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frogs in a pond A frog themed baby shower is perfect for the baby to come. It’s a theme that can be done for both boys and girls. You can also use these ideas for a Princess and the Frog Baby Shower. Many ideas can be incorporated into this theme making it playful. For example: when you think about frogs, you think about hopping and jumping which are fun things to do in the games that you will be playing with your guests. The extra plus is that frogs are just so cute!

baby frog Here on this page you will find many ideas to make your baby shower shine. Right at the top I have a clickable table of contents that will take you to the exact portion of the page that you want . You can also scroll down if you prefer. I just made this table of contents for it to be more organized and easier to hop to the right spot 😉 .

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baby frog friends

If you would like to create your own frog themed invitations here are a few suggestions for you:
You can cut out green card stock or foam into the shape of a frog. To make the frog look really cute, glue rolling eyes and have a pink ribbon for the swirly tongue. Frog stickers are always great to decorate the envelopes.

Click for the Frog Baby Shower Invitation Here is a basic template for you to easily cut out the frog. Simply click the frog image to the right and print it out. Cut it and then trace it onto green paper.
You will need to trace the amount of invitations that you will be sending out.

Frog Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A creative way to word your frog themed baby shower invitation is:

“Hop on over for us to celebrate the arrival of our new baby.
You’re sure to have a toadily fun time! “

If you don’t have time to create handmade invitations, you can always buy ready made ones. You can see a wide variety of them by clicking here.

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baby frogs blinking When decorating, you want to pick out complimentary colors that you will be able to use in various parts of the party. If you know that the baby is a girl then adding touches of pink throughout the baby shower is perfect because pink and green go so well together.

For a boy, the complimentary color would be blue. Combining green and blue gives a calm and soothing feeling.
Whichever colors you decide on, you can use them in banners, for the tablecloths, balloons and even in the plates and napkins. One thing that I have found is that shiny paper and shiny fabric makes a huge difference in the beauty of the overall party. So try to add that when you’re decorating.
An idea for a blue and green decorated party is to make the table look like a pond. Use a blue tablecloth and put cute frogs on top of lily pads on top of the table. Glue cattails to the sides of the table making it look like a real pond. The food can go in between all of the decoratives. Balloons can go in the entrance way and you can also line the ceiling with them.

baby frog on lily pad Sometimes we think we will need to buy lots of things but the truth is that we may already have several things at home to accessorize the party. Look for green items throughout your house. And if the shower is for a boy, you can also look for blue items and a girl you can look for pink.

Candles are also wonderful accessory but you want to have glass surrounding it to prevent fire hazards. Tie bushels of wheat with green ribbons and place it in certain key parts of the party. Buy frogs, lilypads, and cattails and put them everywhere.

Princess and the frog baby shower

The other thing is since Disney came out with the beautiful movie “The Princess and the Frog” you can use it as the theme for your baby shower if it’s a girl. The great thing about using a movie theme is that there are so many resources available to decorate the party. You can find a wide selection of Princess and the Frog themed party decorations and supplies by clicking here.

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

frog diaper cake The best idea for a centerpiece is a useful and beautiful one—yes I’m talking about a frog themed diaper cake. Diaper cakes are a mommy’s favorite gift because they are soo pretty and have one of the most needed thing for a new mom: diapers 😉 .
You can also add other useful things to your diaper cake like frog themed bottles, frog themed rattles, bibs, pacifiers, lotion, etc. Use your creativity. It’s pretty easy to find frog themed toys. If you just want it to be pink and green you can also make one with those theme colors and it will match the party. To the right is a picture of a beautiful diaper cake for a girl to give you some ideas.

Frog Diaper Cake for a Girl or Boy
The images below are two more frog diaper cakes that are boy themed but can also be adapted for a girl to inspire you to create your own:

If you really want to go “all out”, you can make two diaper cakes…One for the dad and one for the mom. The dad can have a cute onesie with the words “I love my daddy” or something to the sort.

If you would like to have a wall with pictures of the family, you can make a green background and then put the pictures onto lily pads. For added sparkle put glitter glue wherever you think looks good.

baby frog laying down

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frogs in a pond When planning the food for your froggy themed baby shower you can use a lot of green themed foods.
For example for the fruits there are lots for green ones that look really nice together like melons, kiwis, pears, and Granny Smith apples. You can also make sweets with these fruits and put them in the salads.

Ideas for green salads are: cucumber salad, pistacchio salad, or just green lettuce salad. You can have veggies with dip using vegetables like green peppers, spinach, celery, and asparagus.

Frogs on a Log
A cute idea would be to have celery sticks with peanut butter and little plastic frogs sitting on the celery. Put raisins on there to look like flies. If you want to have another option for those who have allergies to peanuts you can fill the celery stick with cream cheese. This healthy and yummy finger food will be a hit.

