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ladybug baby shower banner

The ladybug theme is a unique idea for having a girl baby shower. If it’s spring or summer time you can also tie in the garden theme with it. Mommies who are into gardening or using this theme for their baby’s nursery will especially love this theme. Depending on the weather you can make it an outdoors baby shower party.

ladybug baby On this page you will find all kinds of ladybug ideas to incorporate throughout your entire baby shower.

There’s a printable ladybug coloring book at the bottom of the post, food ideas to match your theme, ladybug themed games and much more! Here at the top there’s a clickable table of contents of all of the topics covered so that you can easily access each portion of the page with just one click.

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ladybug baby banner

Ladybug Baby Shower Invitations Ladybug Baby Shower Decorations Ladybug Baby Shower Food Ideas Ladybug Baby Shower Cakes

Ladybug Baby Shower Theme Games Ladybug Party Favors Ladybug Coloring Pages

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Custom Made Invitations

ladybug If you’ve decided to go with the red and black color scheme then the following invitations will be perfect for your event. Just click on the image or the link below to view more about each invitation:

ladybug Some people prefer the pink and brown color scheme for the ladybug theme. The following invites match this color scheme very well:

ladybug ladybug baby Of course if you don’t want to spend the money on personalized invitations you can always make them yourself. Simply buy black and red cardboard. Cut the body out of the black cardboard and the wings out of the red. Get a hole puncher to create the black dots on the ladybug. Cut out a white piece of paper for the information of the baby shower to be readable. You can also buy wiggly eyes and antennas and glue them on to make it really cute.

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ladybug The Color Scheme

The color scheme for a ladybug baby shower is red black and white. You can also add shades of bright green to liven everything up. Some people have used the pink and green theme for a ladybug shower which is a great idea. Choose the tones that you resonate the most and have fun with it!

ladybug decorations ladybug The Entrance Way

Hang up a large banner with ladybugs on it and something like “Congratulations Mommy to Be”. Or simply buy a large ladybug flag like this one to the right and either place it on a wall or a door. Of course you can place ladybug flags and posters all over the party- (not only in the entrance way).

Another idea is to create a large ladybug mural with pictures of the parents growing up and have it on a wall where guests can easily access it. Buy some red, white and green balloons and place them behind the main foods tables and in the entrance way. I have written an article on how to decorate your party with balloons that will help you in this process (link will open in a new window).

ladybug The Tableware

ladybug Use red and white checkered tablecloths to add that “home feeling” to the decor. Solid colors also look cute if you prefer to use those. Another idea for a unique tablecloth is to purchase black felt and cut out circles and glue them to the red table cloths. The table cloths end up looking like giant ladybugs.

Tableware can be theme based or the red and black colors. Whichever you feel is the prettiest and most appropriate for your kind of party. You can purchase them here.

To create an even more festive environment, paint a stone as a ladybug and then tie ladybug helium balloons to it and place it in the center of each guest table.

To add a bit of color to the environment, create some grass out of crepe paper and but it around the ladybugs on the foods tables.

ladybug Ladybug Guest Book

ladybug guest book Another fun idea is to have a ladybug baby guest book. In this book, guests can write a special message from the heart to the parents. There can also be a section where they give their best piece of parenting advice. This other section can be titled something like: I wish someone had told me that. These are things that we only discover about parenting after we actually start to parent. That way this can be a great memory for the parents and also help them out.

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lady bug bear When planning the foods for your baby shower theme try to add in some fruits also since they are a healthy option. For the ladybug theme, stick to red colored fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, apples, red raspberries, and red grapes. Guests that are on a diet will greatly appreciate this added effort.

You can also have certain sweets with the fruits.
For example have chocolate fondue with the fruits like strawberries and grapes.

If you’re having many children at the party you can even make a tray of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for them.

More ideas for sweet foods are:

candy apples ladybug Cherry or strawberry pie

ladybug Red jello

ladybug Red cinnamon apples

ladybug Chocolate chip cookies with red M&Ms instead of regular chocolate chips

ladybug Ladybug themed cookies and food

ladybug cookies ladybug cupcakes

Other foods:

ladybug Veggie trays with blue cheese and ranch dip

ladybug Small tuna sandwiches with slices of red pepper or black olive on top


Since the color scheme is mostly based around red, I suggest having some red punch or red raspberry juice for beverages. Place the punch in a large bowl with reusable plastic ice “cubes”.

Sodas are always welcome too. Make sure to include diet sodas.

