Animal Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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animal themed baby shower Animals and babies are a great combination because they’re just so cute and bring smiles to our faces! If you’re looking for a personalized option of favors to send to your guests, you’ll love these customizable animal themed notebooks. Click to check it out!
If you don’t yet know the sex of the baby, having an animal themed baby shower is also a great idea because it’s so gender neutral. Of course you can make any theme more girlie or boyish just by adding the right color combination. Using pink as a main color will make any baby shower more feminine. If you want a more masculine look use colors such as blue and brown.

This post is more of an index for all of the animal baby shower themes that I’ve written about. Whether you want to have monkeys, giraffes, frogs, or ladybugs you’re sure to find a theme that is just right for you on this page.

Simply click on the thumbnail and a new window will open up with all of the cool ideas for that theme. That way you’ll still have this post open and won’t lose your spot.
Have fun choosing!

Jungle Theme
Baby Shower

Jungle Theme Baby Shower

If you want to make your baby shower a wild event with lots of different animals to decorate pick the jungle theme. Get creative and use banana trees, vines, and monkeys hanging from the ceiling.
Click here for this theme.

Baby Shower

Giraffe Baby Shower

Yellow is the primary decorative color for a giraffe baby shower theme. Have fun with polka dots and use them as part of the tableware and even on the invitations.
Click here for more on this theme.

Baby Shower

Bunny Baby Shower

If you want to have a hoppity good time, pick the bunny theme. Some people love this when it’s spring time since it ties right into Easter. However you can use the bunny theme any time of the year.
Click here for ideas on this theme.

Noah’s Ark
Baby Shower

Noahs Ark Baby Shower

Another great theme that has lots of animals is the Noah’s ark theme. You can find lots of Noah’s ark decoratives and favors at teacher stores. This will make decorating much easier since there are so many ready made objects around this theme. Check out this theme by clicking here

Baby Shower

duck baby shower

The duck theme can also be used as a bath time theme because of the famous yellow rubber duckie toy. Use bathtubs, and yellow duck baby clothing to decorate your event. Click here to see all of the ideas for this theme

Monkey Themed
Baby Shower

Monkey Themed Baby Shower

The monkey theme is a fun and playful theme that is traditionally used for boys. However add a little pink and you can have a girl monkey baby shower. Buy monkey toys and hang them all over your party. Click here for more ideas on this theme

Under the Sea
Baby Shower

Under the Sea Baby Shower

If the parents love the sea, you might want to do an under the sea baby shower theme. That way you can decorate with all kinds of aquatic animals such as octopuses, sharks, whales, dolphins, starfish, clown fish, sea horses, etc. Click here for ideas on this theme.

Baby Shower

Frog Baby Shower

The main color for a frog baby shower is green and any other pastel can be the complimentary color. Use lily pads, dragon flies and ponds to create a frog friendly environment for your party. Check out this theme by clicking here.

Baby Shower

Ladybug Baby Shower

Red and black polka dots can be used for various parts of the decorations for the ladybug baby shower such as the invitations, the table cloths and also diaper cakes. This cute little insect is typically used for girlie baby showers. Click here to check out this theme.

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Names Game

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