at the party. The forbidden word to say at the party is “baby”. When a guest catches the other one saying “baby” they have the right to take the monkey necklace. At the end of the party, the guest with the biggest amount of necklaces wins a prize.

banana Banana Race

monkey with banana Guests are divided into two teams and line up at the end of the room. At the other side of the room there are two large bowls. Each player has to transport a banana with their mouths to the other side of the room and let it fall into the bowl. (If the banana falls they have to pick it up and go back to the beginning line.) The team that finishes their bananas first wins. Make sure to have enough bananas for each player to race at least once.

banana Monkey Hunt

monkey hunt Hide a whole bunch of monkeys before the baby shower begins. At your signal everyone will start searching for the monkeys. The monkey that’s dressed with a diaper is the prized monkey and whoever finds it wins a special prize.

banana Cutest Monkey Contest

cute monkey Hand out white sheets of paper,markers, colored pencils and crayons to everyone. At your signal everyone starts drawing a baby monkey. Have a panel of judges to vote for the cutest monkey drawing. The best drawing wins a prize.

banana Dress the Baby Monkey

monkey laying down Contestants will have to keep their hands behind their backs while attempting to dress the stuffed baby monkey. They will have to put on a disposable diaper, shorts and a hat on the monkey. they can use their mouths, feet, or other parts of their body just not their hands. The first contestant to finish dressing all of the items on the monkey wins.

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monkey with bananas Click for the Monkey Coloring Pages Parents many times bring their kids to baby showers so it’s a great idea to have some entertainment for the little ones. I have created a printable monkey coloring and activity book that you can download by clicking here or on the image to the right.

The coloring pages to the right are in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the reader, it can be downloaded free from this link (which is the Adobe Acrobat Reader). To open up the file simply click on the image and the Monkey Coloring Book will open.

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small monkey small monkey with banana Favors don’t need to be complicated nor do they have to be expensive. Purchase some tulle and use it to wrap around candies with a yellow satin ribbon. Make sure to have the personalized thank you card glued or stapled onto the ribbon. The candies can be jelly beans, runts, banana candy or selected M&Ms in the colors of the party.

bananas bananas Another idea is to make a large quantity of banana bread mix and then put a portion in plastic sacks. Wrap tulle around the plastic sack and print out banana bread recipes to staple onto the tulle. You can do the same thing with a small bar of glycerin soap.

small monkey small monkey with banana Going to party stores will always give you more ideas and you can see if they have cute monkey themed items that you can use as favors.

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Also here is the name that candy bar baby shower game that has printable instructions for you to use for your next shower.

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  1. Karla Bond  

    Great great idea. Wish I knew someone now that was having a baby shower I would so do this theme.

  2. Sire  

    Hey Eren, you are so talented. I find it amazing that you can come up with all these themes. Mothers are so lucky that all they have to do is come here to get ideas. That diaper cake was something else. Who would have ever thought to put diapers and cakes together? 😉

  3. Fitness Family  

    Awwww, this is like the frog themed baby shower post you had before. They are both soooo cute! You have a way of making ordinary posts look fun and interesting! Thanks for your very informative tips!

  4. Sandra  

    I think the monkey baby shower theme is so cute!
    You have great baby shower ideas.

  5. Debbie Lattuga  

    I love this theme. I think because of all the fun activities. My daughters started school today. A senior and a sophomore. No more babies for me, but when I throw a shower, I think I’ll use this theme. Thanks.

  6. Eren Mckay  

    @Karla – Yeah it’s a fun theme. If you have any friends that are having babies they can use these ideas.

    @Sire – Thanks. These are my favorite kind of posts because I can get really creative. When my boys were little I used a lotof my creativity homeschooling them, Now that they are older (10,11, and 13) they find my games and ideas “childish” – LOL. so writing creative posts like this one gets it out of me (hee hee).

    @Cherrie – Thanks girl. I plan on doing many themes so that whoever is throwing a shower can look through them all and have many options to choose from. I’m still going to work on the ladybug and duck theme and many more. I’m glad you like them.

    @Sandra – Yeah monkeys are adorable. They’re my favorite animal to look at when I go to the zoo because they are so funny.

    @Debbie – I know how you feel. Now that my boys aren’t little kids anymore I can’t throw this big themed birthday parties. They want “no theme” parties- I just threw one on Saturday for my oldest who just turned 13. At least there were lots of kids and they had fun 😉 .

    All the best,

  7. Melanie (ModernMami)  

    I might just pass this around to my mom or friends as a hint since we’re expecting our second – and a boy! 😉

  8. Eren Mckay  

    Oh Melanie – that will be wonderful. Congratulations on your baby boy! Babies are truly a blessing ?

  9. Ching Ya  

    How did you come up with all of these wonderful ideas, Eren? 🙂 You have an impressive designing sense in this matter. Love the diaper cake (can’t believe I say that out loud, tehee..), so adorable! Frog, Monkey, can’t wait to see what’s up next.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  10. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Ching Ya!
    Thanks..I just really love creative things like baby shower, parties, kids educational resources. They bring me such joy to just look at. Planning the party is my favorite part 😉 .
    I’m planning other baby shower posts with creative and unique themes.
    Thanks for coming by my friend.

  11. Lia  

    Awesome idea (i.e. the banana bread fixings in a bag)!! I was planning on purchasing travel size foot scrubs for party favors and post baby feet around the party favor table with a sign saying, “It’s a Jungle out there!! Here’s something to pamper your feet!” I’m now teetering between these two ideas because it’d be much more economical to try the banana bread idea out. Thank you! : D

  12. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Lia,
    The baby feet idea is really cool too! I think the banana bread will be more cost effective though. I`m sure the guests will love whichever one you choose. Hope you have a fabulous baby shower!

  13. Rita  

    Thank you for the great ideas! What is the name of the clip art you’re using on you’re site. The monkeys are adorable!

  14. Eren Mckay  

    Hi Rita,
    The clipart is purchased from She is a wonderful graphic artist and I recommend her graphics.

  15. Zenovia Wallis  

    This is awesome, I’m planning my daughters baby shower next month and she loves monkeys and is having a boy so this is perfect…the decorating ideas are right up my alley and they really helped out a lot…Love it…

  16. Tybee  

    Your site is great!I am planning a monkey themed baby shower for my sister and have been looking for some cute ideas. Your ideas for the games sound like so much fun!

  17. Jane Anderson  

    this site is great!I am also planning for a monkey themed baby shower for my baby and have been finding for cute ideas. this web’s ideas for the games sound like so much fun! 😀

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