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ladybug cupcakes The cake is what brings the party together. Make sure to make your cake a piece of artwork. Some people prefer to have cupcakes instead of cake. Others decide on having both. Here to the right is an idea of adorable ladybug cupcakes made with sugar ladybugs on green icing.

You can have them made at the local bakery but if you want to save money you can buy ready made cupcakes and simply decorate the tops of them with a ladybug theme. Same goes for the cake.

Here below are more ladybug cake pictures to inspire and give you ideas.

ladybug cake Of course if you really want to save money you can make them all from scratch at home. You will need two different sized round baking pans. One will be for the body and one for the head. (The head will need to be cut to fit the shape of the body.)

For the ladybug cake you’ll need red and black food coloring to make the icing. Another idea is to surround your ladybug cake with green icing to make it look like grass. Black licorice can be used for the antennas and red licorice for the ladybug’s smile.

Here are more pics:

ladybug cupcake flower ladybug cupcakes

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ladybug Ladybug Hunt

ladybug baby For this game you’ll need a whole bunch of plastic ladybugs. You can buy them at the dollar store or paint them onto round stones. Before the baby shower, hide all of these ladybugs in various places in the party. Have a large quantity of them so that everyone can participate. Give each guest a plastic ladybug bag and have them go and search. The person that finds the most ladybugs by the time the bell rings wins a big prize. Everyone gets to keep their toy ladybugs.

ladybug Pass the Ladybug

ladybug Everyone loves stuffed animals and music so unite the two in this fun game. Have the players sit in chairs in a circle format. Get a large stuffed ladybug and play some lively music while the ladybug gets passed around from hand to hand quickly. The person holding the ladybug when the music stops is “out”. This keeps happening until there’s only one player left. The winner gets a surprise gift. It’s a good idea to have 1st and 2nd runner up prizes too.

ladybug Guess the Jelly Beans

ladybug banner For this game you’ll need red and black jelly beans, a large see through jar, pencils and papers for all of your guests.

Before the baby shower, put the black jelly beans into the jar first and then the red ones. Make sure to count all of the jelly beans that you put into the jar. The guests get to write on their papers their guess for the red jelly beans, the black ones and also the total amount. The person that gets closest to the correct number for the red and for the black without going over gets prizes. And the person that gets the right amount for the total without going over gets the large jar filled with jelly beans.

ladybug Pin the Ladybug

ladybug This is a variance of the pin the tail on the donkey game. For this game you’ll need to have a large felt ladybug and a poster with a green leaf drawn on it. Each guest will be blindfolded and will attempt to pin the ladybug on the leaf (which should not be a big leaf by the way to make it more difficult). The guest that pins the ladybug on the leaf wins a prize.

Another hilarious game that will surely be a hit no matter what the theme of the party is the name that candy bar dirty diaper baby shower game.

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ladybug baby favors For ladybug favors there are many ideas that you can try out. Anything that is ladybug themed will work out well and you can also add a personalized ladybug thank you tag to each favor. Here to the right is a picture of ladybug themed buttons which would be a very cute favor to tie tulle around and give to each guest.

More ideas for you include:

ladybug Ladybug shaped soap

ladybug Ladybug themed flower seed packets

ladybug Chocolate ladybugs on a stick (covered in plastic)

ladybug Ladybug themed goodie bags with candy

ladybug Baby bottles with red and black jelly beans

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ladybug coloring pages I have created a ladybug coloring book for the kids that go to the baby shower to be able to have ladybug themed activities to keep them busy. To open up the coloring pages simply click the image to the right.

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    I’m SO IN LOVE with ladybug since I was a little girl. Love the tablecloth idea and the ladybug cakes! Where did you find them? If only I know the recipe and ways to make them. I agree with Sire, if you ever decided to do this for a career (maybe after your boys have grown up), you should try. By that time, you might have hundreds of posts to be compiled as a book too – two birds with one stone, thanks to God for putting that passion in you! 🙂

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    @ChingYa – Hey. I love ladybugs too. They’re just so cute! hee hee… At the end of the post therre’s a ladybug activity book that is a pdf that you can print out for your cute kids.
    About the cake: I found the pictures for those cakes on flickr. But it’s really not that hard to do. Simply have a large round cake for the body and a small cupcake for the head.Put read icing on top of the body and black icing for the head. You can even buy the cake already made and just decorate it afterward with icing. There are sugar eyes that you can buy at certain stores.

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