Alternative wedding invitation ideas & tips – choosing invitations while saving you money

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Email wedding invitations: the frugal alternative

With the advancement of technology a great alternative to traditional printed out invitations are email invitations. Of course if your wedding is going to be a big event the most elegant choice would be to send a printed out invitation and use email only as a reminder. But if you’re having a simpler wedding an email invitation is a great alternative that saves you money.There are beautiful email invitation templates out there that can be used.

Email invitations are also great for finding out quickly who will be able to come and who will not. That way you can also save money by not ordering more food than will be needed. The guest simply clicks the reply button in the email and answers if they will be able to attend or not.
Email can also be used as a reminder for special announcements and to send the guests to your online wedding website.

If you choose the printed out wedding invitations here are some great tips for you:

Are bigger invitations really better?

I’m all for being creative and unique. As brides we tend to want to get the biggest, most unique things for our wedding. We end up going a bit overboard with some things and this includes the size of the invitation.

Really big invitations are not necessarily better- but they always end up costing a whole lot more. So be careful not to overdo on the size. Try going for a medium sized invite.

Find the cheap without looking cheap – quality paper is a must

When choosing your wedding invitations the quality of the paper is very important. Who wants to look cheap on their wedding? Not me. And I’m sure you don’t either. We can save money without looking cheap ;-).

Unfortunately I’ve seen many people try to save money by using really cheap looking paper for their wedding invitations. High quality paper makes an invitation look valuable. The opposite will just ruin the first impression. There are places that sell high quality paper at a cheaper price. They sell them in bulk prices. You just need to research and find them. That way you can save money and still be elegant.

Choosing the color for your invitation

To pick out the color of your invitation, feel free to go with what you really want. It is usually best that it combines with the overall color choice for the wedding. Some classic and elegant colors for wedding invitations are: white, off white, champagne, cream, beige and peach.

Try to pick light colors for the part of the invitation that has the wording on it. This will make the important information easier to read. If you want to pick a darker color then just make it a border around the lighter color of the invitation (in which the wording goes). For example if you are having a peach colored wedding you can have a stronger peach as the border and a lighter peach on the part that the words will go. As long as the words printed on the invitation are clearly visible there won’t be a problem.

The letter font and size

Many times people want their invitation so beautiful that they pick a font that is truly difficult to read. Too much “swirl” will make things hard for the reader. Extremely small fonts that strain the eye should be avoided.

There are plenty of fonts that are beautiful and easy to read. Do this simple test to be sure you picked the right font. Try to read through 2 sentences with the font that you picked. If you had to think to read or took too much time then that font is not a good choice. Do this test with other people too just to be certain.

Make your invitation a memory – if your budget allows.

Photographs on a wedding invitation are simply beautiful and they also add a personal touch. This kind of invitation should not be done on just any printer. In order for it to really look good the best solution is finding someone with graphic design experience to do it. The only thing is that many times this alternative is a little more costly.Maybe one of your friends or family members could help you make a beautiful invitation. That will definitely save you time and frustration and you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on it.

You can always put the prettiest pictures of you and your fiancée on the invitation. Another great idea is to put a picture of both of you now and also when you were kids. This makes a beautiful memoir for all of your friends and family to have even after the wedding has passed.

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