Ideas for Sweet Foods are:

• Green Lemon Pie
• Green Jello
• Frog shaped cookies
• Lilypad shaped cookies

Ideas for the Beverages:

Use green food coloring with your favorite punch recipe and decorate the punch bowl with floating frogs. You can also make the punch blue or simply make blue cool-aid for it to look like a real pond with floating lilypads and frogs on top of those.

pink and yellow flowers

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To the right is a picture of a beautiful frog themed cake for you to get ideas for your own delicious frog cake. You can have one made at your local bakery or if you’re the crafty type you can even do one yourself. You will need lots of supplies and materials to be able to make the cake though. An all time favorite for the inside of a cake is chocolate.
Some stores sell cute decorative frogs on a stick making it easy to decorate your cake by simply pushing the stick into the cake. You can also make a frog shaped cake by buying the mold for the cake.

frog shape cake The cake to the left can be done with a 9 inch round shaped pan, green coloring for the icing and red licorice for the smile. The eyes can be done with cupcake molds and them putting white icing and oreo cookies on top. Decorate around it with cute edible flowers.

Another alternative that is a bit easier to make are frog themed cupcakes. You can use gummy drops, green M&Ms, raisins, cookies, confetti candy for decorating the cupcakes. If you want an easy alternative for decorating them, you can also buy frog candles and make that the top of it.

baby frog boy baby frog girl For green icing, simply add green food coloring to the icing. Here are some pictures for you to get ideas for those too.

Frog Cupcakes

Get creative when decorating the cupcakes and have fun!

frog cupcakes

frog cupcakes frog cupcakes

pink and yellow flowers line

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baby frog friends Crawl and Find the Frog

You will need 15 stuffed frogs, two chairs, a red and a blue flag (or cloth), a stack of cloth diapers for each team and enough blindfolds for everyone playing.
Separate the guests into two groups. Put two chairs far apart from each other at the end of the room. Place a red flag or cloth on one chair and a blue one on the other chair to distinguish between the two teams.
baby frog jumping Explain to everyone that when you say “go” they will get on their knees and start crawling, trying to find the frog themed stuffed animals around the room. Give a blindfold to each person and have them put it on. Then, spread the stuffed frogs around the area where the game will be played. When you say “go”, each guest will get on their hands and knees and try to find a frog without peeking. Once they get the frog, they need to crawl over to the chair of their team and grab a cloth diaper that is next to the chair.
baby frog blinking Then they need to tie the diaper onto the stuffed frog and once they have done that they can put the frog on top of the chair. The frogs that are found can go on top of the chair or under it. The game keeps going until all the frogs have been found. Even if a player has found a frog he can go back and try to find more after taking it to the chair. The team with the most frogs wins. Have food prizes for the winners.

Frog Cookie Game

Time to eat cookies but in a fun way 😉 . Have players look to the ceiling and place a frog themed cookie on each of their foreheads. When you say “go”, they will try to have the cookie scoot down to their mouth where they can eat it. To do this, they will make faces and still try to not let the cookie fall to the floor. The first one to bite the cookie wins. This is a fun game to watch.

M&M Fun

Each participant gets a straw and two plates. One plate is empty and the other one has ten M&Ms. The players will try to transfer all the M&Ms with a straw from one plate to another when you say go. The first one to transfer all of the M&Ms wins. If you want this game to tie in even more with the theme make sure you use frog shaped plates and theme colored M&Ms.


This game is best to be played outside. So if you have an open space in the yard that would be ideal. Separate your guests into two teams. Make a finish line .
Each team stays in a line facing forward. The players will kneel down and put their hands over the heads. When you say go, the last person in the line will have to jump over each person by putting their hand on their backs and spreading the legs wide. They will keep doing this until they get to the front and then they themselves will kneel down and the next last person will do this. The game keep going until the last person in the team has crossed the finish line. Tell them that the first team to be all the way across that finish line wins a prize. You can make the prize simple like a bag of candy.

baby frog with flowers baby frog standing Here is a video that can be helpful to show you how to play leapfrog:

pink and yellow flowers line

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baby frog boy and girl Pin the Tongue on the Frog

This game is a variation of the pin the tail on the donkey game. Find a large Frog poster and then cut out tongues for everyone to pin on the frog while blindfolded. You can use tacks or even scotch tape to have it stay on.

Guess the Flies in the Jar

Buy a whole bunch of fake flies and fill a jar with them. When the guests arrive have them guess how many flies are in the jar. The closest guess without going over wins a prize.

Frog Coloring and Activities Book

It’s always a good idea to have something for little kids to do since usually moms bring their children to baby showers. Here are some frog themed activity and coloring pages for you to print out, staple and give to the kiddos.

Click for the Baby Shower Frog Coloring Pages
The coloring pages to the right are in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the reader, it can be downloaded free from this link (which is the Adobe Acrobat Reader). To open up the file simply click on the image and the Frog Coloring Book will open.

yellow and pink flowers line

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baby frog friends in pond After having a wonderful time at the baby shower everyone loves getting the favors when going home. You can get really creative when choosing your favors all the way from frog shaped soaps wrapped in beautiful cloth to frog shaped chocolates. Don’t forget to put the little tag on personalizing the favor even more.

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Also here is the name that candy bar game for a baby shower that has printable instructions for you to use for your next shower.

pink and yellow flowers line

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