9 Adorable Girl Baby Shower Themes for You to Choose From

By Eren Mckay  
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girl baby shower ideas So you’re throwing a baby shower and you already know that the little bundle of joy will be a girl! Hooray! You can let your creative feminine side flourish now and add lots of laces, rhinestones, flowers and just all around adorableness to the entire party :). Since I’m a girly girl myself I absolutely love the idea of a girly baby shower.
I decided to create this post to organize all of the awesome girly baby showers I have written about. That way you can browse through the different themes and figure out which one you and the mom-to-be love the most.

In order to view the post of each girl baby shower theme simply click on the thumbnail image and a new window will open up taking you to that exact theme. That way you’ll still have this post open and won’t lose your spot. So let’s start!

Baby Shower

Tinkerbell Baby Shower

Everyone loves a cute fairy, so why not fill your baby shower with fairy wings, fairy dust and wands and make it a magical experience for everyone? Click here for this theme.

Baby Shower

Purple Baby Shower

If the mom to be loves the color purple, why not have this awesome color tied into every part of your girl baby shower such as the invitations, flowers, wall decorations and even the food? Click here to see theme.

Pink and Brown
Baby Shower

Pink and Brown Baby Shower

Pink is traditionally a girl color and uniting it with brown will create a sophisticated look for your shower. It allows you to use chocolate throughout the entire party: on the sweets table, the cake and even the favors. Click here for this theme.

Anne Geddes
Baby Shower

Anne Geddes baby shower

Anne Geddes is a world-renowned photographer that has put together some of the most adorable baby picture collections ever. Decorate your entire shower with Anne Geddes posters and use her postcards for invitations and thank you cards. Check out this theme by clicking here

Twin Girls
Baby Shower

Twin Girls Angels baby shower

If the mommy-to-be is expecting two little girls, why not throw a twin girls angels baby shower? Spread little angels all over the party and even make an angel cake. Click here to see all of the ideas for this theme

Cupcake Themed
Baby Shower

Cupcake Baby Shower Theme

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Cupcakes are an all around favorite so why not decorate your entire baby shower with cupcake images? Hang cupcake posters on the wall and create cupcake themed centerpieces. Click here for more ideas on this theme

Baby Shower

Ballerina Baby Shower

Fill your girl themed baby shower with pink ballet slippers and tutu skirts. The ballerina theme is a whimsical one that the expectant mommy is sure to love. Click here for ideas on this theme.

Pink and Yellow
Baby Shower

Pink and Yellow Baby Shower

Decorate your party with pink and yellow baby items such as pacifiers, bottles, bibs, and diapers. Pink and yellow are soothing pastel colors and go very well together. Check out this theme by clicking here.

Baby Shower

Ladybug Baby Shower

Although this shower is not typically pink, ladybugs are considered to be “girly” bugs. Use this cute insect to create unique hand made invitations and diaper cake centerpieces.Click here to check out this theme.

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